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What is the Best Odor Control Cat Litter? – Top Smell Masking Brands for Multi-Cat Homes

Odor-Control Cat Litter Reviews

One thing about owning an indoor cat that you just can’t avoid is the issue of the litter box. Whether you hide it in the laundry room or it’s out in the open, without regular cleaning you can be sure of one thing…it’s going to start to stink.

Even the most diligent pet parents can slack from time to time and that’s why litter manufacturers have focused heavily on odor control products that work.

We’ve researched the poop out of the best odor control cat litters and are proud (sort of) to present the top brands of 2023.

Quick Look : Recommended Odor Control Cat Litters (2 scented – 2 unscented)

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What is odor control cat litter?

The answer seems obviously but there are some finer details that’ll help you understand what exactly you should be considering when purchasing a litter that covers up unwanted smells.

Odor control is a feature of most cat litters that either masks or absorbs smells (depending on the product) to provide an acceptable fragrance where your cat’s litter box is stored.

What to consider when buying an odor control cat litter?

We know by now that you want to eliminate offending smells, but the new question is why?

Do you prefer scented or unscented litter?

If you like flowery smells like lavender then buying a litter that masks the smell of urine using this fragrance might be an option you want to consider.

On the other hand, if you’re averse to particular smells or simply prefer to use wall plugins to cover up any unwanted odors from your litter box you can choose a litter that absorbs and seals the smell until the next cleaning.

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Do you have a hard time keeping up with regular litter box cleaning?

If this is the case you an odor-control cat litter is a great idea, but you might also think about getting an automatic or self-cleaning litter box to alleviate the stress (and smell) that comes with infrequent litter changes. Your cat will thank you and your quality of life will probably increase as well.

Do you have multiple cats?

Commonly marketed in the same product, multi-cat litters and odor-control litters have a lot in common.

For owners looking to control odor it’s usually because there is an abundance of waste and that’s often because there is more than one cat. We suggest always having a separate litter box for each cat in your household, but for some owners that just isn’t feasible.

The best odor-control litters double as multi-cat because they have to account for double or triple odors caused by two or three cats.

Best Odor Control Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Cat litter is an easy thing to change. For most transitions cats will barely notice the difference. In fact, they may appreciate the new texture. Moving away from a subpar litters that don’t clump and can’t rid nasty smells could actually end up saving you money in the end too. The top litters are actually relatively inexpensive compared to cheaper odor control cat litters.

Litter Scented? Price Rating
Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Multi-Cat Cat LitterDr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Multi-Cat
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
Unscented $.33/lb A+
Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Multi-Cat Cat LitterPrettyLitter
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
Unscented $.33/lb A+
World's Best Scoopable Multi-Cat ClumpingWorld’s Best Scoopable Multi-Cat Clumping
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
Unscented $.78/lb A+
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-CatArm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
Scented $.44/lb A
World's Best Cat Litter LavenderWorld’s Best Cat Litter Lavender
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
Scented $.79/lb A-

1. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Multi-Cat Litter Review

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Multi-Cat Cat LitterDr. Elsey’s Ultra is by far the most popular and best performing odor-control cat litter on the market. Not only is it well priced, but it also clumps really well and of course eliminates odors with it’s superior absorption. – Buy It

Customers have a lot of good things to say about this brand. For instance…

PandasMom at Chewy.com says

“The 40lb bag is just enough for 2 large litter boxes, the clumping is hard like concrete which makes cleaning the box so much easier, it is literally 99.9% dust free, and hold the odor. I don’t even know my cats have used it unless I go to clean it that’s how great the odor control is.”

2. PrettyLitter – 20% OFF w/ code BESTLITTER

PrettyLitter is unscented, lightweight, and environmentally friendly, and its most amazing benefit is that it changes color when it detects a pH change to alert you to your cat’s possible health issues. PrettyLitter detects health issues such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones, inflammation, kidney issues, and more. PrettyLitter also has a convenient delivery service and costs less than some other typical cat litters. The amount is tailored to suit the number of cats in your home. The absorbent silica gel traps odors and eliminates moisture and is made from natural minerals, which means less dust and allergens and less litter in the landfill. – Buy It

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Tiffany C. on PrettyLitter.com says:

“I have 3 cats and 3 boxes. It drove me nuts smelling it. So when I bought PrettyLitter, I haven’t smelled anything. Even when I clean it out, no smell. Love this stuff.”


3. World’s Best Scoopable Multi-Cat Clumping Litter Review

World's Best Scoopable Multi-Cat ClumpingWorld’s Best is another great unscented odor-control option that has some features that more environmentally conscious owners may appreciate.

For one it uses corn granules to absorb odors instead of the clay composite of Dr. Elsey’s. This makes it more eco-friendly which tends to be a big bonus for a lot of owners who support organic and natural products.

You’ll also find that this litter is flushable which gives you another option for quick disposal. Easy clean-up means less frustration and procrastination when it comes to the litter box which then leads to fresher litter and guess what…no smell! – Buy It

The price is a bit higher because of the added considerations, but if you read this review it might help push you over the edge…

MNPetLover at Chewy.com says

“I was a little worried that my cats might not take to it but they did so immediately. The clumps don’t break apart or stick to the litter box. Odor is significantly reduced and I bought the unscented litter. Dust is virtually non-existent. The price is higher than most but you don’t go through nearly as much as other litters so I think in the long run it even’s out.”

4. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter Review

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-CatKnown for it’s odor fighting baking soda powder commonly found in opened boxes in the back of your fridge Arm & Hammer is also a big name in cat litter. Their expertise at eliminating smells makes their Clump & Seal product the perfect example of a high-quality cat litter that works. – Buy It

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Listed as scented on Chewy.com we had a hard time identifying which scent it’s supposed to be, but based on customer reviews it appears to be a fresh smell that was even described as…well we’ll let her tell you for herself.

Wendiz at Chewy.com says

“I love this litter, it clumps well and the scent is very nice, it almost acts as an air freshener!”

5. World’s Best Cat Litter Lavender Scented Review

World's Best Cat Litter LavenderIf you’re looking for a more flowery smelling cat litter then this lavender scented cat litter from World’s Best is the top option for that.

With all the same great features as the unscented version of World’s Best that we recommended above you’re also getting a great smelling product that contains 100% lavender oil. If you’re big into essential oils then you’ll get why this litter is not only great for odor fighting, but also therapeutically for you and your cat! – Buy It

PickyShopper at Chewy.com says

“I don’t like the scented litters, they’re too strong smelling and make my home smell like strong air fresheners, my nose burns and the scented smell is more hideous than what the kitty makes. I do like natural lavender though, so I bought this bag for my daughter to try at her house first with multiple kitties. She said the lavender smell is light and a natural smell, not overwhelming, and this product works great with her littermaid. The next bag I buy will be for me to try.”

With a wide array of odor-control litters to choose from we like these the best not only because they do the best job at controlling odor, but also because they combine additional features such as superior clumping and multi-cat support. Other litters can’t match the high-quality all-around odor fighting that our top odor control brand selections provide.

If you disagree or think another litter should be listed here please let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to give it a thorough review.

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