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Top 5 Best Cat Litter Scoops – Make Cleaning the Litter Box Easy

A great cat litter scoop helps you clean your cat’s litter box with ease.

Fortunately, cats are hygienic creatures who naturally clean themselves and, unlike many other animals, hate to leave their waste in obvious places. They instinctively bury it and are just as disgusted by a dirty toilet area as humans are – perhaps even more. Your cat would gladly bury their waste in the outdoors where you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Their in-home living situations, however, necessitate the use of a box and make humans responsible for cleaning it out.

Cats hate a dirty litter box. If the box isn’t fresh, they might either resort to finding new toilets – like the carpet, your bed, or the sofa. Other cats opt to hold it all in, leading to health issues like constipation and urinary tract disease.

People hate dirty litter boxes, too – and for good reason. Not only does an unclean litter box smell bad, it’s a health hazard to people. The dirtier the litter box is, the greater the risk of parasite transmission, salmonella, and fungal infections.

Unless you have an automatic litter box, the litter scoop will be your number one partner in litter box cleaning every day. Along with a quality cat litter finding a good one that targets the most common scooping complaints can make your days a little bit more enjoyable.

What makes a cat litter scoop great?

Cat litter scoops are pretty straightforward – they’re little shovels with holes in them. You dig the shovel into the litter, lift up the solid waste and clumped liquid, let the loose litter drop through the holes, and toss the solids into the trash.

Since you’re reading this article, you probably have already realized the truth about these simple products. People often assume that this staple is a standard product, wrongly believing that any plastic scoop hanging at the grocery store is equal to every other one on the market. But they’re not all equal. Bad litter scoops break, can’t reach the corners of the litter box, gather too much clean litter, and waste your time.

While there’s no guarantee that a great cat litter scoop will revolutionize your litter box cleaning routine, a good one can save hours of your time each year, cut back on replacements, and encourage a cleaner box for you and your cat.

Finding a great scoop is all about choosing products with quality construction and effective, user-friendly design.

Here are 3 key questions that will help you to find the right cat litter scoop.

Is the shape and size effective?

The litter scoop should be well-suited to the shape of your cat’s litter box and the style of their litter.

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Scoops with rounded edges can’t get into the corners of the litter box, so it’s best to choose one with square edges that can easily access these important areas. Depending on the size of your cat’s litter, you may want smaller or larger slots and holes.

Some scoops feature long slots through which the loose litter can easily flow, while others will demand some shaking and shifting to encourage all of the litter to drop back into the box. For faster cleaning, choose a scoop with a reputation for quick and effortless sifting.

Deep shovels allow you to scoop out more waste at once.

Because liquid waste often gets stuck to the bottom of the box, it’s important to choose a scoop with a thin scraping edge that can remove it effectively.

Is it comfortable to use?

A well-designed scoop that effectively picks up litter is more comfortable to use than one that doesn’t do its job so well. Besides the essentials of efficient scooping ability, some scoops have design elements that make them more user-friendly.

The handle should be the right size for your hand – not too thick or too slim. Some scoops feature a rubber grip for additional comfort. The weight of the scoop should be balanced, making it easy to lift clumps of waste without spilling or flicking.

Some people don’t like crouching next to the box – you might have mobility issues, want to protect your back, don’t want to breathe in any dust, or prefer to keep your distance from the litter box odor. If this sounds like you, you may want a long-handled scoop that you can use while standing up or even sitting in a chair.

Another thing to consider is how easy it is to store the scoop. Most cat litter scoops feature a hole in the handle for hanging on a hook, but often end up lying on the floor instead. Cat litter scoops get dirty quickly, and you won’t always want to place them on the floor next to the litter box. Some scoops come with caddies or hangers that make storage clean and easy.

Other scoops may feature non-stick coatings that keep wet litter from getting glued to the scoop.

Is it made from sturdy, durable materials?

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of prying in the litter box, knowing that the flimsy plastic handle wasn’t made for this kind of heavy use, and eventually feeling the snap that you knew was coming. It’s frustrating to use a tool that can’t effectively do its job.

You shouldn’t have to replace your cat litter scoop every few months. A scoop made from high-quality, durable materials will reliably help you clean out the litter box for years.

Metal Cat Litter Scoops

Metal scoops are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel. They may have either all-metal construction or feature rubber handles for comfort. Metal litter scoops are typically more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but a well-constructed metal scoop pays for itself in longevity.

Plastic Cat Litter Scoops

There are a lot of plastic scoops on the market and they run the gamut from flimsy to ultra-strong. They’re usually cheaper than metal scoops. Because they’re usually somewhat flexible, a plastic scoop may flex and flick litter as you scoop.

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Perfect for those who like colorful accessories for their cats, plastic scoops come in a wide range of bright and neutral colors.

