Best Cat Litter Mats – Top 4 Cat Litter Catchers To End Litter Tracking

A cat litter mat helps to prevent tracking and keep the house clean.

Even if you use pellet-style litter or another one that claims to minimize tracking, some litter is bound to migrate out of the box and into the home.

When litter gets out of the box, you’ll have to deal with that awful crunchy feeling under your feet, constant sweeping, and an unappealing, unsanitary mess around your cat’s box.

Cat litter mats help to keep the litter area clean in three different ways.

First of all, they capture the pieces stuck on your cat’s paws, meaning less tracking and a cleaner home.

Secondly, when your cat digs in the box and flicks litter over the edge, it will land on the mat rather than the floor, meaning that you won’t have to sweep up after them.

Third, in the case of accidents or intentional urination in the area around the litter box, the moisture will gather in the easy-to-clean mat, rather than soaking into your floor and creating a serious odor problem. This can help to ensure that your cat doesn’t soil the area repeatedly.

Cat litter mats are simple, straightforward products: they are pieces of PVC, rubber, microfiber, nylon, or other materials. These kitty bathroom mats slide under the litter box or sit in front of the exit. When litter comes out of the box or lingers on your cat’s paws, it gets captured in the mat instead of spreading across the floor.

In this article, we’ll go over what to look for when choosing your new cat litter mat, some of the best mats on the market today, and how to prevent litter tracking.

What makes a great cat litter mat?

Some litter mats do an excellent job of capturing litter and keeping your cat’s bathroom area clean, while others aren’t so great. It’s easy to end up with a mat that falls apart, looks garish, and doesn’t collect litter.

Here’s what sets a great cat litter mat apart from the rest:


There’s a reason why you’re not just looking for another bath mat – it’s important that the cat litter mat effectively grabs and contains litter, minimizes odor, captures moisture without becoming soggy, and keeps your house clean.

But what features help a cat litter mat do its job well?

Moisture and Odor

Mats made from EVA and rubberized materials tend to control odors better than PVC-based cat litter mats, so if your cat tends to go over the edge of the litter box, one of these may be a better choice. If your cat is prone to litter box mishaps, avoid litter mats made from microfiber or other absorbent materials.

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Easy Cleaning

Look for mats that are easy to clean.

It should be simple to vacuum, sweep, and shake out the mat. Ideally, the mat should have grooves or spouts that make it easy to pour litter back into the box or into the trash.

When the litter mat gets dirty, you’ll want to clean it with soap and water. If the mat isn’t water-resistant, be certain that it’s machine washable.

Effective Litter Capture

Different designs utilize different types of grooves, holes, and textures to capture litter. Look for raised guards around the edges – these help to ensure that the litter remains in the mat.


Your cat may like to scratch or chew the mat, and a thin or poorly-constructed mat can’t handle that kind of abuse. Lighter, flimsier mats may also slip about when cats or people step on it, so it’s important to choose one that’s heavy enough to stay in place. Look for sturdy, thick litter mats that have anti-slip grip on the bottom. PVC-based litter mats tend to be the most durable.

Cat Friendliness

The litter mat has to feel good on your cat’s paws!

Look for mats that have positive customer reviews and are made from gentle materials selected with your cat’s comfort in mind.

Some litter mats are made from non-toxic materials and don’t contain BPA, a chemical often found in plastics. While it’s not clear how dangerous BPA is, it’s generally considered harmful to pets, humans, and the environment.

Choose safe, cat-friendly materials like PVC, EVA, silicone, or microfiber. The last three tend to be softer on your cat’s paws, but are less durable than PVC mats.

Size and Style

Choose an appropriately-sized cat litter mat.

In general, bigger is better. The mat must be large enough to cover the base of the litter box while also providing at least several inches of protection around the edges. The mat needs to be large enough to catch the pawfuls of litter that tend to go flying when your cat scratches in the box. If your cat can easily step or hop over the mat when getting out of the litter box, it’s not big enough.

Households with multiple cats and a number of litter boxes in a single area will demand an even larger mat.

This being said, the litter mat has to fit in your home. Areas with limited space will require a smaller mat, so it’s a good idea to measure your space before selecting one. Good products will come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

On the following list of the best cat litter mats, you’ll find mats that can subtly complement most home decor schemes.

Top 4 Best Cat Litter Mats

Quick Look : Top Recommended Cat Litter Mats

Litter Mat Price Quality Rating
Petlinks Purrfect Paws Cat Litter MatPetlinks Purrfect Paws Cat Litter Mat
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$$ A+ 5 stars
iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean MatiPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$$ A 5 stars
Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter MatMoonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$$$$ A- 4.5 stars
PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter MatPetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$$$$ A- 5 stars
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Petlinks Purrfect Paws Cat Litter Mat Review

Designed to prevent litter tracking

Petlinks Purrfect Paws Cat Litter Mat

This cat litter mat features a patented design made to spread your cat’s paws as they walk over it, releasing any trapped litter. The litter is then captured within the deep hollows of the mat, where it remains until you’re ready to pour it out. The mat features smooth grooves for the litter to run down.

