Farmina Cat Food Review

Farmina describes itself as “nature and science in perfect harmony”.

This Italian pet food brand is owned by the Russo Magimi Company, which started in 1965 as a producer of livestock feed.

Russo Magimi specialized in animal nutrition and produced feed for animals and fowl for decades, but didn’t venture into the pet food space until the mid-1990’s. Knowing that they wanted to create science-backed pet food products, the company joined forces with Farmina, an English company focused on food research and formulation.

Today, Farmina Pet Foods works with the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Frederico II. Together, they’ve published multiple studies on pet nutrition.

The company has facilities in Italy, Serbia, and Brazil.

What types of cat food does Farmina offer?

Farmina offers three lines of feline food, all of which are dry products. Dry food has a fundamental flaw that even the best combination of premium ingredients can’t erase. Moisture-depleted kibble doesn’t offer the water content that cats expect from their food. In many cases, cats don’t drink enough water to compensate for the dryness of kibble. Chronic dehydration is a likely consequence.

All Farmina foods adhere to the company’s set of nutritional rules. Farmina pet food products are made with scientifically-formulated recipes that emphasize natural, high-quality ingredients. They’re GMO, antibiotic, steroid, and growth hormone-free. All recipes are made without rendered meals and byproducts.

Like all dry foods, Farmina kibble isn’t without plant ingredients. The formulas include spelt, oats, potatoes, and rice, along with additional fruits and vegetables. That said, Farmina expresses a clear dedication to low-glycemic pet foods and appears to select ingredients according to that principle.

Farmina preserves the products naturally without the use of potentially dangerous chemical preservatives including BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin. To fight against in-bag oxidation, all Farmina bags are filled with nitrogen gas rather than air.

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Their products are manufactured in Italy from globally-sourced ingredients.

They adhere to EU food safety and quality standards, which are equal to and sometimes more stringent than those in the United States. All foods sold in the United States adhere to AAFCO standards.

Farmina Cat Food Formulas

N&D Grain-Free

Each of these grain-free formulas is 70% animal ingredients and 30% plant ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and minerals. This product line contains a minimum of 42% protein, 97% of which comes from animal sources.

  • Chicken and Pomegranate Kitten
  • Chicken and Pomegranate Adult
  • Chicken and Pomegranate Neutered
  • Boar and Apple Adult
  • Fish and Orange Adult
  • Lamb and Blueberry Adult

N&D Quinoa Functional Feline

Each formula is targeted towards a specific health issue. All of the foods in this line are made with 92% protein from animal sources. These grain-free formulas feature quinoa. Despite its appearance and popular use, quinoa is officially classified as a seed and is neither grain nor cereal.

  • Digestion
  • Skin and Coat Herring
  • Skin and Coat Quail
  • Urinary Duck
  • Weight Management Lamb

N&D Pumpkin Feline

Pumpkin is a low-glycemic fruit commonly recommended to cats suffering from constipation. In addition to this ingredient, every Natural and Delicious Pumpkin formula contains 96% protein from animal origins.

  • Quail and Pomegranate Adult
  • Herring and Orange Adult
  • Venison and Apple Adult
  • Duck and Cantaloupe Adult
  • Quail and Pomegranate Neutered

N&D Ancestral Grain

These formulas are 60% animal ingredients, 20% fruits, vegetables, and minerals, and 20% ancestral and GMO-free cereal grains. This grain-inclusive product line guarantees at least 36% protein, 94% of which comes from animal sources.

  • Chicken and Pomegranate Adult
  • Codfish and Orange Adult
  • Lamb and Blueberry Adult
  • Chicken and Pomegranate Neutered

Vet Life

Farmina Vet Life recipes are designed to target specific health needs. They’re only available with a prescription.

  • Gastrointestinal Feline
  • Hepatic Feline
  • Struvite Feline
  • Struvite Management Feline
  • Renal Feline
  • Cardiac Feline
  • Obesity Feline
  • Diabetic Feline
  • UltraHypo Feline
  • Neutered Male Feline
  • Neutered Female Feline
  • Hairball Feline

Has Farmina ever been recalled?

Farmina currently has no recalls on record.

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Where can you buy Farmina cat food?

Farmina is available in stores throughout the United States and around the world. It’s also available online. You can buy it directly from the Farmina website or through other online retailers including Amazon and Chewy.

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What do customers think of Farmina cat food?

To understand how people feel about Farmina products, let’s see what they’re saying about one of the brand’s most popular formulas.

