Best Feline Friend (BFF) Cat Food Review

The Best Feline Friend brand of cat food is actually a product line offered by the Weruva Company. Weruva is an all-natural pet food brand that offers a wide selection of canned cat foods and pouches, utilizing premium proteins like tuna, salmon, turkey, and chicken. The Best Feline Friend brand of cat food is Weruva’s most affordable line of products and it features both cans and pouches, most of which are made with red meat tuna as a base ingredient. This ingredient comes primarily from skipjack or bonito tuna, two smaller species which are also highly sustainable. In addition to being a lean source of protein, these ingredients are also loaded with natural flavor and aroma that your cat will love. All of the products in the Best Feline Friend line are grain-free and formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements for adult maintenance.

Where is Best Feline Friend Cat Food Made?

All of Best Feline Friend’s products are naturally grain-free and produced in a human-grade facility so you can feel good about offering these foods to your cat. What the website does not state, however, is that this facility is located in Thailand. Some cat owners may view this as a red flag but if you do a little research you may come to find that it isn’t actually a problem. Because the manufacturing facility is located outside the U.S., it is held to even higher standards for safety and quality. In fact, the Best Feline Friend website states that their facility “operates at international human food processing standards, including that of the super-strict British Retail Consortium (BRC). Given this information, it is safe to assume that Best Feline Friend products are carefully formulated and manufactured.

Are There Any Recalls for BFF Cat Food in 2023?

The Best Feline Friend line of products is just one of Weruva’s five lines of cat food products. Even though Weruva’s cat food products are manufactured outside of the U.S., the facilities are held to high standards for safety and quality so it should come as no surprise to you that Best Feline Friend products have never been recalled. This is not necessarily an indication of quality but, in combination with a review of several Best Feline Friend products, it does support the idea that Weruva cat food products offer decent nutritional value and quality for cats.

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What Kind of Products Does BFF Offer?

The Best Feline Friend line of products includes both cans and pouches. Best Feline Friend canned foods come in 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce cans with eight different formulas to choose from. Each and every recipe in the Best Feline Friend line of cat food products lists tuna as a main ingredient with supplementary proteins frequently listed as well. These products are simmered in broth or water for maximum moisture retention and to provide plenty of natural flavor. All Best Feline Friend products are grain-free and BPA-free so you can feel good about feeding them to your cat.

Best Feline Friend Canned Cat Food Products:

The Best Feline Friend line of canned foods includes eight different recipes. Each recipe features tuna as the primary ingredient and the main source of protein. Tuna is a lean protein, so it will meet your cat’s needs for protein without driving up the calorie content of the recipe. These recipes are also made with synthetic supplements to ensure nutritional balance. Here is a list of recipes included in the Best Feline Friend line of canned foods:

  • Tuna & Bonito Be Mine Recipe
  • Tuna Too Cool Recipe
  • Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts in Gravy
  • Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine in Gravy
  • Tuna & Salmon Soulmates Recipe
  • Tuna & Tilapia Twosome Recipe
  • Tuna & Chicken 4EVA Recipe
  • Tuna & Chicken Chuckles Recipe

Best Feline Friend Cat Food Pouches:

The Best Feline Friend line of pouches includes six different recipes, each one featuring tuna as a base ingredient and as the primary source of protein. These recipes are simmered in flavorful broth thickened with grain-free starches to create a thick, flavorful gravy that your cat won’t be able to resist. You can use these products as your cat’s staple diet but they also work well as meal toppers or occasional treats. Here is a list of recipes included in the Best Feline Friend line of pouches:

  • Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe
  • Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes Recipe
  • Tuna & Turkey Tickles Recipe
  • Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks Recipe
  • Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya Recipe
  • Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe

Wet Cat Food Recipe Review: Best Feline Friend Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe in Gravy

This Best Feline Friend Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe in Gravy is one of the brand’s pouch products which means that it is simmered in a thick gravy which imparts plenty of natural flavor. Not only is this recipe loaded with delicious flavor, but it is also made with fresh, natural ingredients to ensure quality and nutritional balance. Like all of Best Feline Friend’s product, this recipe is naturally grain-free and it is also BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s safety. The Best Feline Friend website also states that their fish is wild-caught and dolphin safe – plus, the tuna used in this recipe comes from smaller, highly sustainable species like skipjack tuna and bonito tuna.

