Some Lots of 9Lives, EverPet, and Special Kitty Cat Foods Recalled

The J.M. Smucker Company of Orrville, Ohio, has announced a voluntary recall of certain lots of 9Lives, EverPet, and Special Kitty canned cat foods due to the possibility of low levels of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the foods.

The problem was discovered by the company’s Quality Assurance team when it reviewed production records at the facility where the foods were manufactured. According to the company, no illnesses have been reported due to this issue. The recall is a precautionary measure.

Thiamine is an essential vitamin for cats. Cats eating diets low in thiamine for several weeks can be at risk for developing a thiamine deficiency. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency in cats may result in gastrointestinal or neurological problems. Early signs may include loss of appetite, salivation, vomiting, and weight loss. In more advanced cases, a cat may develop neurological symptoms such as ventroflexion – bending the neck toward the floor; a wobbly walk; walking in circles; falling; and seizures. If your cat is showing any of these symptoms after eating the recalled cat food, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. With quick treatment thiamine deficiency can normally be reversed.

The affected cat foods were distributed to a small number of retail customers between December 20, 2016 and January 3, 2017.

Products affected include:

Brand Product Description UPC Code Consumer Unit Lot Numbers Units per Case Selling Unit Size UPC Code on Case
9Lives Meaty Pate Chicken and Tuna 7910052238 6354803 12 13 oz 7910052228
9Lives Meaty Pate Seafood Platter 7910000402 6356803 24 5.5 oz 7910000402
9Lives Meaty Pate Seafood Platter 7910000367 6355803 6 4pk
5.5 oz each
9Lives Meaty Pate Super Supper 7910000327 6358803 24 5.5 oz 7910000327
9Lives Meaty Pate Super Supper 7910000286 6358803 6 4pk
5.5 oz each
9Lives Meaty Pate Super Supper 7910052239 6355803 12 13 oz 7910052229
9Lives Meaty Pate Super Supper 7910052239 6364803 12 13 oz 7910052229
9Lives Meaty Pate with Chicken and Seafood 7910000364 (793641) 6356803 6 4pk
5.5 oz each
9Lives Meaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna 7910000324 6356803 24 5.5 oz 7910000324
9Lives Meaty Pate with Chicken Dinner 7910000410 6356803 24 5.5 oz 7910000410
9Lives Meaty Pate with Liver and Chicken 7910000312 (793121) 6355803 6 4pk
5.5 oz each
9Lives Meaty Pate with Ocean Whitefish 7910000420 6358803 24 5.5 oz 7910000420
9Lives Seafood Poultry Variety Pack 7910053377 6307803 24 5.5 oz 7910053377
9Lives Meaty Pate with Chicken & Tuna 7910000366 6357803 6 4pk
5.5 oz each
EverPet Mixed Grill Dinner 7910053114 6356803 12 13 oz 7910053114
Special Kitty Beef and Liver Dinner 8113112120 6355803 12 13 oz 8113112120
Special Kitty Classic Tuna Dinner 8113112157 6358803 12 13 oz 8113112157
Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner with printed wrap 8113109609 6355803 1 12 pk
13 oz each
Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner without printed wrap 8113112119 6356803 12 13 oz 8113112119
Special Kitty Super Supper 8113179041 6355803 12 13 oz 7910079041


No other cat foods or other products made by the J.M. Smucker Company are affected by this recall.

If you have cans of food included in this recall, you should stop feeding the food to your cats. Call the company at 1 (800) 828-9980 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST. Or you can contact the company at

The recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can read the company recall information on the FDA web site here



  1. Hello and thank you for all this information. Recently I found out something terrible about cat food and pet food in general that is shocking. We were talking to a pet store owner that only sells natural and healthy pet food and found out that a book called,
    “Dead Pets Don’t Lie” is about what the truth is about what they put in pet food. It is very eye opening and based on fact and they provide all the information. I’m so happy I found out about the book because no one wants to feed their pets that but people just don’t know. It’s truly horrific. Now we read everything on labels and avoid anything that says meat by product because it’s not meat at all. Wait till you read what it really is.
    Thank you again for your website.

  2. My cat had eaten 9 Lives from 2003 to 2018. In Jan 2018 she lost her Appetite, started Vomiting . And lost weight. I took her to Vet. She had Gastrointestinal. She died on Feb. 10, 2018. There were never any mention of Recalls on 9Lives or any other cat food on the news nor Newspapers. My cat is dead because she ate this Cat food. To all the Cat owners. Do not feed your cat these products. They come in a Tin can and you can notice the can turning the food a Blackish color. Beware of this product. Please. Heartbroken from loss of my cat.

    1. Kastaway Kitties has lost 16 cats since Jan 4th 2018 from feeding Purina Cat Chow Complete Friskies canned. These companies are all using the same suppliers! Something is very wrong with cat food & the FDA is doing nothing about it!

  3. My Cat ate 9 lives and was having Gastrointestinal problems as well. She and my male cat were getting sick off it. They been eating it for a long time too. I went to switch her food to just find out its made by the same dang company grrr. If this cat food makes her sick too i swear Ill be going to an atty. I didn’t even find out that dumb food was making people’s cats sick. NOW I KNOW FOR sure it was 9 LIVES. don’t get it. I switched to diet science then noticed when she ate the rest of her 9 lives she got sick again! So its def the 9 LIVES!

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