Best Gifts for Cat Lovers : 70 Cat Inspired Gifts Just in Time For the Holidays

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This holiday season, give your cat-loving friends, family, and coworkers gifts that capture their personality and show how much you care.

Our curated list of the 70 best cat inspired gifts includes pawesome choices for the minimalist decorator, wine drinker, jewelry wearer, sock collector, young bookworm, and connoisseur of off-color humor.

And in case you’re shopping for a gift exchange with a value limit or just want to stick to a tight budget, we’ve included our top ten cat-inspired gifts under $10.

Food and Drink Gifts for Cat Lovers

Don’t worry—there’s a lot more to the world of food and drink gifts than mugs with cheesy cat quotes on them. Here are 10 gifts for the cat-loving gourmet in your life.

1. Plaisir de la Cave Sphinx Wine & Bottle Opener – 14K Gold Plated Corkscrew & Foil Cutter

This cat-shaped corkscrew and bottle opener is a fine choice for cat lovers who appreciate wine and elegant design. It’s available in black or white and features 14K gold plated accents.

2. Quirky Cat Tea Infuser Mug

This cat-shaped tea infuser mug is a teacup, infuser, and strainer in one.

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3. It’s Not Really Drinking Alone if the Cat is Home Wine Glass

For your friend who spends their evenings drinking wine alone…with their cat.

4. Cat Wine Bottle Holder

This playful black-and-white tuxedo lies on its back and holds a wine bottle in all four paws—definitely a conversation piece.

5. Cat Face Silicone Egg Mold

Here’s a silicone egg mold for the cat lover who wants to have fried eggs that look like a cat face.

6. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Cat Flask

This insulated thermos keeps hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and its cute kitty face warms the cat-loving heart.

7. Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

This wine bottle stopper is both functional and adorable. It looks like a curious kitty peering down into the wine bottle.

8. Everything’s Fine With Cats and Wine Glass and Stopper Set

This adorable set includes a quirky stemless wine glass and a cat-shaped wine bottle stopper.

9. Set of Cute Cat Coffee Mugs and Spoons

Sure, these mugs are cute, but the included cat spoons are what makes this set special. The kitty spoons are the purrfect tools for scooping a little sugar into your mug of coffee.

10. Waldbaur Katzenzungen – Chocolate Cat Tongues

For cat lovers who love sweet treats, here’s a box of creamy milk chocolates stretched into the shape of cat tongues or, in German, “Katzenzungen”.

Office Gifts for Cat Lovers

For those who can’t bring their cat to the office, these gifts add a dash of cat-inspired fun to days at the desk.

1. Cat-Shaped Sticky Note Dispenser

Know someone who relies on sticky notes to organize their thoughts and stay on track? This fun sticky note dispenser will add a little extra charm to their daily note-taking routine.

2. Cat Smartphone Stand

This little black cat is a functional desk figurine for those who need a decorative and adorable place to put their smartphone.

3. I Work Hard so My Cat Can Have Nice Things Mousepad

Ideal for the coworker who spends a generous portion of their paycheck on premium food and cat litter.

4. Cat Desk Organizer

Some say that a tidy desk equates to an uncluttered mind, so this desk organizer may be more than just a cute cat-themed gift—you could be giving the priceless gift of mental clarity.

5. Cat Flying Through Space Reaching for a Taco in Galaxy Mouse Pad

This bold mousepad features a combination of not just one, not just two, but three of the internet’s favorite things.

6. Cat Paperclip Holder

This holder keeps paperclips organized and adds a little charm to your giftee’s desk setup.

7. Cat Index Tabs

Who wants ordinary brightly-colored index tabs or, worse, folded corners throughout their books? These adorable kitty cat index tabs add a little cuteness to special pages.

8. Cat Gel Rollerball Pens

How cute are these pens? Customer reviews suggest that they’re not just adorable—these pens work surprisingly well.

9. Kitty Tape Dispenser

For those accustomed to scrounging through a drawer to find their humble disposable tape dispenser, this little plastic cat brings a welcome dose of efficiency and adorableness to a once-frustrating part of the daily routine.

10. Cat Business Card Holder

This metal business card holder adds a little feline-inspired design to the desk.

Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessory Gifts for Cat Lovers

Know a cat lover who prefers to wear their gifts? This is your inspiration destination.

1. Elegant Cat Face Pearl Earrings

These pearl earrings are perfect for the cat lover who appreciates delicate, classic jewelry design.

