KittyCatter is looking for a few great writers to join our team of freelance talent.

We’re a website devoted to promoting the best health advice, nutrition information and product recommendations specifically for the feline population and their devoted pet parents.

Who we’re looking for…

  • Owners of blogs or websites that feature cat content
  • Contributors to websites who write about cat related topics
  • Writers who love cats and who just need a chance
  • People with a large social media presence who can share articles

What we’re looking for…

  • Informative writing with a bit of style
  • Able to research and break down product categories in digestible formats
  • Mentions about our website on social media platforms and in other online publications

Writer’s Compensation

Our current pay rate is $15/500 words for unique articles commissioned by us.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging opportunities are unpaid, but offer the chance to be published on the website. When appropriate, mentions back to your website are totally cool. In addition, an author bio that references your experience is included with links to your social media presence.

Interested? Contact us here.