Litter Box Enclosures : Best Furniture For Hidden Litter

Litter box enclosures are a visually appealing alternative to hooded or covered litter boxes, which are usually made from plastic and come in shades that are anything but subtle.

A good piece of litter box furniture is the best way to transform your cat’s bathroom into an attractive item that accents your home and multitasks as a storage cabinet, potted plant stand, or decorative bench.

Great litter box furniture can be made from a variety of materials, has good ventilation, and is subtle enough to blend in with the home decor around it. Litter box furniture can even be functional which, to some, is so much better than just having a litter box inside an enclosure, that clearly looks like a litter box.

What to Look for in Litter Box Furniture

The best litter box enclosures are the right size for your cat’s litter box or come with a box of their own.

Before you buy a litter box enclosure, measure your cat’s litter box to ensure that it will fit inside of the enclosure. Most of them are designed for medium-sized litter boxes, so if your cat has a more spacious box, it might not fit inside of their little cubby.

Some litter box enclosures come with a litter box or incorporate the box directly into the design. In this case, you won’t have to worry about your cat’s box fitting into the unit, but you will have to consider the piece’s footprint in your home and whether or not it suits your cat’s need for space.

They have a litter catcher or enough space for a rug to capture litter from your cat’s paws.

Tidiness is the name of the game, so your cat’s litter box furniture should have a few extra touches that keep the house looking spotless. Some litter box enclosures feature a litter-catching porch, which ensures that litter remains in the box. Others just have enough space for a small rug or rubber mat, which will do a lot to contain the granules.

The best litter enclosures have ventilation systems, so the litter area won’t turn into a stench chamber.

One of the biggest drawbacks of any enclosed litter box of any type is the risk of turning the litter area into something of a reeking porta-potty—a stench chamber that will disgust your cat at best and force them to forgo the litter box altogether at worst. The best litter box enclosures are more than just cabinets with a litter box tucked inside—they’re smartly-designed pieces of furniture that are just as friendly to your cat as they are to you.

Like any piece of furniture, your litter box enclosure should be sturdy and long-lasting.

Great litter box furniture may be made from a variety of materials, including solid wood, wood composites, and recycled plastic materials. Ultimately, quality design and construction are most important. Customer reviews will tell you a lot about the quality and, sometimes, the longevity of the piece.

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Top 5 Best Top Rated Litter Box Enclosures for Hidden Litter

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo & End Table Review

With multiple sizes and four colors to choose from, this litter box enclosure is flexible enough to suit any home decor design or cat.

It’s available in several colors—espresso, russett, antique white, and gray. You can opt for either the standard or jumbo size, depending on the size of both your cat and their litter box.

The jumbo size measures 30 x 24 x 28.9 inches, which has enough space to accommodate large litter boxes, including the popular Purina Tidy Cats Breeze system, which is too big for many other litter box enclosures. If you’d prefer a smaller furniture footprint or have an average-sized litter box, you might prefer the standard version, which measures 23.6 x 18.5 x 22 inches.

In addition to a generous square-shaped front door, this piece of litter box furniture features side windows for ventilation and odor management.

It’s made from a plastic material, so it doesn’t absorb moisture. Unlike wood, it won’t crack, warp, or bend, so it’ll remain an attractive piece of furniture for years to come. That said, the recycled material is decidedly not a luxe look, so those who prefer classic, high-quality pieces might opt for something made from wood or a wood composite material. At $66.45 for the standard size and $85.12 for the jumbo unit, some might feel that this litter box furniture looks cheaper than it is. – Buy It


  • Material is water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Comes in multiple sizes to suit almost all cats and litter boxes
  • Available in several colors


  • Some dislike the plastic construction

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter Review

Instead of doubling as an elegant bench, nightstand, or end table, this litter box enclosure looks like a potted plant. Not everyone likes the way that an artificial plant looks, and many reviewers say that they replaced the plant with one of their own, but the concept is original and fun.

This is a good choice for those who don’t place an emphasis on maximizing storage space. It doesn’t have any drawers, hooks, or other practical features.

