How to Litter Train a Cat: 7 Ways to Get Your Cat to Like Using Their Litter Box

Cats are among the most kept pets in the world. Cat lovers will argue that they are man’s best friend. Keeping a cat is more like having a baby. They need love and attention. You would not like to have a cat that litters everywhere in the house. Just like you potty train a toddler, cats need to be trained on how to use the litter box. It requires patience. Below are some tips on how you can get your cat to like using the litter box.

1. Get more than one litter box

It is advisable to get more than one litter box for your cat. If you have 2 cats then get 3 litter boxes. It is much easier to get your cat to like using litter boxes if there are many. If you restrict your cat to one litter box then it may slow down the training. If your cat realizes there are more litter boxes they can feel free and motivated to use them.

2. Get a large litter box

Make sure the litter box is big enough. It gives your cat enough room to move around while in there. If your cat is still growing then you need a big litter box. It should also be big enough to give your cat the comfort it needs. Let it be big enough to allow the cat to easily enter and exit without restrictions. Considering their neat behavior and character, a cat normally will bury their wastes. So a large litter box is a must have if you want to succeed.

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3. Pick the best location

Cats tend to like their privacy while eliminating. Pick a location that is hidden and quiet. Don’t put the litter box in an open area where there is too much traffic. This will drive away the cat and your cat will never use the litter box.

Still on the location, don’t place the litter box next to the cat’s food. It is impossible for any cat to ‘go’ or eliminate next to where the food is. Keep the litter box as far away from the food as possible.

4. Keep the litter box clean

Cats are very clean and neat. Any form of dirt or fowl smell will turn them away. Scoop the litter once or twice a day. Clean it thoroughly before replacing the litter. There are detergents you can use and sanitize the litter box before refilling it with fresh litter. Always let it dry before refilling it. With technology taking over, you can buy an automatic cat litter box which separates litter from waste. It is designed to self-clean making it one of the best in the market.

5. Use unscented litter

Scented litter may smell good but most cats don’t like it. The scent may drive the cat away. Pick the unscented litter for best results.

6. Decide the type of litter box your cat prefers (covered or uncovered)

A litter box with a lid might be better for you but your cat dislikes it. You might want a covered one to control the smell but if your cat finds it uncomfortable then you have no option but to get a litter box without a lid. Whether you get a covered or uncovered box, your cat gets to make the choice. Whichever makes your cat comfortable the better.

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7. Pick the right texture of litter

Get fine textured clumping litter that is easier on the cats paws. Anything too rough will just make it difficult for the cat to use the litter box. You might have to try several textures before your cat settles for the best.

Getting your cat to like using the litter box requires patience. Train your cat once and they will never forget. Take your time and show your cat the litter boxes and encourage her to use them. With the tips above, your cat will love and enjoy using the litter box.

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