Top 100 Cat Videos: Cat Clips That Make Us Laugh, Cry, and Say “Awww”

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Are cat videos the internet’s beating heart?

Since Edison’s 1894 Boxing Cats, we’ve loved watching videos of cats – our feline friends are as fun to watch on the screen as they are in real life. Now that the web allows anyone to share videos of anything, the viral cat video phenomenon lies near the core of web culture.

In this article, we’ll round up the best cat videos on the web.

These are unforgettable viral videos that have attained meme status, lesser-known videos, funny videos, cute videos, and videos that will warm your heart.

Let’s get started with the most popular cat videos ever posted on YouTube.

Most Popular Viral Cat Videos

1. Nyan Cat


No list of the most popular cat videos would be complete without this insanely popular YouTube icon. With a catchy tune and the captivating up-and-down movement of a cat-poptart hybrid, this video has hypnotized over a hundred million viewers and earned its place in the annals of internet meme history.

2. Very Angry Cat


This low-resolution video of a very angry or frightened cat loudly yowling is one of the most popular cat videos on YouTube. It’s the perfect video to play when you want your cat to become very curious about what’s happening on the screen.

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3. The Mean Kitty Song


“Hey little Sparta, what is with all the fight?”

If those words sound familiar, it’s because you’ve been touched by the viral wonder of this catchy song – and the mischievous brown tabby it was written about. This video dates back to 2008 and was one of the original viral YouTube videos.

4. Surprised Kitty


What happens when you turn a fuzzy kitten on their back and tickle their tummy while saying something like “coochie coochie coo”? You get one of the most well-known and well-loved videos on the web – one with definite replay potential.

5. The two talking cats


According to the YouTube user who uploaded this video, Stina and Mossy kept up this conversation for about an hour.

6. Cat mom hugs baby kitten


It’s not just a mom hugging a baby or a cat hugging a kitten – this is a video of a cat mom hugging a baby kitten – and it’s inspired tens of millions of “aww’s” around the globe.

7. Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat!


Here’s the original cat playing a keyboard – and it’s YouTube viral cat video gold.

8. Cats vs Zombies


If you thought humans were slow and clumsy under normal circumstances, watch what happens when those humans become undead. The feline victory isn’t definite, however – keep watching to the end of the video.

9. だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat –


A stalker can tear someone’s life apart. A stalking cat does it with claws.

10. Cat Bath Freak Out -Tigger the cat says ‘NO!’ to bath


This video combines some of the two most popular concepts in internet cat videos: a cat in a bathtub and a cat who seems to be speaking human.

The title asserts that Tigger is saying “no”, but many commenters claim that he was desperately calling Raul. Rumor has it that Raul never showed up and Tigger had to endure the bath until the humans were ready to end it.

11. Jedi Kitten – The Force Awakens


“What did I tell you about using The Force in the house?!” You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate this kitten’s journey to the dark side.

12. The OMG Cat


If you’re fluent in the language of GIF, you probably know where this cat belongs in your conversation. When you watch this video, it’s almost impossible not to ask: what did the cat see?

13. まるです。(I am Maru)


Maru is mischievous, messy, and always a little bit too fluffy for the boxes he tries to enter. This Scottish Fold lives in Japan and is the disputed “most famous feline on the internet”. This popular video was Maru’s introduction to his many fans.

14. Henri 2, Paw de Deux


This video hasn’t racked up as many views as the other viral icons on this list, but it has a little extra prestige. This moody ultra-short film won the coveted Golden Kitty at the Internet Cat Video festival in 2012. According to Hollywood Reporter, “This is a great honor,” the video’s creator, William Brandon, said while accepting his award. “I don’t think I’ve ever purred this loudly!”

Funny Cat Videos

1. The Ultimate Viral Cat Video

A cat attempts to make the ultimate viral cat video. It’s both more difficult and easier than they initially expected.

2. Cat mask scare

In the words of YouTube commenter Godot,


Human: I am you…but stronger”

3. Talking cat says Oh Long Johnson

This cat’s vocabulary seems to be larger than that of the average cat, but human minds still haven’t figured out what he/she was saying.

4. Talking cat says NO! to kisses on the head

When you ask you cat if they want a kiss on the head, do they answer? This cat has a definite preference.

5. Why am I not at the Olympics?

This cat is initially resistant to the idea of walking on a treadmill, but is soon an Olympic-quality mill treader.

6. Close Enough

This cat and his human attempt a stunt they saw on YouTube.

7. Ticklish Cat

Have you ever seen a ticklish cat?

8. The Best Cat Back Scratch Ever

This cat really, really likes back scratches.

9. Cat Stands for Russian National Anthem

In a display of what some may call furvent pawtriotism, this cat stands for the Russian National Anthem.

10. Trololo Cat

This video combines two of the internet’s favorite things: the Trololo song and a quirky cat. Like bagels and cream cheese, the two are better together.

11. Cat + Toothbrush = Mind Blown!

Brushing your cat’s teeth is one of the best ways to ensure their long-term health. It can also blow their minds.