It’s a good choice for those who don’t already have a litter box, since the pot has a built-in litter box of its own. The enclosed litter box measures 20” in diameter, so it’s one of the more spacious litter boxes on the market. The round shape might make it difficult to clean out the box thoroughly.

The planter features artificial moss that doubles as an air filter, which theoretically reduces the amount of odor in your home.

This litter box costs $55.59. Considering that the litter box is built into the enclosure, that’s a good deal. – Buy It


  • Has an air filter to keep the house smelling fresh
  • Looks like a potted plant
  • A spacious litter box
  • Large entryway improves ventilation and makes it easy for your cat to get in and out


  • Round litter box may be a challenge to clean
  • The plant looks synthetic and might not fit everyone’s sense of style

Petsfit Double-Decker Pet House Litter Box Enclosure Review

This is a two-story litter box cabinet that combines several design elements not found in other litter box enclosures.

The entrance of the litter box is on the top level, about 13” off of the floor. Your cat will have to step up and slide through the door, then lower through an internal doorway to access the litter box. While this top-entry design helps to reduce tracking and prevents dogs from digging into the litter box contents, it could make some cats feel trapped and insecure—especially when there are territorial issues at play.

This design is best for cats who have used a top-entry litter box before and don’t have a problem with the design.

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It features a few design elements that add to its aesthetic appeal. It’s available in two colors—white or espresso. The piece has an antiqued latch for opening and closing the enclosure. It’s made from particle board and pine wood.

This piece of furniture measures 35” tall, 21” wide and 23” deep. It’s big enough to hold most litter boxes, but as always, measure your box before making a decision.

The company says that it’s appropriate for cats weighing 7-20 lbs and measuring 10-16” tall from paws to ear tips.

This piece currently starts at $173.48, so it’s the most expensive one on this list. – Buy It


  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Available in two appealing colors
  • Pawprint holes encourage healthy airflow


  • Expensive
  • Top-entry litter boxes aren’t right for every cat

Merry Products Washroom Night Stand Multifunctional Litter Pan Cover Review

It’s a functional, versatile piece of furniture that you can place in almost any part of the home. If you want to place your cat’s toilet inside of your own bathroom, you might opt to attach the optional stainless steel towel bar. It’s available in white, walnut, and espresso wood stains, so it can fit in with various home color schemes.

It’s made from plywood, so while it might not have the weight of solid wood, it’s a sturdy piece of furniture.

The litter box enclosure measures 20.51 x 19.09 x 25.04 inches. The interior dimensions are 18.5 x 16 x 18.5 inches, so it’s best for small-to-medium litter boxes.

It costs $53.23, which is about average among litter box furniture of this quality. – Buy It


  • Features a stainless steel towel bar for use in the bathroom
  • Subtle wood appearance fits into almost any room of the home
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Relatively small size won’t work with big litter boxes

Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench Litter Box Enclosure Review

This low-slung bench-style litter box enclosure is big enough to contain most litter boxes and comes with an optional divider, allowing you to use part of the space to store litter box accessories. If you have a larger litter box, you may prefer to leave the divider out and take advantage of the full length of the enclosure. The enclosure is big enough to accommodate large boxes like the ScoopFree automatic box or the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze system.

Your cat enters the box through a kitty portal on the side of the bench. Two doors allow you to access the box from the front. You have plenty of room to reach in and handle the litter box.

One reviewer said the bench wasn’t well-ventilated and that they modified the piece by adding holes in the back panel.

It’s made from particle board with a natural wood grain look. The piece is available in white or walnut colors.

The interior dimensions of the bench are 20.2” deep x 35” long x 19” tall.

It currently costs around $115.98 on Amazon.


  • Spacious interior fits most cats and litter boxes
  • Attractive design looks like ordinary furniture
  • Large enough for storage
  • Comes with a divider


  • May not be well-ventilated

How to Make Litter Box Furniture – DIY Ideas From Around the Web

If you can’t find a litter box enclosure that suits your large cat, multiple cats, or mid-century modern home decor, you might opt to make your own litter box furniture. The DIY community has come up with a host of smart, stylish litter box furniture concepts.