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Scoops

Quick Look : Top Recommended Cat Litter Scoops

Scooper Price Quality Rating
iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel Litter ScooperiPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel Litter Scooper
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$ A+ 5 stars
DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter ScoopDurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$ A+ 5 stars
Litter Lifter Cat Litter ScoopLitter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$ A 5 stars
Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Litter Scoop & CaddyNature’s Miracle Just For Cats Litter Scoop & Caddy
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$ A- 4.5 stars
Innovations by Dee Purrr-Fect Standing Cat Litter ScoopInnovations by Dee Purrr-Fect Standing Cat Litter Scoop
Read Reviews Next ArticleWhere To Buy Next Article
$$ A- 4.5 stars

iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel Litter Scooper Review

Smoothly separates loose from clumped litter

iPrimio Sifter with Deep Shovel Litter Scooper

This sturdy, substantial scoop was designed to eliminate common litter scooping problems. The shovel is made from cast aluminum coated with Teflon. The company claims that the Teflon coating keeps wet litter from sticking to the scoop, but many reviewers say that the coating was ineffective.

The deep shovel features long slots that allow loose litter to smoothly run through while supporting solid matter. This sets it apart from many other scoops, which demand that you shake the scoop to sift out loose litter.

To make it easy to store the scoop while not in use, it comes with an adhesive plastic hanger that can attach to the wall or side of the litter box.


  • Effectively sifts through the litter, allowing loose litter to effortlessly pass down back into the box – no shaking necessary
  • Made from sturdy aluminum, meaning that it won’t flex or break during use
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Deep shovel allows you to scoop up plenty of waste in one go


  • The Teflon-coated product doesn’t live up to the claims of being non-stick
  • Many reviewers say that the wall hanger didn’t stick

DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop Review

A strong, durable metal scoop

DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop

This is the original cast aluminum cat litter scoop.

The all-metal design is made for utility and strength, powerfully digging into the litter and scooping out waste. It’s a big, brawny scoop that won’t flex or recoil when straining to scrape out cemented litter. The deep shovel and large surface area allow it to scoop up plenty of litter at once. If you have a smaller litter box, the size might be excessive or annoying. Some customers find this strong scoop too heavy.

It has a soft, comfortable grip that comes in a variety of bright colors. Because the handle and scoop are made from a single piece of aluminum, this long-lasting tool won’t fall apart after years of use.


  • A sturdy, reliable litter scooping tool
  • Attractive colored rubber grip and hand-polished aluminum shovel
  • Has an effective scraping edge


  • Some people think it’s too heavy

Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop Review

Litter effortlessly glides through – no need to shake

Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop

This litter scoop is a bit different from the rest – it’s almost like a slotted spatula for your cat’s litter box. It lacks the angle and deep shovel shape that most cat litter scoops have, meaning that it does an excellent job of sliding under waste near the surface of the litter box. That said, the design of the Litter Lifter isn’t quite as good at grabbing waste deep down in the litter. You’ll need to use a J-shaped motion to capture the material at the bottom of the box and carefully lift it out.

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The Litter Lifter’s other selling point is its peaked blades and long, thin slots. This design allows the scoop to capture fine pieces of waste that might slip through a scoop with larger holes, while smoothly sifting through loose litter. Unlike other scoops that demand some shaking and shifting, this scoop effortlessly separates waste from clean litter with no clogging.

Together with the large size of the scoop, the slot design allows you to scoop faster and get done in fewer passes.

Although the scoop is made from plastic, it’s very strong and durable.


  • Strong, sturdy plastic scoop
  • Uses thin slots with peaked blades to effortlessly glide through loose litter
  • The large scoop and smooth function allows you to clean the box faster
  • Available in multiple colors


  • The angle makes scraping the bottom of the box a little tricky

Nature’s Miracle Just For Cats Litter Scoop & Caddy Review

Comes with a matching caddy

Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Litter Scoop & Caddy

What makes this litter scoop different from others is its attention to cleanliness and convenience. The scoop comes with a coordinating caddy and can attach to the side of your cat’s litter box, making it easy to disguise the scoop while keeping the area clean.

Both the scoop and the included caddy feature an antimicrobial coating that helps to maintain good hygiene.

Aside from the added bonus of a matching caddy, this is a standard plastic litter scoop. It’s not exceptionally durable and the design doesn’t particularly stand out from the crowd. It’s a mid-range plastic scoop – not flimsy or low-quality, and also not a powerful litter scooping tool. The slots are on the larger side, meaning that some smaller broken pieces of waste may be able to pass through and back into the litter box.


  • Comes with a caddy for added cleanliness and convenience
  • Features an antimicrobial coating
  • A durable plastic scoop


  • The handle isn’t the most comfortable
  • The slots may be too large for some

Innovations by Dee Purrr-Fect Standing Cat Litter Scoop Review

Allows you to scoop while standing up

Innovations by Dee Purrr-Fect Standing Cat Litter ScoopThis long-handled litter scoop allows you to protect your back, stay away from the dust, and avoid the odors that might be more noticeable while crouching down beside the litter box.

The 35” steel handle features an ergonomically-designed grip that is comfortable to hold. The scoop is made from high-quality, sturdy polymer that can lift as much as 20 pounds. The scoop’s angle allows you to easily and effectively collect waste while standing up or in a seated position.

The scoop is perfect for people with limited mobility and weighs just 8.5 ounces, making it easy to handle.


  • Perfect for people who want to scoop without stooping down
  • Made from steel and sturdy plastic
  • Made and designed in the USA
  • Lightweight


  • Some users say that the holes in the shovel were too large and allowed waste to slip through

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