2. Hoodie with Cat Carrying Pouch and Cat Ears

Like a mother “cat”-garoo, the recipient of this hoodie will be able to carry their cat wherever they want while retaining full use of both arms. The ultimate cat lover’s garment!

3. Cat Cross Body Shoulder Bag

This crossbody bag is both classic and quirky—perfect for the cat lover with a refined sense of style.

4. A Matching Collar and Bracelet Set

Know someone who would love to coordinate with their cat? This matching collar and bracelet set includes a collar made from soft cotton with a beechwood bowtie, along with a simple cotton bracelet for the human.

5. Function – Galaxy Cat Surfing Burger Turtle Fashion Socks

Here are some crazy cat socks for the comedically-minded cat lover in your life.

6. Haflinger Cat Slippers

These aren’t your standard cheap cat slippers—Haflinger offers high-quality slippers made from boiled wool.

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7. Cat Umbrella

Like a cat, your cat-loving friend likely avoids getting wet at all costs. Help them stay safe from the rain with this fun cat umbrella.

8. Cat Ear Headbands for Face Washing and Makeup

The velvety fleece material of these headbands makes them perfect for pulling hair back for facial cleansing and applying cosmetics.

9. 14k Rose Gold and Diamond Cat Pendant Necklace

Understated yet striking, this stylized pendant is studded with sixty-five round diamonds and dangles from a hair-thin gold rope chain. A rose-gold collar and whiskers accent the cat’s diamond-studded shape.

10. Cute Kitty Socks

These over-the-knee socks are cute and distinctive for the stylish cat lover in your life. They look great with knee-high boots, rompers, skirts, and shorts.

Gifts for Young Cat Lovers – Cat Gifts for Kids

Shopping for a young cat lover? Here are 10 cat-inspired gifts for kids.

1. Deoot Crossbody Bag for Kids

This little kitty purse is just large enough to carry a few items and is available in black, green, pink, orange, red, and yellow colors.

2. Venhoo Kids Watches 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Children Toddler Wrist Watch

This little silicone watch has an analog face, so it’s both fun and educational for kids who are learning to read a clock.

3. Meow Libs

Meow Libs is a cat-themed spin on the classic game of Mad Libs. The book includes 21 silly stories about cats.

4. Cat Ear Headphones

These bold cat ear headphones have LED lights built into the ears—how fun!

5. Automatic Cat Stealing Coins Bank

This novel piggy bank features a kitten that pops out automatically to steal coins.

6. Relaximals Cat Kids Reading Pillow

This soft, snuggly reading pillow is the perfect size for kids aged 3-8 years.

7. Squishy Kitty Night Light

This soft silicone night light is a gently glowing blob of kitty cuteness.

8. Draw 50 Cats: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Cats

This book explains how to draw fifty different cats, including famous feline characters, big cats, and various breeds.

9. Cat Hat and Scarf for Kids

This combination of a kitty cat scarf and hat is purrfect for kids aged 2-8 years.

10. Brainwright Cat STAX Puzzle

This brainteaser game is designed to encourage logic and creativity. The 12 cat pieces must be put together in specific ways to solve each of the included 48 challenges.

Unique and Quirky Gifts for Cat Lovers

Custom-made, artisan-crafted, quirky, or unconventional, these gifts appeal to the cat lover with a love of all things creative and unusual.

1. PyroPet Cat Candle

A cat sculpture in wax. As the candle melts, it reveals a detailed metal skeleton hidden within.

2. The Crazy Cat Lady Hotel #6 Inspired Key Tag

Does the Crazy Cat Lady Hotel exist? Of course it does—chances are your quirky friend stays there every night. Give them a keychain that shows their personality.

3. Quirky Cats Shower Curtain

What’s quirkier than a quirky cat pattern shower curtain? This shower curtain is printed with whimsical cat heads and adds a little extra purrsonality to your cat lover’s bathroom.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service Cat Lamp

Studio Ghibli enthusiasts will appreciate this Kiki’s Delivery Service-inspired lamp.

5. Embossed Cat Pattern Rolling Pin

Know a quirky baker? They might appreciate this embossed rolling pin—it’ll make the perfect kitty cat pie crust.

6. Geometric LED Cat Lamp

Fans of minimalistic design will appreciate the lines of this fully-functional piece of art. The lamp is made by hand to order, so order well in advance.

7. Personalized Cat Initial Bracelet

This custom bracelet allows you to choose your recipient’s birthstone and initial (or their cat’s birthstone and initial).

