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Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter Review

According to our research, Dr. Elsey’s various cat litters are some of the bestselling, top-rated litters available for cat lovers today. Two of them are bestsellers on – Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter in the 40 lb bag and Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter in the 40 lb bag. A third product from Dr. Elsey’s – Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter in the 40 lb bag – is one of the best-reviewed cat litters on Chewy, along with Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter and Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay Cat Litter in the 20 lb box.

What’s so special about Dr. Elsey’s? These products are named after Dr. Bruce Elsey, a cat-only veterinarian for over 35 years. He’s a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the AVMA, and the Denver Veterinary Medical Association. Caring for some 8000 cats in his practice, he’s become an expert on litter box problems and solutions.

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The Dr. Elsey’s product line currently includes more than a dozen cat litters and litter-related products such as Cat Attract and Kitten Attract, Ultra Litter Attractant, Classic, Ultra, Senior and Long Hair litters, Respiratory Relief litter, and Touch of Outdoors.

According to the company web site, their most popular cat litters are Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Scented, Dr. Elsey’s Classic cat litter, Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract, and Dr. Elsey’s Ultra cat litter. (Note that many of Dr. Elsey’s cat litters come with booklets to help you solve specific problems with cats and cat litter boxes.)

The Ultra Scented formula has a moisture-release fresh scent that is not released until after your cat uses the litter. It is 99.9 percent dust free and it’s all natural. This is a hard clumping litter that is good for multi-cat households. It has superior odor control. It’s perfect for sifting/mechanical litter boxes.

Dr. Elsey’s Classic litter is the brand’s original formula. If you like a hard clumping, low-tracking litter, this is a good choice. The litter has larger, denser particles than some other cat litters and they tend to stay in the litter box. The clumps do not break apart in the litter box so they don’t leave small pieces behind when you remove the big clumps. This means there is less odor. This litter is 99.9 percent dust free. It has no plant proteins so it is hypoallergenic. It’s also all natural. This litter has excellent odor control and it’s very good for sifting/mechanical litter boxes.

Like Dr. Elsey’s other litters, Cat Attract has superior odor control and it’s great for sifting/mechanical litter boxes. It is 99 percent dust free and it’s all natural. It’s hard clumping and good for multi-cat households. But what sets Cat Attract apart from other cat litters is that it has a natural herb that attracts cats so they want to use the litter box. This herbal scent, along with the litter’s ideal texture and particle size, help solve litter box problems for cats who are reluctant to use the box. Cat Attract is the first litter to address this problem. Non-use of the litter box is the most common reason why cats are abandoned or given up to shelters so solving this problem can really make a difference for cats and their people.

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra cat litter has features similar to their other litters. It’s 99.9 percent dust free and it’s hypoallergenic with no plant proteins. It’s all natural and it has superior odor control It’s hard clumping and perfect for sifting/mechanical litter boxes. Ultra has a unique formulation that brings together the heavier, non-tracking granules used in Dr. Elsey’s Classic cat litter with a medium grain clay. This produces a terrific clumping cat litter that won’t permit moisture to reach the bottom of the litter box. Yet it still makes a clump that won’t break down. According to Dr. Elsey’s, Ultra is perfect for homes with multiple cats and people who use sifting or mechanical litter boxes.

These are Dr. Elsey’s most popular cat litters but they also have some specialty cat litters and other products that are important for many cat lovers. Health Monitor Everyday Litter is designed to help owners monitor conditions such as kidney function, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism at home. The litter is a consistent particle size (calibrated). Increased weight of your cat’s urine balls with this scoopable litter can be an indication of a problem. A weight chart for the urine balls and a a free digital luggage/cat scale are provided. You should weigh the urine balls every three months and follow the recommendations on the chart. If your cat is urinating too much, meaning the urine balls are heavier or there are more of them, it can be a serious health concern.

If you have a cat that longs to go outside to relieve himself, Dr. Elsey’s has Touch of Outdoors cat litter. Touch of Outdoors features natural chemical-free prairie grasses that appeal to many cats. If your cat is anxious, bored, or depressed, this hint of nature can help him feel better. It uses natural chlorophyll for odor control and it has no airborne dust. It’s all natural and hard-clumping. Like other Dr. Elsey’s products, it’s good for multi-cat households and it works with sifting/mechanical litter boxes.