The mat is made from a soft, flexible rubber material that’s waterproof and easy to clean with soap and water. While the flexibility makes it easy to store, some people find it difficult to handle, especially when using a larger mat. Despite being lightweight, this mat grips the floor well and won’t wrinkle or move around when in use.

The mat is available in three sizes: Medium, 23.25” x 14.9”, Large, 30” x 24”, and Extra Large, 36” x 27”.


  • Patented design minimizes litter tracking
  • Effectively captures litter
  • Easy to clean and waterproof
  • A great value


  • The flexibility of the mat may lead to spillage at litter disposal time
  • May have a chemical smell when new

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat Review

Ideal for accident-prone cats

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat

This mat features a honeycomb-style top layer. The large holes capture litter and stores it on the plastic water-resistant bottom layer. This prevents tracking and messes around your cat’s toilet area. The two layers are attached on only one side, making it easy to pour litter back into the box or into the trash.

The mat is made with a soft material that’s gentle on your cat’s paws. Its flexibility makes storage simple.

If your cat has a tendency to “go” right outside of the litter box, this water repellent cat litter mat can help to keep moisture and odor under control. For additional protection, it’s easy to slip a puppy pad between the two layers of the mat.

To clean the mat, just pour out any captured litter or lightly vacuum it up. If there is a more serious mess, you can wash the mat with soap and water, then air dry.

The mat is available in two sizes: Extra Large, 30” x 23”, and Jumbo, 32” x 30”.


  • Ideal for accident-prone cats
  • Soft on cat paws
  • Makes dumping out captured litter effortless


  • On the expensive side
  • Less sturdy than PVC mats

Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat Review

Makes discarding trapped litter effortless

Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat

This mat uses an innovative two-layer design to make litter disappear until you’re ready to simply pour it out.

The top layer features a honeycomb design that grabs litter and directs it into the bottom layer. These two layers create a pocket in which litter remains trapped until you choose to simply pour it back into the litter box or into the trash.

This mat is made from soft, scratch-proof EVA rubber foam that’s comfortable for your cat’s paws. The material isn’t waterproof, so if you wash it with soap and water, it will take several hours to dry. Those who are concerned about liquid messes getting on the mat can slip a puppy pad between the two layers.

The rectangular mat measures 30” x 23”.


  • Makes it easy to dispose of litter
  • Very effective litter collection
  • Soft texture that cats love
  • Keeps litter out of sight


  • Expensive
  • Not the grippiest mat – some customers say that the mat didn’t stay in place on the floor.
  • Not waterproof
  • Less sturdy than PVC mats
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PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat Review

Durable and ultra-clean

PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

This durable mat from PetFusion has a simple design featuring ridges and recesses that capture litter, along with raised edges that ensure that the litter stays contained until you’re ready to dump it.

This mat is made from FDA-grade silicone that’s comfortable on your cat’s paws and is safe to clean in multiple ways. Remove litter by folding the mat and pouring it back into the box or trash. The water-resistant surface can be swept with a broom, vacuumed, or cleaned with a sponge.

Because the mat is made with anti-microbial materials and is so simple to clean, it promotes good hygiene and a fresh area for your cat.

The mat comes in two sizes: Large, 27” x 22”, and Extra Large, 38” x 26”.


  • Anti-slip traction
  • Effectively contains litter in recesses
  • Very easy to clean


  • Some reviewers say that the silicone is too hard and uncomfortable

How to Control Cat Litter Tracking

Choosing a great cat litter mat can seriously minimize the amount of litter tracking in your home. But it’s not necessarily the last step: there are a few other things you can do to help cut back on litter scatter and tracking.

1. Use a litter box with high walls.

If your cat is willing to step into a litter box with higher walls, this type of box can help to keep the litter contained. This is particularly useful for cats who tend to knock litter out of the box when covering up.

2. Choose a different litter.

Pellet-style litters and heavier granules tend to be less trackable, reducing the amount of litter that your cat carries out on their paws.

3. Use more litter boxes.

If your cats use just one litter box, they’ll spend more time in that single area and kick out more litter. Distributing litter among multiple boxes can help to minimize the impact.

4. Use less litter.

You don’t need to add a lot of litter to the box. Cats prefer between two and four inches of litter. Adding more may seem convenient and even luxurious, but it brings the litter closer to the edge of the box and makes it easier to fling around the room.

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