Kitty Poo Club Subscription Cat Litter Review : We Tried it…Here’s What We Thought

In October of 2017, an Ohio entrepreneur launched a new subscription litter box service—one that calls itself the “purrfect monthly all-in-one litter box solution”. If you buy the branding, KittyPooClub is going to make your cat litter buying, cleaning, and disposal process easier and more efficient than it’s ever been before.

What makes KittyPooClub different?

In theory, KittyPooClub is an end-to-end cat litter convenience system.

For starters, it’s a subscription service. That means that you’ll receive a shipment of KittyPooClub litter every month. Two, the litter comes in its own disposable litter box, so you’ll never have to scrub and scour a plastic pan. And third, KittyPooClub comes with low-maintenance silica gel crystal cat litter, allowing you to go for a month without scooping a drop of urine.

But that’s not all KittyPooClub has to offer.

You can pair the disposable box with several additional types of litter, add food and treats to your subscription, and redeem Kitty Koins.

In other words, there’s a lot going on here. To experience everything this brand has to offer, I tried KittyPooClub for two weeks, taking notes on every aspect of the experience.

The KittyPooClub experience begins on the website.

When you hit the little blue “get started” button on the KittyPooClub homepage, you’ll be directed to a short questionnaire that prompts you to answer questions about your household and preferences.

KittyPooClub wants to know how many cats you have, what type of cat litter you prefer, and if you’d like any accessories. 

Each shipment comes standard with a litter box and one of three types of litter—silica gel beads, fine-grained silica gel crystals, or clay. All KittyPooClub litter products are unscented and dye-free.

  • KittyPooClub’s large-grain silica gel litter is inspired by the spherical beads found in silica gel desiccant packets. These beads are round enough to be comfortable under your cat’s paws but large compared to typical litter crystals, raising the saturation threshold of each particle. Like other silica gel litter products, it is highly adsorbent, causing any moisture to evaporate. You don’t need to scoop out any clumps from this type of litter. Instead, you’ll pick out any solid waste and stir to distribute urine.
  • In contrast, the fine-grained silica gel litter has a fine, sandy texture. As a silica gel product, it doesn’t require scooping and can control moisture and odors for up to a month for one cat.
  • KittyPooClub also offers a clumping clay litter. It’s a fine-grained, sand-like product that contains added minerals for enhanced odor control.
  • In June of 2023, KittyPooClub intends to release a soy-based cat litter. The first plant-based KittyPooClub litter option, this product will create clumps for easy cleaning and offer microbial odor control.
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The Club also allows you to tack on additional items to round out your order. For example, you can get your bathroom decked out with a litter mat, scoop, and a litter box dome to keep everything contained.

Once you’ve selected the options that work for you, KittyPooClub will summarize your order. If everything looks good, you’ll set up an account, proceed to the checkout, and wait for your first shipment to arrive. By default, KittyPooClub will deliver a box once every four weeks.

After you’ve set up your account, you can make any adjustments you want. Edit which type of litter is nestled into each box and choose if you’d like any accessories, treats, or food in your next delivery.

I received a KittyPooClub litter box with fine-grained crystal litter and a free scoop.

The entire KittyPooClub setup, complete with a disposable litter box, bag of litter, and a litter scoop, came in a slim box several inches deep. Tucked into the top of the package was a card explaining how to set up the litter box and get started.

I opened up the box, placed the lid underneath, and slipped plastic stabilizing rails over the sides of the box.

Since I’d gotten the KittyPooClub bundle with a dome, I folded the enclosed strip of cardboard into a wraparound barrier and placed it over the top edges of the box.

From opening the package to pouring the fine-grained litter into the box, the process was done in less than 10 minutes.

The assembled litter box measures 19” wide x 15” deep x 10” tall and is made to fit cats weighing up to 25 pounds. With the attached dome, the height of the walls increases to 15”.

Unlike many covered litter boxes that enclose your cat in a little potty chamber, the dome is more a wall than a roof, helping to contain litter that might otherwise escape over the edges of the box but not making the litter box more confining.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I let my cats use the KittyPooClub litter and litter box. Here’s what I observed.

My cats do a lot of product reviews and aren’t usually choosy with their litter, so I wasn’t surprised to see them hopping in and out of the KittyPooClub box as soon as I put it down in their litter box area.

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Dust production was the first thing I looked at when trying out the KittyPooClub litter.

When I poured the litter into the cardboard box, dust billowed up. Even when poured from a low height, the litter produced a plume of fine, lingering dust.

