Best Cat Tunnels

Cat tunnels are a great way for your cat to run, play, and have some exercise. There are a wide variety of options out there for your cat to enjoy.

Cat tunnels range from collapsible tunnels that you can set up in your house or apartment to sturdier tunnels you can use in your yard as a way for your cat to spend a little time outside without running loose.

Most cats really love playing in these tunnels. They’re fun whether you have one cat or multiple cats. You can even join in with your cat. Try wiggling your hand in the tunnel when your cat’s inside. But be ready to remove it quickly!

Prices for cat tunnels can vary, depending on where you buy them, so it does pay to look around. Most of the basic tunnels are similar but some of the bells and whistles can be different. For a nice basic cat tunnel, we like Kong Active Nylon Tunnel Cat Toy. It’s $12.72 at The tunnel is 24 inches long when it’s extended for play. It makes a fun crinkling sound that cats like. It collapses easily so you can put it away. Cats love to hide and play in this toy.

There is also a denim version of this tunnel for $24.36. One word about these basic tunnels. They are typically made of lightweight material so they won’t last forever, especially if you have an active cat that goes crazy in the tunnel. But that’s the whole purpose of the tunnel – to encourage your cat to have a good time. These basic, collapsible tunnels are not very expensive so they can easily be replaced.

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If you’re looking for a cat tunnel that’s a little fancier, check out this lighted tunnel by Petlinks. The Twinkle Chute Lighted Tunnel Cat Toy has a crackly surface that cat like with touch-activated lights. Dimensions: 35″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″. This tunnel is $19.55 at

You can also use a cat tunnel as an outdoor enclosure, provided you get one that is sturdy and made for that purpose. This Fun Run Outdoor Enclosure uses the tunnel concept as a way to let your cat safely enjoy being outside. It has zippers on both ends so your cat stays inside the tunnel or you can connect it to your own crate or door. You can zip together multiple tunnels to give your cat more room to play. Nylon mesh tunnel with spring steel frame. No tools, no assembly needed. Measures 17″ diameter x 62″ long. $31.99 at

Finally, we couldn’t resist this fun tunnel from It’s made of soft, durable faux fur with a silky liner. The liner also has a rustling material to make that crinkling sound that cats love. The tunnel also has large peep holes and a suspended ball to give your cat extra amusement. It folds down and ties for quick, easy storage. You can fully extend it for play for tie on one side so your cat can play for hours. Easy to clean. The tunnel has a steel frame to hold its shape. Dimensions: 52″ L x 10″ H. Comes in leopard or brown. What cat wouldn’t love to play in this tunnel! $22.49 at Jeffers.

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cat in the tunnel


Cats really love to play in tunnels. You can provide your cat fun and entertainment as well as comfort with a tunnel. They are a great way for your cat to play with you or by him or herself. Try one of these tunnels for your kitty and let us know which one she likes.

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