Top 100 Cat Videos: Cat Clips That Make Us Laugh, Cry, and Say “Awww”

Are cat videos the internet’s beating heart?

Since Edison’s 1894 Boxing Cats, we’ve loved watching videos of cats – our feline friends are as fun to watch on the screen as they are in real life. Now that the web allows anyone to share videos of anything, the viral cat video phenomenon lies near the core of web culture.

In this article, we’ll round up the best cat videos on the web.

These are unforgettable viral videos that have attained meme status, lesser-known videos, funny videos, cute videos, and videos that will warm your heart.

Let’s get started with the most popular cat videos ever posted on YouTube.

Most Popular Viral Cat Videos

1. Nyan Cat


No list of the most popular cat videos would be complete without this insanely popular YouTube icon. With a catchy tune and the captivating up-and-down movement of a cat-poptart hybrid, this video has hypnotized over a hundred million viewers and earned its place in the annals of internet meme history.

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