World’s Best Cat Litter Review

Is World’s Best Cat Litter Really the World’s Best?

World’s Best Cat Litter began in 1996, when scientists working for the Muscatine, Iowa based Kent Corporation were tasked with creating a cat litter made from corn.

At the time, natural and biodegradable litter was an emerging niche and options were limited. People needed an alternative to clay litter that actually worked. World’s Best Cat Litter was focused on satisfying that need.

The company specializes in creating 100% biodegradable litter from all-natural corn and other all-natural plant ingredients. Their litter is made with a patented process that compresses corn into concentrated granules that create hard clumps and lock in odors.

What types of cat litter does World’s Best Cat Litter offer?

World’s Best Cat Litter is a niche company and sells a slim selection of products. Currently, the brand only offers five formulas under two lines.

Every formula is corn-based and made from renewable ingredients. They’re 100% biodegradable and typically safe for people and pets.

Original Series

  • Clumping – Uses the natural clumping ability of 100% whole-kernel corn.
  • Multiple Cat Clumping –  Concentrated to eliminate odors in multiple cat homes.
  • Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping – The concentrated strength of multi-cat litter, infused with natural lavender oil.

Advanced Series

  • Zero Mess™ – Designed for high-performance use, this litter contains whole-kernel corn, plus plant fibers.
  • Zero Mess™ Pine Scented – Contains corn, plant, and wood fibers for high performance and a natural pine scent.

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Where to Buy World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter is available in the United States and Canada. It’s sold online, in pet specialty stores, and in major chain stores, including Target and Walmart.

Click here to find a retailer near you.

What do customers think about World’s Best Cat Litter?

World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the highest-rated biodegradable cat litter products on the market. It’s consistently recommended by cat experts and consumers.

Unlike some other biodegradable products that can’t clump or clump poorly, this brand’s products offer strong clumping ability and the convenience that comes with it. Besides praising the litter’s clumping ability, happy customers appreciate the odor control that World’s Best Cat Litter naturally provides.

On the negative side, World’s Best Cat Litter tends to be dustier than some other biodegradable litter products. While accounts of the litter’s dustiness vary, some say that it’s just as dusty as clay litter. Others say that it produces even more dust than clay litter.

Along with dustiness, lightweight World’s Best Cat Litter can track quite a bit.

The most serious complaint about World’s Best Cat Litter is that it has a problem shared by all corn cat litter: the risk of aflatoxin mold contamination.

Aflatoxin is a toxin created by a natural fungus called Aspergillus flavus. This fungus creates a distinctive gray-green or yellow-green mold that commonly grows on corn. Aflatoxin is highly poisonous to cats and other warm-blooded animals. Mold poisoning can cause gastrointestinal distress, jaundice, anemia, and reproductive harm.

World’s Best Cat Litter is aware of the risk.

They test all of the corn for aflatoxin mold growth prior to it leaving their facility, but once the litter is packaged and sold, there’s no guarantee that mold won’t develop in your home. They acknowledge this fact, even assuring users that their litter “won’t have any mold or fungi issues in normal conditions unless it has been subjected to high temperature and high humidity or moisture in the litter box.”

There’s no conclusive evidence that World’s Best Cat Litter isn’t safe for your cat, but you should be conscious of its potential for toxic mold growth and proceed with prudence.

Keep the litter box clean and store the litter in a cool, dry place.

To get a sense of what customers are saying about World’s Best Cat Litter, let’s look at a few real customer reviews of the company’s most popular litter.

The Multiple Cat Clumping formula currently has over 1,200 reviews on Chewy and a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. 92% of reviewers say they’d recommend this product.

Here’s what customers say about the litter:

Positive Reviews

“I love this litter, it has a mild scent ( I don’t like strong artificial smells) and clumps very well. My older cat has early onset renal failure and pees a lot but this litter handles it very well. The small particles don’t get stuck in my cats paws as much as more popular brand names. Also the bag was completely intact when it shipped. Often the bags have small holes in them when I purchase from the store.” – Chia

“Had to get this because I have a cat with skin allergies. No issues and have been using this since 2009. Works great. My Mom says that when you come to my home you cannot tell we have cats – there is no smell. She says with other litter you can tell that there is a cat in the home because the litter does not keep odor down. Best part of that is there are no perfumes or dyes – all natural.” – Henna

Critical Reviews

“More like Worlds Worst. Does not control odor at all. Dust and tracking everywhere and doesn’t clump well at all. Very disappointed.” – PicklesandLilly

“So I was excited to try this because it says right on the package that is the best. It may be better for the environment but it turns my cats yellow even though it says it’s 99% Dusty free, I can’t imagine how bad my kittens works look is it was only 98% Dust free. It also does a very poor job of cover pretty waste odors. I will never buy this litter again.” – Kcguyy

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula Review

This formula is concentrated for heavy use in multiple cat households. In addition to whole-kernel corn, the litter contains an additional natural plant ingredient that enhances its odor neutralizing ability.

The litter is made without any added fragrances that might irritate your cat. Its natural scent is subtle and unobtrusive.

When it comes into contact with moisture, the litter immediately creates solid, cohesive clumps. The dampened litter doesn’t get caked to the inner surfaces of the litter box. Both of these qualities make it remarkably easy to scoop.

The litter has a soft texture that’s comfortable under your cat’s paws and easy to dig in.  Because it’s so light, it’s easy for cats to kick and scatter it out of the litter box. It tends to stick to cats’ paws and track through the house.

Although World’s Best Cat Litter claims that the litter is 99% dust-free, numerous reviews claim that the litter creates a considerable amount of dust.

This biodegradable corn litter is safe to flush with both sewer and septic systems. If you choose to flush the litter, make sure to pour in the litter incrementally. Some plumbing systems can’t handle even flushable litter, so it’s important to use caution.

The litter is on the expensive end of the spectrum. Excluding shipping, it costs between $.92 and $1.07 per pound on Chewy. This places the litter within the premium price tier.

It’s available in a 7-lb bag, 14-lb bag, and 28-lb bag.

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  1. Loved Worlds best cat litter at first. Was concerned of the Lavender scent however, assumed was ok. My young cat tracked it, its dusty, quite like sawdust on the floor.. Still had another box w/ clay freshstep downstairs, noticed she preferred that. boxes were scooped daily, She has 3, and slowly I noticed hair loss, neck in front, face, belly and where she would squat. Also noticed she has litterbox aversion now and only put her back legs in. So hi ho, hi ho, off to the vets we go. Very upset. I thought it may be the litter, and said naaaa until I examined her more closely. I loved the clumping factor, not at my furbabies expense though

  2. Using World’s Best Cat Litter is the way I discovered that my boy cat Jack is allergic to corn. I bought some of it and used it in the litter box, and while it’s easy to handle, scoop, etc, he lost ALL the fur on his backside. I mean ALL OF IT. When I figured out the connection, I stopped using it immediately, and now I also read ALL of the ingredients on any dry food I give him to be sure corn is not the first ingredient. Haven’t had a problem since.

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