12. Cat Vs Printer

If you’ve ever fought with a misbehaving printer, you’ll probably relate to this cat.

13. Cat vs beanbag filling.

Rumor has it that they still find pieces of beanbag filling in the strangest places around the house.

14. Bert the Cat vs Cat Balloon

In this video, a cat named Bert encounters a balloon that looks just like him.

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15. Real Life PUSS IN BOOTS!

The name says it all – the legendary Puss in Boots comes to life in this 21st-century adaptation.

16. Boxing Cat

This cat could have been a contender.

17. Cat Watching Horror Movie

Like the boxing cat, this cat appears to have their eyes glued to the screen and is reacting dramatically.

Cute Cat Videos

1. (Purrminators) Kissing ginger kittens

Orange kittens Fudge and Phoenix are tucked into their fuzzy nest and sharing a special moment.

2. Dear Kitten

An older, wiser cat explains the nature of life as a housecat to a young kitten.

3. Kittens Fight in a Ring

This video takes cues from the world’s first cat video and places two kittens inside a miniature boxing ring.

4. Cat Puts Herself to Sleep in Tiny Human Bed

5. Dad cat beats up kitten and gets a kiss from mom at the end.

6. Cat politely asking to get petted

This video is a beautiful representation of a well-trained human.

7. Deaf kitty excited to see owner for 3+ years

Whenever her human returns from work, deaf kitty Clarabelle lets out an adorably shrill meow of excitement. This compilation shows her reaction to the human’s return over the course of over three years.

8. Kittens meowing (too much cuteness)

This video has over 20 million views and almost lives up to its claim of “too much cuteness” – in it, seven squirm and meow in their plastic box.


While some piano cats look uncomfortable as if they’ve been coerced into performing, this cat is blissful on the keys.

10. Kitten Massage Therapy

Take a peek into the world’s most adorable massage parlor.

12. Kitten vs mirror for the first time – Wiske the cat!

This black and white kitten gets into an adorable boxing match with his doppelganger in the mirror.

13. Kittens came out of the hole and meows

These kittens emerge from a hole in the wall and promptly start meowing.

Cats and Other Critters


The title almost says it all – in this video, a cute kitten is introduced to their spiky new friend.

2. Brave Housecat Challenges LION

Your cat may be brave, but are they this brave?

3. Bada** cat scares away bear

When a black bear noses in on this cat’s outdoor meditation session, she lets the bruin know who’s boss.

4. Cat Charges Wild Turkeys

Everyone knows that cats like to chase birds – why not a rafter of wild turkeys?


By the end of this video, the starring kitty is sopping wet with Hoppy the Deer’s saliva.

6. Tigers reaction to the kittens

In this video, a man introduces his pair of rescue tigers to a litter of tiny kittens.

7. Brave Pet Cat Stands Up To Mountain Lion – Cute Cats VS Mountain Lion

A mountain lion stops by the patio door to wave hello to his/her small housebound cousins.

8. A Momma Cat and Her Yellow, Feathered Kittens

When this farming couple spotted a cat with a duckling in her mouth, they assumed the worst.

Cat Videos with Dogs

1. Mama Cat’s Reaction to Newborn Puppy

Have you ever wondered how a new mother cat might react if a fresh puppy joined her litter?

2. Dog Meows at Cat – Cat Not Impressed

This sociable dog appears to be attempting let out a meow, but the cat doesn’t seem to understand.

3. Dog Carries Kitten Upstairs

This noble German Shepherd can’t stand by and watch a kitten struggle on the stairs.

4. Big Dog and tiny kitten meet

Drastic size differences always make for an interesting dynamic – this huge dog and tiny kitten make a fun duo.

5. Kitten Rosie Walking with Husky Pack

In this video, rescue kitten Rosie and her devoted husky pack take an adventurous walk together.

6. Kitten Escapes Cage to Play with Puppy

This kitten makes a challenging escape from an enclosure and eventually joins their enthusiastic canine neighbor.

7. The most patient cat

This cat patiently endures the affection of a playful pup.

Cats in the Bath

1. Cat Meows Underwater

Have you ever wondered how it would sound if a cat meowed with their head partially submerged in a bathtub? This is one of those videos that might make you laugh, but will also make you sympathize for the unhappily soaked cat.

2. MEOW! As I mewed before and during the bathing

Some cats make more of a fuss before they get into the bathtub than afterwards.

3. White Kittens Get a Bath

Unlike most cat videos involving baths, this video is a good example of kind, gentle cat bathing.

4. Kittens first bath!

With a thumbnail like this, how could you resist?

5. How to wash a Kitten without making it to scared

This video has almost 5 million views and has a lot of comments echoing the sentiment expressed by Zero in their top-rated comment, “it’s 1 am and i dont even have a cat, what am i doing here”.

Weird and Crazy Cat Videos

1. Remove cat before flight

Can you imagine being the pilot and spotting this on your wing? Worse, can you imagine being the cat?

