Tips on Searching for a Missing Cat

As owners, one of our biggest fears is to have our cat go missing. While it is a heartbreaking scenario, you must stay composed and calm. Here are some tips on searching for a missing cat.

Having a cat go missing can be terrifying. The thought of not knowing where he is can give you sleepless nights. Is he just exploring around the neighborhood?  Has he been cat-napped? Has he been grabbed by a predator? All those thoughts make you anxious but it’s important to keep yourself calm and focused on looking your cat. Here are some tips on searching for a missing cat.

Check Your Whole House

Sometimes cats would explore around find the comfiest spot he could find. It could be a box in the attic or a soft cushion in the basement. Call his name in every spot in the house and if no cat comes out, then it’s time to search in other places.

Make a “Missing” Sign

Create a “missing pet” sign and print it. Make sure to include your cat’s photo, your contact number, the word “REWARD” at the top. You may include other details such as “Cat responds to _____”. Make sure that your sign is large enough for people to read. Consider laminating the sign as well – especially if you’re putting it up on posts where it could possibly get wet.

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Put up the signs around your neighborhood, veterinary clinics, animal control, animal rescue shelters, and some businesses if they will allow.

Call Your Microchip Company

If you had your cat microchipped, then make sure to call the company to make sure your details are updated. This way, if somebody finds your cat, they can easily trace and contact you.

Check the Shelters

Check your local animal control shelter daily to see if your cat has been found and is brought there. Shelters often have many volunteers and employees so you might have to talk to each of them and check the shelter yourself to see if anyone of them has seen your missing cat.

Utilize Social Media

You can post a photo of your cat and other necessary details in Facebook. Make sure you set the privacy setting of that post to public so more people can see it when your friends and other people share it. Bu utilizing social media, your plight to have your cat returned will reach more people – thus, increasing the chance of having your cat returned.

You may also join your local pet Facebook group to see if anybody has found your cat.

Place an Advertisement

You can place an advert for your missing cat in your local newspaper. You can also put up a post in Petfinder and your local Craigslist. Just make sure to include the necessary details like a photo of your cat, your contact details, and the reward you wish to give the finder.

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Search Around the Neighborhood

Search through about three-block radius around your neighborhood from your house. Do knock on your neighbor’s doors and talk to them so they know your cat is missing. If no one is home, just leave a flier on their doorstep and not in the mailbox.

Do not call out your cat’s name while you are in search and walking around – unless you see your cat with your very own eyes. This is because if your cat does hear you, you would be most likely gone by the time he gets to where you were when you called him. But if you choose to do this, call out your cat’s name in your front yard or back yard.

Make sure to check and look up in the trees, too. Cats can be adventurous at times and often end up being stuck in trees or roof.

Set a Trap

If you really must, set a cat trap in a safe spot outside your house. It may be in the front or back porch or the garden. Do cover the back and sides with a blanket or towel that has your or your cat’s scent on it. You can choose to use the blanket or towel he uses more often. Put your cat’s favorite food in a bowl and put it inside the enclosure.

Check on the trap discreetly throughout the night. The scent of food may attract other animals but by doing this, you might catch your own cat, too.

Hand Out Fliers to Commuters and Delivery Guys

Hand out your “missing cat” fliers to drivers with regular routes in your area and politely ask them to call you if they see your cat. Don’t forget to give your fliers to the mailmen, trash collectors, courier guys, and bus drivers.

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Keep Calm

Do not get too anxious and maintain a positive attitude while searching for you missing cat. The thought of your cat being hungry, alone, and feeling cold may upset you but cats are very resourceful. They will find food, water, and shelter. Remember to keep calm and stay positive during the search.

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