If you have a senior cat, a cat that has had surgery, or if your cat is prone to urinary tract infections, Dr. Elsey’s has Senior cat litter. This litter absorbs urine and odor on contact. It traps them inside crystals so your cat’s genital area stays clean – making it easier to prevent urinary tract infections. Small particles and dust fines coat and dehydrate your cat’s feces to help reduce odor. This is a very clean litter and it’s hypoallergenic. It contains no organic material such as corn, pine, wheat, or recycled paper. Senior litter is biodegradable. When composted, it completed biodegrades in one month. This litter is non-toxic.

Dr. Elsey’s has two Respiratory Relief with Herbal Essences formula cat litters. Both of them are low in dust and hypoallergenic with no plant proteins, deodorants, or perfumes. R&R Respiratory Relief Silica Gel traps urine and odor on contact. It’s biodegradable and non-toxic. R&R Respiratory Relief Clumping Clay formula is all natural, hard clumping, with superior odor control. It works with sifting/mechanical litter boxes. Both formulas are recommended to relieve stress associated with respiratory problems from cat litter. This kind of stress may be a factor in Feline Respiratory Disease.

Long-haired cats can have some special litter box issues. Dr. Elsey’s makes Long Haired Litter especially for longhaired cats. This is a silica gel with hydrolyzed herbs that attracts cats to the litter box. This litter traps urine and odor on contact and the particle size is suitable for longhaired cats. It won’t stick to their long fur or stain their coat. It’s also low-tracking. The silica gel is the same dessicant material (“Do not eat”) that’s found as a small packet in lots of products to prevent moisture from building up. This litter is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic, in case your cat should get some on his fur and lick it off.

Most of the time we take it for granted that you can easily litter train a kitten just by providing a litter box. Some kittens need a little more help. Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Training Litter is similar to Cat Attract but it’s made especially for kittens. It has superior clumping and the particles are a perfect size and texture for a kitten’s small paws. The litter has a natural herbal attractant that’s made especially for kittens and draws them to the litter box. The combination of herbs, particle size, and texture helps train the kitten to successfully use the litter box. This formula is all natural, 99 percent dust free, hard-clumping, and it has superior odor control. It’s great for multi-cat (or kitten) households, and it works with sifting/mechanical litter boxes.

In addition to these cat litters from Dr. Elsey, the company also makes Dr. Elsey’s Urine Removal Program to remove urine odors and stains. And they make Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter Attractant. This is a cat behavior modification and training tool to encourage cats to use the litter box. It’s designed to be used with Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter.

Dr. Elsey’s also makes Clean Protein High Protein Cat Food for all cats and life stages. This is a high protein kibble that uses simple, high quality ingredients. It’s based on the protein levels found in a cat’s natural prey. The aim is to help cats maintain their ideal weight and body mass. Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for cats. The food is 100 percent grain free with no fillers or preservatives. It’s non-GMO and gluten free. It has omega 3 fatty acids and no added DL-methionine. And it has no to low oxalate. It comes in canned and kibble formulas.

Along with over 2,000 good reviews on, Dr. Elsey’s cat litters have thousands of positive reviews online. We think these are good products from a company that clearly cares about cats. If you need cat litter, this is a brand to consider. They may have a product your cat can use.

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  1. I’ve been using Dr. Elsey’s litter for over ten years and have noticed the last few boxes that the product is not what it used to be. No more rock hard clumps, only a gooey, sticky mess in litter box. It is horrible to clean, sticks to the litter boxes and my cats paws. Wherever they are now getting the clay does not produce a quality product I was used to. I’m switching to pine pellets because this stuff is gross.

  2. What has happened to Dr. Elsey’s litter?? When I clean the boxes it is like cleaning up wet cement in the bottom of the box. The only reason I still use Dr. Elseys is because I have a cat that is allergic to other litters. I’m researching other brands hoping that they have improved over the years. I will definitely be changing soon!!!

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