Best Halloween Costumes for Cats (Plus a Few Human Impersonators)

Looking for a Halloween costume that will make your cat more photogenic than ever before?

You’ve arrived at inspiration central.

Our list of 20 Halloween costumes for cats gathered from Instagram is designed to get your costume creation juices flowing.

Top 20 Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

1. Pennywise the Clown


Go ahead, take the red balloon.

2. Feline PURR-isoner


Doesn’t the laundry basket take this look to the next level?

3. Is it a Cat or is it a Bat?


A pair of bat wings attached to her harness give Squirrel a pawsitively adorable Halloween look.

4. Nananananananana…Batcat!


She may look like Batman, but Luna’s social media manager explains that her catdad is the true hero of Gotham City. Luna’s his little helper.

5. Cat Pope


The official uniform of Catican City’s head of state.

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6. Abbey Cat


This CATholic cat’s black and white fur coat matches her habit purrfectly.

7. A Purrfect Pirate


Look at those little arms! Costumes that give your cat an extra pair of arms are almost guaranteed to get some giggles.

8. Couples Costume – Pizza and Taco


It’s impressive enough that these two kitties go for walks side-by-side, but doing it in cute food-themed costumes? These felines are clearly on a mission to turn heads.

9. Supurreme Gangster


Reflective sunglasses and a hoodie are all you need to turn your cat’s sweetness into swagger.

10. Vax’ildan Cosplay


Nak’s Critical Role-inspired costume is stunning. Have you ever seen a cat look more powerful in costume?

11. Starship Enterprise Crewmember


“Captain’s Log, Stardate 3010.9. There are many questions in my mind, too many, perhaps, about the Human, and his so-called holiday festivities. For personal reasons, I’m almost afraid to learn the answers.”

12. Casting a Spell on You


In addition to being adorable, witch costumes are a nod to cats’ centuries-long association with witchcraft.

13. Bob Ross Cat


Let’s build a happy little costume and a happy little art studio so our cat can look just like Bob Ross.

14. Frankenstein’s Monster


Tarsus the Exotic Shorthair calls his Halloween identity “FrankenTarsus”.

15. Catfish


If a cat dresses up as a flounder, are they a catfish anyway?

16. The Purrfect Zombie


With this zombie disguise, the people at Cat Cosplay prove that even the cutest cats can rock a gory costume.

17. My Compliments to the Chef


This chef is ready to cook up some Halloween treats.

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18. Freddy Krueger


Freddy Krueger and cats aren’t as unlikely a combination as you might think. Wes Craven, creator of Freddy Kreuger, gives his cat partial credit for the character’s iconic bladed glove. Apparently, Craven was inspired by the sight of his cat scratching the side of his couch.

19. A Collector’s Item


This kitty is dressed up as a Beanie Baby for Halloween. A simple tag is a brilliantly lightweight way to dress up a cat who won’t accept a full-body costume.

20. No Chopsticks Required


Now that’s a sushi roll everyone will enjoy.

Humans Dressed Up as Cats

Now that we’ve checked out some of the best costumes for cats, let’s see what human cat impersonators are dreaming up. Here are a few fresh cat costume ideas from Instagram.

A Cat Halloween for the Entire Family


If you’re thinking about involving the whole family in the cat costume concept, take some inspiration from this group. Who will be the litter box in your family?

The Aristocats Mother & Daughter Costume


This pair dressed up as Eva Gabor and Marie of the Aristocats.

The Housekeepurr


This cat costume incorporates a maid dress instead of the classic solid black top.

Hard at Work


A big, squishy cat head gives this Halloween costume an eccentric feel.

Cat Nap


Lil Bub’s head and a shirt reading “nap” are all this Instagram user needed to spell out this message.

Don’t Forget a Ball of Yarn


This classic black cat costume has a fun twist—it includes a big, chunky ball of yarn.

Traditional with a Twist


This cat costume has certain classic features, like simple black pants, a sparely-painted cat face, and heavy eye makeup. It also demonstrates how you can add your personal style to a classic costume. This Instagrammer wore cheetah-print ears and a lacy top instead of the standard solid black.

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