Only Natural Pet Cat Food Review

Only Natural Pet is a leading natural pet lifestyle company selling its own line of canned and dry cat food.

The company was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2004.

After adopting Crinkles in 2002, company founder Marty Grosjean realized his dog could benefit from the same nature-fueled nutrition with which he credited his own health. The switch to a natural diet helped Crinkles and in part inspired the creation of Only Natural Pet.

Today, the company has several stores in Colorado, a massive ecommerce site, and a catalog of over 3,900 pet products. They also produce their own branded products, including cat and dog food.

What types of cat food does Only Natural Pet offer?

On the company’s About Us page, Only Natural Pet outlines their quality standards.

  • They use only human-quality ingredients and adhere to human health standards—this means no rendered by-product meals
  • They use biologically-appropriate ingredients
  • Whenever possible, they take advantage of grass-fed meat and cage-free poultry
  • They focus on sustainably-harvested fish, poultry, and other meat ingredients
  • None of their ingredients are sourced from China
  • The company refuses to use artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners

All Only Natural Pet products are formulated, developed, and/or approved by Jean Hofve, DVM. Dr. Hofve is a well-known holistic veterinarian and the co-creator of the Little Big Cat website.

Their canned and dry cat foods are made by third-party manufacturers in Thailand and the United States.

PowerPate Canned Food

  • Turkey & Liver Dinner
  • Chicken & Liver Dinner
  • Seafood Dinner
  • Turkey & Chicken Dinner
  • Chicken & Egg Dinner
  • Duck & Beef Dinner
  • Rabbit & Pork Dinner

Feline PowerFood

  • Poultry Dinner
  • Fish & Fowl Dinner
  • Rabbit Dinner
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Freeze Dried RawNibs

  • Beef & Tripe
  • Salmon & Cod
  • Chicken & Liver
  • Venison & Liver

Kitten PowerFood

  • Kitten Power Dinner

Has Only Natural Pet cat food ever been recalled?

There’s no indication that Only Natural Pet cat food has ever been recalled.

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What do customers think of Only Natural Pet cat food?

On Chewy, Only Natural Pet’s Feline PowerFood Poultry Dinner formula has 10 reviews and a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. 90% of customers say they’d recommend it.

It’s earned a few more reviews on Amazon, where 22 customer reviews give it a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

Positive reviews applaud the food’s affordability, while most negative reviews are the result of a palatability problem.

Positive Reviews

“I have been transitioning my cat to this food for the past six days. We didn’t have any issues with her old food. I just decided that I wanted her on a food without potatoes. I like the ingredients in this food and the 3 pound bag is $2 cheaper than a 2 pound bag of her old food. I like the ingredients. I like the price. My cat seems to really enjoy this food. Since I’ve been transitioning her to this food she definitely eats her food with a bit more gusto. I also like that this company appears to be pretty environmentally friendly. Im about 98% sure we have found her new food. I will definitely be purchasing this again and after a while I think we may give the other two flavors a try to offer her some variety.” – RyleighCat

“My Cat’s love this food. I have three cats and I refill their bowl more than their old food. It looks and smells fresh. Good so far. I also bought two other types from the same company; will have to wait and see how they like that.” – Nikki

Negative Reviews

“I am a long time cat momma, and I have done lots of research on food. This is one of the healthiest dry cat foods on the market – But, two of my cats cannot tolerate the high protein combined with the healthy fiber content in it. They get very loose, almost runny stools from this food. It’s like they know that it makes them uncomfortable, and those two will not eat it. This food would be perfect for most cats. Unfortunately, not mine.” – Sooz1

“I have four cats and none of them like this food. I bought it because it seemed like a good food and wanted to offer them a change. Will not purchase again.” – Darlene

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Only Natural Pet Feline PowerFood Poultry Dinner Grain-Free Dry Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Low Ash Turkey Meal, Low Ash Chicken Meal, Garbanzo Beans, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)

Like every other Feline PowerFood formula, this cat food emphasizes animal protein at the head of the ingredient list. This poultry dinner recipe features a combination of turkey and chicken, starting with deboned chicken as the first ingredient. This is what it sounds like—chicken meat pulled off of the bone.

It’s followed by “low ash” turkey and chicken meal. Meat meals are a concentrated source of protein.

Since ash content is emphasized on this product’s ingredient list, let’s discuss what ash is and why it matters. Ash is the inorganic mineral content that remains after the digestible components of the food are burned off. These minerals have nutritional benefits for your cat, but excessive ash, especially magnesium ash, can contribute to urinary tract crystal formation.

It’s unclear exactly what “low ash” means on this ingredient list, but a food is generally considered low ash if the ash content is lower than 10%. Interestingly, the food’s total ash content isn’t mentioned on the package.

Every dry cat food needs a binding agent, and Only Natural Pet chooses garbanzo beans instead of potatoes, grains, and soy.

Garbanzo beans are followed by a species-appropriate source of fat: chicken fat. It’s preserved with mixed tocopherols, a form of vitamin E.

While this food professes to contain exceptional quantities of species-appropriate animal protein, it’s made with classic plant protein offenders. Directly after chicken fat, we encounter pea protein, a minimally nutritious high-protein meal that’s commonly used as a protein source for cattle and sheep. It’s followed by another pea derivative, pea fiber. Tapioca starch is added to the recipe as a high-carbohydrate binder with little nutritional value.

Next up is natural flavor. This is a concentrated flavor additive made from hydrolyzed animal tissue. Salmon oil is a species-appropriate source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Chicory root extract is a probiotic that promotes healthy probiotic activity in the body.

Flaxseed meal is a common inclusion in cat food, but it offers little nutritional benefit. The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed meal aren’t preformed, and as an obligate carnivore, your cat can’t convert them into the beneficial DHA and EPA they require.

Along with other required supplements for nutritional completeness, the food contains dried green lipped mussels as a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, turmeric, dried pumpkin, and a variety of probiotics.

The guaranteed analysis states that this food is 47% protein minimum, 18% fat minimum, and about 15% carbohydrate.

As far as dry cat food is concerned, these are great numbers. The protein is well above average, fat content is comparable to the average cat food, and the carbohydrate content is significantly lower than that of the standard dry food.

Of course, there’s another crucial number in the guaranteed analysis—the moisture percentage. With 10% moisture, this food is like any other kibble product. It won’t give your cat the hydration they need.

Because of its potential to leave your cat chronically dehydrated and prone to urinary tract problems, dry food is never a great choice for cats. No amount of species-appropriate protein can compensate for this lack of moisture.

According to the company’s daily feeding recommendations for an average 10-lb cat, this food costs between $.33 and $.38 per day, making it one of the more affordable foods in the natural niche.

This cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

Where can you buy Only Natural Pet cat food?

Only Natural Pet cat food is available through a variety of brick-and-mortar retailers, including PetSmart, the company’s only national retailer. You can also find their products in their Colorado flagship stores in Boulder, Aspen, and Denver.

If you’d prefer to shop online, their cat food is available on the company’s website, on Amazon, and on Chewy.

Click here to shop for Only Natural Pet cat food on Chewy.

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