The first ingredient in this Best Feline Friend Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe in Gravy is tuna broth and it is followed by tuna and chicken. It is not a problem that tuna broth is listed first (ahead of the tuna) – this is fairly common in wet cat food products. It bodes well for this recipe that two protein sources are included because it helps to ensure that even though protein is not listed first, there is still plenty of it in this recipe. This recipe is also rich in fat, though it does come from a plant-based source – sunflower oil. While this ingredient is not inherently harmful for your cat, animal-based fats are more biologically valuable. At the very least, it would be good to see a supplemental source of animal fat on the list.

The remaining ingredients in this Best Feline Friend Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe in Gravy consist primarily of starches, flavors, and supplements. For carbohydrate, this recipe relies on a gluten-free and grain-free option, tapioca starch. Together with the guar gum, this ingredient also helps to thicken the sauce that this recipe is cooked in. The inclusion of synthetic supplements helps to balance out the nutrition for this recipe, but synthetic supplements have limited value for cats – natural sources for key nutrients (like fresh fruits and vegetables) would be better or, at the very least, some of the minerals could be chelated.

This Best Feline Friend recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 9%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 1%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 1%
  • Moisture (Max) – 85%
  • Taurine (Min) – 0.05%
  • Calorie Content – 61 calories per pouch

This recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance. Follow the feeding recommendations for several weeks while keeping an eye on your cat’s bodyweight and condition. If your cat appears to be gaining an unhealthy amount of weight, you may need to scale back his daily portion a little bit. For cats that lose weight or become lethargic, consider increasing the daily portion. This product should be fed at room temperature and any uneaten portion should be refrigerated.

Best Feline Friend Cat Food Recipe Rating: 4/5 stars

This Best Feline Friend Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe in Gravy receives a 4 out of 5 star rating. All in all, this recipe contains some valuable ingredients like tuna broth, tuna, and chicken – it is also a good thing that it is natural grain-free, made with tapioca starch for digestible carbohydrate. Where this recipe fails is in the inclusion of a plant-based fat as the sole source of fat in the recipe – the overall fat content is also a little low. If you convert the guaranteed analysis to dry matter basis, you will find that the fat content is below 7%. This recipe could also benefit from some natural sources for key nutrients (like fresh fruits and vegetables) as well as the addition of chelated minerals and dried fermentation products Overall, this recipe doesn’t include any harmful ingredients but there is certainly room for improvement with some of the ingredients that are included.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Best Feline Friend brand of cat food has two things going for it – it is very affordable compared to many other natural pet food brands and it is made with quality ingredients. All of the products in this line feature tuna as the primary ingredient and main source of protein. This is a good thing because tuna is a lean meat and it comes from sustainable sources. It is important to note, however, that many of the recipes in the Best Feline Friend product line use plant-based fats and the overall fat content is frequently lower than the ideal value. This line of products could also benefit from the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables as natural, more biologically valuable sources for key nutrients. If you are on a budget, however, and still want to feed your cat a quality pet food product, the Best Feline Friend brand is one to consider.

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  1. Greetings,

    My cats love BFF but I am concerned about the mercury in the fish. Is it safe to feed them every day with tuna?

  2. I have the same concern as Lyne. Will it be okay to feed fish to cat on a daily basis (although bff is nutrition balance and complete AAFCO)?

  3. May need to issue update warning Pet Barn just issued a stop feeding cats BFF in Australia and return for refund, whilst testing investigation 6/5/17. Notice was accompanied by letter form Weruva – David Forman, President and Co-Founder

  4. ” that Best Feline Friend products have never been recalled. ”
    This needs updating urgently and importantly…BFF did a recall May 2017….

  5. It appears that there is now a recall on BFF canned food. You should probably check your facts and update.

  6. You might want to read up on recalls of BBF in Australia as many cats have become sick and died from eating this brand. I used to feed my cat Wureva but stopped. The company says it does not affect the food in the USA but how can they be sure? I’m not taking any chances.

  7. On a budget? This stuff is pricey!
    So for me it is a special treat, for example, if a cat is sick and not eating and needs coaxing with taste and smell along with hydration from the gravy in the pouches. Read recall as it explains issue if this is given as a singular diet of the cans manufactured for Australian market

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