I’ve experienced this type of dust when using silica gel litter products in the past. Silica gel litter produces amorphous silica dust, which is classified as “nuisance dust” rather than a noxious type. While it’s not the same as the crystalline silica dust produced by a clay litter and doesn’t appear to come with the same potential to harm your or your cat’s lungs, this dust is irritating enough to get you coughing for a while after you pour it.

I noticed the dust again when scooping the litter box, softly puffing up and out of the box. It wasn’t always irritating, but it was significant—more noticeable than the dust produced by other silica gel products like Pretty Litter or some low-dust clay litter.

Dustiness, however, isn’t a common complaint among KittyPooClub customers. I suspect that it wouldn’t be an issue if you opted for their larger silica gel pearls.

The box controlled scatter and the litter resisted tracking.

Because the KittyPooClub litter box is roomy with high sides and a dome for extra containment, there wasn’t a lot of litter scattered around the box. Likewise, I didn’t notice any significant tracking. The litter is fine-grained, dries quickly, and doesn’t cling to cats’ paws.

The litter’s odor control was good, but not outstanding.

I used the litter for a couple of weeks with two cats—roughly equivalent to the advised 30 days with one cat. For a litter that doesn’t require scooping, this product did a decent job of neutralizing urine odors. It knocked out most fecal odors, too.

However, some odors lingered in the litter box after a few days of use. The litter’s odor control is better than some, but it’s not perfect.

It’s easy to keep the KittyPooClub litter box clean. As a silica gel litter, maintenance involves a stir and a few quick flicks to remove any solid waste. Because the litter doesn’t clump, nothing gets stuck to the sides and you don’t have to scoop out clods.

And remember—the litter box isn’t just a cardboard box. It features a waterproof coating that prevents urine from seeping into the fibers. This is a recent change from the company’s original plastic liners and, while some reviewers say that the waterproof lining is less effective, I found it did an excellent job.

And once the two weeks were up, it was easy to fold the box back up and throw it away.

I pushed down the sides of the box to cover the litter, then lifted the lid from underneath and pressed it on top, sealing the litter into a slim cardboard package. I noticed a bit of litter scattering out of the sides when I lifted and shifted the box, but as long as you hold it parallel to the ground and don’t jostle it too much, this should be a secure, easy way to hold your used litter.

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Compared to hauling around a stretched plastic bag of litter clumps, this disposal method was quick, clean, and easy. The process felt more like putting away leftover delivery pizza than throwing out a box of used cat litter.

How much does KittyPooClub cost?

The basic KittyPooClub subscription—including a disposable litter box and a bag of litter—costs $21.49 per month.

One litter box is enough for one cat for one month, but if you have more than one cat, you’ll want to buy multiple boxes. If you have three cats, you might need to buy three new boxes every month, adding up to almost $65 every 30 days.

It’s a good deal in comparison to some other comparable products. For example, PrettyLitter costs $22 per month, plus you’ll have to pay for shipping and you don’t get a box with your litter. But when compared to buying a few disposable litter boxes upfront and filling them with any other silica gel litter, KittyPooClub starts to look pretty expensive.

A two-pack of Nature’s Miracle disposable litter boxes costs $9.59 and a two-pack of ScoopFree’s premium crystal cat litter costs $19.44. If you break that down to one box and one bag per month, this combination would cost $14.52 monthly.

Overall, is KittyPooClub worth it?

My experience with KittyPooClub was good, but not perfect. I liked the litter box design, minimal tracking and scatter, and convenient disposal that KittyPooClub provided.

But the fine-grained silica gel litter fell short of my expectations.

Between its dustiness and fair odor control, the litter was acceptable but not the most impressive I’ve tried. Had I used KittyPooClub’s popular large-grain litter, that experience would have probably been different. Other customers praise this litter, describing it as low-dust and an excellent low-maintenance choice.

Regardless of which litter you choose, the biggest drawback of KittyPooClub is its cost. You could easily get equal performance out of a good disposable litter box and silica gel litter.

But for the right person, the convenience of KittyPooClub could make it worth the price. 

Between the convenience of a personalized subscription service, the ease of throwing away a cardboard litter box, and the fact that it comes with a couple of ultra-low-maintenance litter options, KittyPooClub may be worth it if you want a convenient, all-levels solution for your cat’s bathroom.

Want to try KittyPooClub for yourself?

Trying out KittyPooClub is the best way to find out if it’s a good fit for your home. If you’re not satisfied with the experience, KittyPooClub’s no-risk guarantee promises to refund a single box within two weeks of your first order.

KittyPooClub is currently offering a special 25% discount on litter bags or boxes for first-time subscribers. You can also order a starter bundle with a free dome and free scoop at a 15% discount.

Click here to learn more about KittyPooClub.

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