2. How my cat react when I faking death

Most of us have probably wondered how our cats would react if we died.

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3. Cat Can’t Handle Flower

This cat is paralyzed by the presence of a fresh blossom on their head.

4. Cat Transcendence – limitless

Inspired by the video “Cat Can’t Handle Flower”, this video takes a profound turn.

5. Cat-lift

Have you ever thought about giving your cat their very own cat-operated elevator?

6. Funny cat eats banana as monkey.

It looks like this cat has given up on everything besides their banana.

7. Meow Mix song (10 hours)

In this 10 hour long video, a club full of cats enjoys the invigorating sound of repeated meowing set to a pumping beat.

8. So Your Cat Wants a Massage?

This video could be highly informative for those looking to give their cat a soothing massage, but the education is delivered alongside a heavy dose of strange.

9. Space Cats – Magic Fly

A cat-ified version of Space’s 1981 hit song.

10. Lil BUB’s Magical Yule LOG video

If a crackling yule log video is one of your holiday decorating essentials, you might also like this one featuring celebrikitty Lil Bub.

Videos of Cats Meowing

1. Cat Singing “Old MacDonald”

With a “meow, meow” here and a “meow, meow” there, this cat joins in a playful rendition of this classic tune.

2. Noisy kittens waiting for dinner

If your dream is to wander through a kitchen filled with squealing hungry kittens, watch this video.

3. I love the sound our deaf cat makes.

Sounds don’t disturb this deaf cat’s rest, but he has an adorable reaction to being touched.

4. Cat has a crazy deep meow

Meet Jack, the cat with an unusually deep voice.

5. Cute munchkin baby kitten talks too much

The title says that this stubby-legged kitten talks too much, but it’s hard to get too much of that adorable squeal.

6. Baby kitten meow very loud on the street

Though this kitten is small, he has a mighty voice that gets the attention he needs.

Videos of Cats Eating

1. Halloween Cute Banana Cat

This Persian cat named Cooper eats a fresh banana while disguised as a banana split.

2. Hungry Kitten Wants Food

This kitten makes it clear that he needs food – right now.

3. Tiny Growling Kitten eats pizza

Some people say they’re aggressive about their pizza, but they’re probably not as tenacious as this hungry kitten.

4. Cat Licks Ice Cream and Gets Brain Freeze

There are certain types of cat videos that form the basis for compilations and playlists – cats getting brain freeze is one such genre. In this video, a cat laps up ice cream from a purple spoon, stops, and reacts with such drama that one viewer “fell to me kneez laughing my head off”.

5. Kitty with a Watermelon Addiction

Do you recognize Cooper? He appeared earlier in this article as a banana split.

6. Hungry Bengal Kitten (Impatient Kitty)

The unusual sight of a famished kitten desperately clinging to a can of cat food was a viral hit when it was first published in 2007 and was eventually shown on The Tonight Show, Oops TV, and Animal Planet.

7. Cat Eats with Fork and Chopsticks

This cat has exceptional table manners.

8. Chopsticks feeding Squirrel-like Kitten リスのような子貓 (featured in America’s Cutest Cat)

The person who uploaded this video says that they originally used chopsticks and toothpicks to prevent their kitten from pouncing and biting when receiving treats. The kitten’s unusual method of eating was striking enough to earn this video a feature on Animal Planet’s America’s Cutest Cat in 2010.

Inspiring Cat Videos to Warm Your Heart

1. Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

Mason, a ragged street cat wearing battle scars and living through the advanced stages of kidney failure, melts a little bit when he meets a pair of affectionate kittens.

2. Tornado Victim Finds Cat During Interview

When her cat unexpectedly emerged from the rubble of her tornado-razed house and mangled possessions, this woman could finally say “I have everything in the world now.”

3. My Cat Saved My Son

Tara the Hero Cat didn’t hesitate to lunge at a dog who was attacking her young human. If you don’t think that cats are loyal, this incredible video might change your mind.

4. Husky Dog Adopts Stray Cat Saving Her Life

This video shares the story of Rosie, a stray kitten who went from sickly to superstar with the help of a loving Husky mother figure named Lilo.

5. How I Trained My Cats

This video will inspire you to live a richer, more beautiful life with your cats.

6. Honey Bee: Blind Cat Goes Hiking

Honey Bee is blind, but that doesn’t stop her from going on adventures that most cats would only dream of.

7. The Saddest Kitten You’ve Ever Seen

When this orange kitten arrived at the Vet Ranch, his future looked bleak.

8. Alabama fishermen rescue kittens from Warrior River

When these fishermen started their Alabama fishing trip, they had no idea that a litter of kittens would swim up to their boat in desperate need of rescue.

9. Little Girl is Surprised With a Brand New Kitten

This is one video that never fails to receive “who’s cutting onions?” comments.

10. Mama Kitty’s Rescue

This mother cat teaches her kitten how to climb down from a tree.

Did you like our top 100 picks? What’s your favorite cat video? Let us know in the comments!

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