Here are a few of the coolest ones on the web.

Ikea Wardrobe DIY Transformation – House Tweaking

If you want to pack a lot of storage into your cat litter box furniture, this DIY might be right for you.

Ikea’s PAX wardrobe turns into a little kitty bathroom and storage space. This simple wardrobe modification involves a little shelf adjustment, the addition of a cat door, and a litter box.

You can install any cat door you like. The tutorial used a cat door with a locking flap, but an open door is airier and more cat-friendly. Remember that the door will be elevated a few inches off the ground, so a floor-brushing door like the Purrfect Portal might not work.

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The author of this tutorial House Tweaking explained that it wasn’t difficult to install the cat door into the side of the wardrobe, but did have to use teamwork to hold the wardrobe steady while the other person screwed the door into the side panel. Because the walls of this particular wardrobe are thin, they had to trim the screws to get a perfect fit.

The bottom of the wardrobe is lined with a rubber mat, which makes it easy to clean.

Click here for the original tutorial.

Two-Room Kitty Box – DIY Network

This DIY project turns a laminate cabinet into a two-room cat bathroom. With a large front door and spacious accommodations for your cat’s litter box and accessories, it’s versatile and easy to maintain.

The tutorial directs you to choose an inexpensive prefab cabinet, preferably with doors that open in the front. Again, nice big doors will make it easy for you to access the litter box and clean your cat’s waste. You’ll want to find a unit that matches your home decor scheme and can double as a bench or end table.

Once you’ve selected the cabinet, you’ll use a saw to cut open a door for your cat. If you have a dog with a habit of rooting through your cat’s litter box, you’ll want to take that into consideration when choosing a size for your cat’s door. Make it big enough for your cat, but perhaps not big enough for other pets to invade your cat’s space. The tutorial instructs you to tape off the edges with electrical or duct tape, preferably in a matching shade.

By segmenting the cabinet into two sections, you can both make the most out of the cabinet with storage space and create an area for your cat to clean off their paws. The second chamber should be lined with a carpet square or rubber mat, which will collect litter as your cat exits the box.

Click here for the original tutorial.

Faktum Kitty Loo DIY Ikea Hack – Ikea Hackers

Perhaps the most complex litter box enclosure in our list of DIY projects, this one will require you to pair both a basic cabinet frame with a door and hinges.

Like the first tutorial in our collection, this one involves a specific product found at IKEA—the FAKTUM wall cabinet. This cabinet frame is paired with a door that hinges from the floor, allowing the door to drop all the way to the ground when it’s time to clean up. This creates a very easy-to-access litter box enclosure.

The materials list includes a FAKTUM Wall cabinet, Applåd white door, BESTÅ Push opener, litter box, cat flap, and a roll of self-adhesive vinyl.

First, the FAKTUM wall cabinet frame is assembled and the cat flap installed. Again, you may choose to use a flap or an open door, depending on your preferences. It’s important to note, though, that an open door will facilitate better airflow and create a more comfortable space for your cat.

Self-adhesive vinyl is used to conceal the holes built into the frame. It also ensures that no litter will fall into the holes. A BESTA push opener is attached to facilitate easy door opening. They affixed a hook on the interior of the cabinet, making a nice storage area for the litter scoop.

The floor of the cabinet is lined with a plastic ribbed mat, which captures any litter and makes the space easy to clean.

Click here for the full tutorial.

Hidden Litter Box in Microwave Cart – Next Jeneration

If you prefer to follow a video rather than read instructions, you might appreciate this tutorial. YouTube user “Next Jeneration” bought a microwave cart from Walmart and transformed it into an inexpensive litter box enclosure.

These tutorials should give you inspiration, not limit you. You can make litter box furniture out of any bench, cabinet, or chest. You can paint yours in a shade you love, line it with a litter mat, pair it with a ramp for your arthritic cat, or add any other details that suit you.

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