Frisco Cat Litter Review

Let’s learn more about Frisco cat litter.

Frisco is a Chewy-exclusive house brand that was created in 2015.

Founded in 2011 by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day, Chewy is an online-only pet product retailer. The company has seen rapid growth and was acquired by PetSmart in mid-2017. Chewy is known for its customer-centric shopping experience and competitive pricing.

Frisco offers a wide range of products for cats and dogs, including a small selection of cat litter. The litter is manufactured in Canada and the United States.

Frisco’s cat litter is positioned as a value product, offering good quality at a low price.

What types of cat litter does Frisco offer?

Frisco currently offers three types of cat litter.

Two are sodium bentonite clay products, while the third is a biodegradable litter made from all-natural grass. Frisco currently doesn’t offer any non-clumping, crystal, or pellet-style cat litter.

  • Multi-Cat Clumping Litter – A deodorizing clumping clay litter made for multiple cat households.
  • Scented Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter – Like Frisco’s original litter, this formula is made from clumping clay and is formulated for multiple cat homes. It’s also infused with a “fresh scent”. The fragrance is released when your cat uses the box.
  • All Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter – Those who prefer biodegradable litter will appreciate this eco-friendly litter made from 100% all natural grass.

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Where to Buy Frisco Cat Litter

At this time, you can only purchase Frisco cat litter online through You won’t find it in any local stores.

Chewy offers free shipping for orders over $49. Orders under $49 will come with a flat $4.95 shipping rate.

Chewy ships via FedEx and delivers to any home address in the contiguous United States.

Click here to shop Frisco cat litter.

What do customers think about Frisco cat litter?

To get a feel for what customers think about this brand, let’s see what people are saying about Frisco’s most popular litter: their multiple cat clumping clay formula.

This product has a 4 out of 5 star rating based on over 1,975 reviews on Chewy. 81% of reviewers say they’d recommend the product.

Positive reviews mention the litter’s low price and excellent clumping ability. Negative reviews typically revolve around the litter’s tendency to stick to the inside surfaces of the litter box when wet, along with dust and tracking problems.

Take a look at a few real customer reviews:

Positive Reviews

“I have a cat that has diabetes. With diabetes a cat urinates frequently and a lot of urine. It became impossible to clean that litter box daily as it was like cement so we tried every brand on the market and it was expensive and none worked. We tried this litter and it worked like a charm. Thank you Frisco scoopable Cat Litter I will never change. The price is much better then all the name brands on the market so it is economical as well.” – Pauls

“This is the BEST litter I have ever found! I have done cat rescue for over 30 years, so I have used quite a variety of litter over time. Frisco litter is Excellent! It controls odor, perfect clumping action every time, very little tracking out of the box, and the best feature…almost NO dust!!! The cats and I prefer the unscented version since some of them have asthma and are very sensitive to any strong smells. All the cats seem to like the smooth texture of the litter on their paws. Even the declawed cats dig in this litter without it hurting their paws. I highly recommend this litter for any cat.” – Budsmom

Critical Reviews

“Unfortunately, this litter was not what we needed or hoped it would be. The grains are so fine, that they would get stuck in our kittens paws. The litter would also break down immediately upon getting wet from the kitties doing their business, and it would make the litter stick in their coats or paws. To make matters worse, it stuck like glue to the bottom of the litter box. It took a lot of work to scrape it off. Maybe this would work well for one kitten, but we have four. We were extremely disappointed with this product and we don’t plan to buy it again.” – Lindatea

“I’ve got a small herd of cats. I’ve used lots of different cat liters over the years. This is by far one of the worst. It’s sticky, sticks to their fur, bottom and sides of the boxes, tracks everywhere. Never had a litter turn into literal cement like this. Won’t be buying it again.” – Angi

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter Review

This clumping clay litter has a reputation for excellent clumping, good odor control, and a low price.

It creates clumps as soon as moisture touches the litter so that you don’t have to scrape them off the bottom of the box. These clumps are hard and cohesive, which usually makes them easy to scoop out.

This natural clay litter is hypoallergenic and made without dyes, plant proteins, or perfumes that could irritate your cat. It’s a safe choice for allergic and sensitive cats. It has a deodorizing system that allows the litter to effectively eliminate odors without masking them. Customer reviews of the litter’s odor control ability are mixed. Most say that the litter controls odors well, while others say that it doesn’t control them at all.

According to Frisco, the litter is made with a proprietary de-dusting system, which helps to keep it relatively dust free. Some customers dispute this claim: the litter does create moderate amounts of dust.

This short video shows a bag of Frisco multi-cat clumping cat litter pouring into a litter box. Notice the small cloud of dust.

You may have also noticed the size of the litter granules. They’re slightly larger and heavier than most other clumping clay litter. This allows the litter to track less than some other finer-grained  products. Based on customer reviews, the granules aren’t so large that cats don’t like them.

Some people, however, do dislike the weight of the granules. At least one customer said that the dense granules were difficult to scoop. If you’re accustomed to a lightweight litter, this litter may be unexpectedly heavy.

The litter is available in 20-lb bags and 40-lb bags. Both of these bag sizes are made from plastic and can be difficult to carry and pour from.

The price of this litter is a major selling point. Excluding shipping, this litter costs $.30/lb. Chewy currently offers first-time customers their first bag for a discounted price. If it’s your first time purchasing Frisco cat litter, you can get a 40-lb bag for just $5.99. This brings the price down to a mere $.14/lb.

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  1. I’ve always used nonclumping litter and boy does the Litter box get heavy at the end of the week. I saw the ad for the Frisco clumping litter. No dust, no smell and no changing the litter box. I keep a bag lining the litter box. My cats urine never reaches the liner. It’s been one month and the litter does everything you advertised. The best thing is that I haven’t had to change it. Just scoop and add more when needed. 40 lb bag and not even half way threw it. Used to go thru 20 lbs every week. Needless to say I will be reordering Frisco from now on. Thank you chewy

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