Best Cat Enclosures

As we’ve said before if you are looking for a cat enclosure, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs and cats are different. If you search for enclosures online or in pet stores, you will probably find some products suggested for cats that are actually made for dogs.

If you buy an x-pen or a gate for your cat, chances are that kitty will climb over it and be out and about pretty darn fast. Most enclosures that work for dogs will not work for cats.

Cat enclosures can be used for relaxation and comfort, but can also be used to keep your cat contained if you need to for any reason. There are a few things to consider and look for when searching for the best cat enclosure, which we highlight below.

If you aren’t sure what kind of enclosure to purchase for your cats, we have narrowed your search by choosing some of the best cat enclosures and reviewing them!

What to look for in a good cat enclosure

  • Specifically made for cats
  • Enclosed top
  • Easy to move/carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic material
  • Big enough for cat to be comfortable
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Midwest PlayPen

The best cat enclosures are usually specifically made for cats. One of the features to look for is an enclosed top, seen in this cat playpen by Midwest. This particular playpen collapses so you can move and carry it. It’s easy to clean. It has swing doors and resting perches which can be adjusted for height. This is a nice enclosure for 1-3 cats for short periods of time. $115.99 at

Iris Multi Story Wire Cat Play Pen

If you would like something a little more up-scale, take a look at the IRIS Multi-Story Cat Wire Play Pen. It is made along the same lines as the Midwest play pen but comes in your choice of two or three stories. It has heavy-duty molded base and perches. It’s durable and easy to clean. It assembles with snap-on connectors and it has 6 casters for more stability. It gets glowing reviews. The three-story version is on sale for $126.99 at

Iris Pet Wire Play Pen with Mesh Roof

If you are looking for something simpler, without perches, you might consider this IRIS Pet Wire Play Pet with Mesh Roof. It’s a simple play pen for your cat but it has a mesh roof that snaps on for security. This should discourage most cats from trying to climb out. The pen has four non-skid rubber feet to keep it from moving. It has a large sliding access door that locks in place. The pen measures 36 x 24.75 x 23.6 when it is assembled. This isn’t terribly large so your cat can’t run and play but it is much bigger than a cat carrier. $53.99 at (Note that you can also add a mesh top to a conventional dog x-pen but we can’t vouch for how well the mesh will stay attached. You could come home to find your cat loose in the house. Or it could work beautifully.)

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If you’re interested in an outdoor enclosure for your cat, consider this Outdoor Cat Run by Trixie Pet Products. Weather-treated non-toxic fir wood provides an enclosed space for your cat with upper levels. Lightweight metal fencing lets your cat enjoy the outdoors without running loose. Dimensions: 76.75L x 37.25W x 68.75H in. $490.99 from (over $100 less than you can find it at PetSmart).

Remember: When looking for an enclosure for your cat, think about your cat’s abilities. Don’t settle for an enclosure that works for dogs. Your cat can slip through smaller spaces, climb, and jump in ways that dogs can’t. Think vertical, especially. If you have a cat that is especially curious and who wants to get out of enclosures, you may have to be inventive. Some cats are content to stay inside an enclosure while others act like caged lions. Try to choose the right enclosure for your cat – and then improvise.

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