Things You Must Never Do To Your Cat

A healthy, happy kitty is your best companion, isn’t it? But the slightest of oversight could have drastic consequences on your favorite feline’s wellbeing. It will be a gross mistake to take the kitty’s presence for granted. Perhaps your home is a tiny kindergarten with a kitty and child. Any slight slackness in your approach toward your cat threatens to affect her quality of life. Therefore, it is important to learn about the things you must never do to your cat.

Don’t Put Off Vet Visits

No matter how healthy your kitty looks, putting off vet visits is a step in the wrong direction. You may decide to delay visits to the vet if she eats well and hasn’t changed her activity level. Does that mean she is healthy? On top of it, one distinguishing quality of kitties is that they are masters at concealing their health problems. They may be shy or sly when it comes to their health. So putting off vet visits is on the top of the things you must never do to your cat.

But the truth is, like us, cats may experience health issues that may go unnoticed, from kidney dysfunction to poor vision. It is here that an annual vet exam comes in handy. Regular visit to a vet can help you diagnose and treat any health concerns in the initial stages. Obviously, you do not want these minor issues to turn into major complications.

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When the kitty’s health history is documented, you may breathe easy.

Don’t Skip Flea Treatment

Some pet parents often flounder at getting flea treatment for their kitty, thinking she stays indoors. Even if your pet doesn’t come in contact with other animals, it is a wrong decision to skip a flea and tick solution. Reason?

Well, fleas and ticks can sneak into your home from nowhere and become a major cause for concern for your feline. A tick may travel on your cloth after your recent hiking adventure in the woods. Or you may invite them home after your recent visit to a fellow with a dog.

You know it already that these pests could seriously affect the quality of life of your cat. The best way to keep her free from fleas and ticks is with a reliable flea and heartworm treatment. Skipping flea treatment is among the most mindful the things you must never do to your cat.

Don’t Leave Your Cat Unsupervised Outdoors

This is one of the most important things you must never do to your cat. Perhaps your tiny furry friend is quite obedient. But it’s still a big mistake to leave her unsupervised outside the four walls of your house. She is safe inside, but she might wander off outside and be overcome by fright or confusion. Who knows she might just dart away into traffic? Perhaps you don’t want to imagine the terrifying situation!What if a strange dog approaches when she is cowered under a bush?It’s critically important for her peace of mind to be carefully caressed and leashed in the outdoor environment.

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The outside world should be a big no in your absence and you must not forget to give it an important consideration when listing the things you must never do to your cat.

Don’t Forget To Brush Their Teeth

No, cats do not want their teeth to be touched. Perhaps she is more reluctant to open her jaw wide. Well, leaving it at that moment is the last thing you should do. Just like us, plaque buildup on their teeth turns to tartar. This may cause severe pain, tooth decay or loss. Protect your kitty’s smile with regular brushing of her teeth. Follow a brushing routine to keep your kitty’s gums and teeth healthy.

Dont Leave the Litter Box Unclean

Scoop her poop every day. Do not wait for the week to end before cleaning the litter box. Unclean litter box is an open invitation to germs and bacteria. This could mean putting the health of both your kitty and family at risk. On top of it, imagine your feline stepping onto her waste? Obviously, she will get depressed if she has to step in a pile of her feces. Ideally cats love cleanliness, and they may try to use different places or hold her urine. This is a dangerous practice, which could cause kidney problems for your feline. Avoid placing the litter box near your kitchen or dining area. Make it a practice to empty the box daily and make every corner of your home safe for your kitty.

Don’t Ignore Their Body Language

Their body language is one way of reading them. Ignore their expressions and you could be leaving her in a state of confusion, anger, or fear. This is one of the things you should never do to your cat. There are times or moments of stress when she does not want to be touched or cajoled.

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Going contrary to her body language or expressions could cause her to lash out at you or potentially harm you. As a pet parent, you should also avoid being too loud or greet them with excitement or even yell when they do something wrong.

Take note of your kitty’s behavior, body language, and expressions. Remember, cats are extremely sensitive creatures and may start to fear if you are too loud.

Additionally, make sure you never leave your cat in darkness.  There should be ample light in her space so they do not feel left out or abandoned even when you are away. It’s a gentle reminder that you will return.

These are a few things you must never do to your cat as a pet parent. Keeping this in mind will help you keep your kitty happy and healthy.

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