Farmina’s Natural & Delicious Chicken and Pomegranate Grain-Free Formula has 86 reviews on Chewy, earning it a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. 98% of those 86 reviewers say they would recommend the product.

Here’s what a few real customers have to say about the product:

Positive Reviews

“We love how this food looks, smells, the Cats LOVE it, I really like that is has a good moisture content to it.. not a bag of dust food. you can totally see the quality once you open the bag,, and even the bag is good quality Zip Lock kind of bag.. Quality all around!” – RussG

“This food has high quality ingredients, large percentages of protein and fat compared with most other brands, and some ingredients you don’t find often in cat food, 5 kinds of fruit! I have read that wild cats will eat fruit in the wild sometimes, so it must have some benefit, although they supposedly cannot taste sweet. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in bigger bags! I have a picky half Maine Coon who is about 15-16 lbs and a 9 month old kitten who only weighs 7 but eats enough for 3 cats his size!” – Robin777

Negative Reviews

“Wow, all 7 of my cats LOVE this food but 2 of them are beginning to gain weight and they’ve only been on it for about 2 months. I just realized potatoes is too close to the top of the ingredient list and is clearly what’s causing the weight gain. I wish these good companies would STOP adding so many carbs to cat food! Cats need more protein/meat not carbs! If potatoes were the 6th or so ingredient listed, I would have given 5 stars. I’m very disappointed.” – 6Felines

“I purchased this food for my three cats because of the outstanding ingredients. I believe this food is the best dry cat food I’ve found, in regards to the ingredients. But all three of my cats developed horrible diarrhea while on this food. I cannot say 100% it was the food but it really was the only change that occurred during the timeframe. And they do not usually get diarrhea with food changes. The food also has a very strong, intense smell. So strong I could smell it while on the story above where the cat food bowl is kept. The cats did love eating it, that’s for sure! When I contacted with the issue, they went above and beyond to immediately make it right. Their customer service is really outstanding!” – Scarlatina

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Farmina Natural and Delicious Chicken and Pomegranate Grain-Free Formula Dry Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Fresh Boneless Chicken (30%), Dehydrated Chicken Meat (28%), Potatoes, Chicken Fat, Dehydrated Whole Eggs

Like all formulas in the Natural and Delicious grain-free line, this food is protein-rich, with 97% of that protein coming from animal sources.

This recipe starts out with fresh boneless chicken, which accounts for 30% of the entire recipe (by weight). Fresh chicken is moisture-packed and these measurements are based on pre-cooking weight, so it’s safe to assume that the post-cooking chicken percentage is lower. The following ingredient is dehydrated chicken meat, which is a concentrated source of animal protein.

Disappointingly, the third ingredient on the list is potatoes. This ingredient is commonly used in grain-free pet foods as a kibble binder. Potatoes are minimally nutritious for cats and pack a hefty carbohydrate punch. Despite the inclusion of potatoes so early on the ingredient list, Farmina describes this as a “low glycemic formula”.

Following the potatoes, the recipe turns back to meat ingredients with chicken fat, dehydrated whole eggs, fresh herring, dehydrated herring, fish oil, and hydrolyzed animal proteins.

Near the end of the ingredient list we see traces of fruits and vegetables: fiber vegetable of peas, dried carrots, dried alfalfa, dehydrated apple, spinach powder, powdered blackcurrant, dehydrated sweet orange, and powdered blueberries. These contribute vitamins and minerals that otherwise would come from synthetic supplements.

The recipe also includes prebiotics for digestive and immune support, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, dried brewer’s yeast, which is a natural source of B-complex vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant turmeric root, and marigold extract, which is a source of lutein. This antioxidant helps to preserve the food and can contribute to eye health.

In total, the food is composed of 44% protein, 20% fat, and 20.96% carbohydrates.

According to the feeding instructions, this Farmina food will cost between $.39 and $.80 each day to feed the average 10-lb cat. This cost-per-day assessment is based on Chewy prices with shipping costs not included.

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  1. False claim: there is corn in the N&D grain-free Cat food!
    I’m so disappointing. I have made a lot of research to find the best food for my babies.
    I thought I found a grain-free and corn-free food (Non GMO).
    It’s the second bag in a row with a different lot number that I find a whole grain of corn. I sent pictures and they admitted it was a mistake. But now a second time!?!

    They are claiming to be grain-free and corn-free. This is false claim and it’s lying to the customers!

    It’s unacceptable and unethical to lie to customers and include ingredients that are not supposed to be there.

    No one should encourage a lying company that hides ingredients.

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