8. Modern Animal Artwork 100% Hand-Painted Colorful Cat Oil Painting

This hand-painted piece of art has a splashy look—you’ll know if there’s someone in your life who will appreciate it.

9. Playful Cat Bookends

These sturdy bookends add style while supporting your recipient’s reading materials.

10. Cat Side, My Side Bedding

This duvet cover announces the appropriate delineation of sleep space for cat and human—and of course those zones are not proportional to body size.

Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers

Here are ten funny gifts for white elephant gift exchanges and cat lovers who appreciate a twist of humor.

1. Cat Butt Scratch ‘n Sniff Book

Don’t worry—none of these scratch ‘n sniff pages actually smell like a cat’s rear end.

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2. Crafting With Cat Hair – Cute Handicrafts to Make With Your Cat

This book is both a hilarious poke at your friend’s crazy cat lady or guy status and a useful guide to a very special craft.

3. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Call it strange or call it funny, this cat butt tissue holder is sure to make an impression.

4. Caution: Attack Cat on Board Bumper Sticker

This playful bumper sticker is perfect for the cat lover who’s always cruising around with their whiskered sidekick in the passenger seat.

5. Star Trek Cats

From Spock to Dr. McCoy, the entire Enterprise crew has been replaced by a charming cast of cats. This coffee table book is the perfect gift for the cat-loving Trekkie in your life.

6. Cat Butt Magnets

This little stocking stuffer consists of die-cut cat butt magnets representing five breeds, plus a bonus hairball magnet. So that your giftee can identify the rear ends they’ve received, the set comes with The Educational North American Cat Butts Field Guide.

7. Cooking for Two—Your Cat and You! Delicious Recipes for You and Your Favorite Feline

This gift might be intended as a joke, but your recipient may be surprised by how useful it will become down the road. One reviewer described the book as “simply purr-fection!”, adding that “I have made several meals for myself and my Maine Coon Toby.”

8. Crocheted Cat Butt Coasters

Know someone who likes kitschy-cute decor? They might get a laugh out of these cat butt coasters.

9. Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude

“It’s official. That thing that classic art has been missing is a chubby reclining kitty.”

—The Huffington Post

10. Texts from Mittens the Cat 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar

Mittens has an unlimited data plan and isn’t afraid to use it—you’ll be treated to a different comedic text exchange every day of 2023.

Gifts for Cat Lovers Under $10

Watching your budget? None of these gifts will cost you more than ten dollars.

1. Cat Keychain – $5.99

With its little collar, bell, and bright blue eyes, this cat figurine makes a darling accessory and is the purrfect way to keep your cat-loving recipient’s keys in place.

2. Cat Phone Case – $7.95

If gifted to the right person, a stylish and personality-packed phone case can be the perfect gift. Make sure that you know what type of phone your giftee owns and that they don’t already have a phone case, then give away!

3. Cat Ring Holder – $8.00

Small, delicate, shiny, and beautifully designed, this little cat figurine reaches its tail into the sky, always ready to keep rings safe and organized.

4. Cat In a Hat Sculpted Soap – $8.25

A sculpted soap bar is always an interesting option. This one is shaped like a cat wearing a top hat. It’s made with creamy shea butter for a luxurious clean.

5. Cute Cat Stickers – $5.99

Come on—everyone loves stickers, right? Well, not everyone loves stickers. But if you know someone who does, you might give them this set of brightly-colored kitty cat stickers. This one makes a nice stocking stuffer for fun-oriented kids of all ages.

6. Unicat Pop Socket – $9.99

Pop sockets are a great gift for people who like to prop up their phone, have a reputation for dropping their phone, or just want an easier way to hold their smartphone. This one is printed with a fun picture of a cat with a unicorn horn.

7. Cat Flash Drive – $9.59

As one reviewer said, this is “THE CUTEST FLASH DRIVE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.” Plus it has 16GB of storage. For under $10, that’s not a bad deal.

8. Beware of Cat Warning Sign – $9.95

Here’s a funny little way to warn guests that there’s a cat on the premises.

9. Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Grass Growing Kit – $9.99

While most of the gifts on this list are appropriate for cat lovers who have or don’t have a feline in their life, this cat grass growing kit is a treat for both human and cat.

10. Titanic Kittens Air Freshener – $6.49

For the cat lover who appreciates a comedic cinema reference and a fresh car, consider this “Titanic Kittens” dangling air freshener. It comes in 17 different scents, so you can choose a fragrance that suits your recipient.

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