Traveling With Cats By Land

Are you moving to another place or going on a road trip but you’re worried about taking your cat? Here are some tips for traveling with cats by land.

Moving to another place or going on an adventure sounds exciting but for people with pets, it can be a bit of a problem. Traveling with cats by land is easy. You just need a crate where your cat can rest in while you drive – just like how you do it when you take him to the vet. But what if you’re taking your cat for a really long drive? Here are some tips on traveling with cats by land.

Secure Permits and Certificates

If you’re traveling to another state or country, your cat will need to be examined by a veterinarian first. The vet should issue a health certificate before you can take your cat traveling.

Authorities may ask you for these permits and certifications at border crossings. If you cannot show these papers, they will hold you up a bit and ask you questions as to why you do not have these papers.

Get Your Cat Used to Staying Inside the Crate

Encourage your cat to get acclimated and comfortable with the cat carrier. Cats love boxes and they can love their carriers too. Leave the carrier open with soft bedding and blanket in it and put in the room he is most comfortable in.

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Once curiosity kicks in, your cat will investigate and check out that box. If it looks comfortable and inviting – especially if it is open – your cat will be tempted to check it out. Putting treats in it will make the spot very inviting too. Let your cat take his time getting to know the carrier. Never force your cat inside the crate.

Remember, putting your cat in crate is the safest way to travel with your cat. This lessens the chances of your cat escaping the car. If the AC is on and it isn’t hot, you may also put a cover the carrier to make the travel less stressful for your cat.

Plan a Stopover

If you’re going for a really long drive, then stopovers is beneficial for you, your family, and your cat. Stopping will give the driver and the passengers a break. This will also give you a chance to check on your cat, give him water or food, or let him use the litter box. Just make sure that all doors and windows are closed before opening the carrier.

Find Pet-Friendly Hotels Prior the Trip

Do consider your cat when planning for a trip. Take note of pet-friendly hotels where you and your cat can stay.

Keep Identification Tags On Your Cat

Keeping your cat’s microchip updated and putting an identification tag prior the trip will be very helpful in the event of an escape. By doing these precautions, the person who will find the cat can easily contact you.

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Help Your Cat Feel Calm

If your cat does not like traveling, then you may talk to your veterinarian about medications that help your cat calm down during travel. One of the most common medications used is Benadryl. It is important to consult your vet first before giving your cat any medication.

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