All Cats Good Harness Review

Have you ever walked your cat? If not, your kitty is in for a treat. If you have, you’re probably used to the attention and funny looks you get from passersbys.

I’m someone who really enjoys walking my cat, Bean. We rescued him from the outside world, and he’s always tried to run right out my front door every time someone comes home. To curb his curiosity of the outside world, I decided I’d leash train him and let him explore the outdoors in a safe way. It took some coaxing at first, and lots of treats, but he eventually got used to the leash and harness.

He loves to go outside, and I don’t have to feel guilty for keeping him cooped up indoors all day. Plus, he isn’t exposed to any dangers and other feral cats he’d have to have if I let him roam around on his own.

The harness I was using wasn’t perfect, Bean could easily back out of it if he got scared, so I decided to try out a new one. I was sent a cat harness from Allcatsgood and tried it out — here’s my experience.

Allcatsgood Cat Harness Review

At first glance, the Allcatsgood website was impressive. All the harnesses are adorable — they have everything from reflective construction vests to harnesses that mimic a tuxedo. I chose the reflective construction vest harness.

The next step is to take measurements of your cat and send them in. These harnesses are custom-made to fit your cat’s exact body type, so you’ll have to make sure you get the right measurements.

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You’ll measure your cat around the neck, chest and length of the back (from neck to the base of the tail.) There are charts on the website that show exactly where to measure your cat. Make sure you convert your measurements into centimeters, not inches! It was shipped out quickly, and arrived within a few weeks. These items are created and shipped from Poland, so it can take a few weeks to arrive but it’s well worth the wait.

The Delivery

When I got the harness I was impressed with how well packaged it was. It was well wrapped, with little pawprint stamps, topped neatly with a bow and branded tag.

Inside the package was a plastic bag that had the harness hung on a hanger and wrapped in a cover, plus a helpful booklet on how to leash train your cat. It also had a hand-written postcard and cat keychain with the shop’s logo.

The Harness

These harnesses are different from regular ones because they’re custom made to fit your cat’s measurements, and they’re much more secure than the thin-strapped ones with buckles. This harness fastens with velcro around the cat’s neck and stomach. The cat is pretty secure once it’s on, and it’s virtually impossible for them to back out of — which is a huge plus.

I was also impressed with the quality of the harness. It’s made with high-quality materials, and has tight stitching, vibrant color and durable velcro. I had Bean try it on immediately, and it fit him perfectly. He was initially a little freaked out about the velcro that went across his belly. He’s used to wearing collars and his other small harness, so he had to get used to walking around in this new one before venturing outside in it.

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Venturing Outdoors

Once Bean was all strapped in, it was time to take him outside! We had a pretty bad storm the day we ventured outside, so he stuck close to home and didn’t want to walk around in the wet grass. Luckily, he still got some much needed outside time and enjoyed his new harness!

Would I Recommend an Allcatsgood Harness?

Yes, I recommend purchasing a harness from Allcatsgood. The prices range from $45-$60, so it’s a bit on the expensive side as far as cat harnesses go, but it’s well worth it. A harness you buy at a pet store is usually around $20, but it isn’t custom made to fit your feline, and if the harness doesn’t fit properly your cat will probably be able to back out of it. The Allcatsgood harnesses are tailor made for your cat, plus the velcro straps stay secure.

Communication was also easy. I communicated with Hanna, the harness designer, and she was able to answer any questions I had and keep me updated through the process.

I don’t think I’ll go back to the old harness, and maybe I’ll even order another one. They’re just too cute!

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  1. I’ve bought an allcatsgood harness two months ago. And I was really impressed with attention payed to my order! Walking harness fits ideally to my cat Bob, despite the fact that he is a little fat
    I tried various harness brands before, but now have found the best for Bob. And now I’m going to buy that new cute Halloween harness, to be prepared for a holiday

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