Fromm Cat Food Review

Fromm cat food is made by the Fromm Family Foods Company, a fifth-generation family-owned and -operated artisanal pet food company. This company has been developing and producing premium-quality pet products for more than 100 years and they have become well-known in the pet industry as leaders in pet research and innovation as well. Fromm offers three different product lines for dog and cat food products, including both dry food and wet food options. Because Fromm owns and operates their own independent manufacturing facilities they have complete control over the quality and safety of their ingredient and their pet food products as a whole. Fromm promises their customers a commitment to producing high-quality, safe and consistent pet foods – they also offer a useful product selector guide on their website to help consumers find the product that is best for the individual needs of their cat or dog.

Who Manufactures Fromm Cat Food?

The Fromm cat food brand is produced and manufactured by Fromm Family Foods, LLC. The Fromm dog food company was founded in 1904 by the four Fromm brothers and it remains a family-owned and -operated company to this day. Fromm built their first manufacturing plant in 1925 and began producing animal feed – they have also been active in the field of pet health and wellness. In fact, the Fromm family is responsible for developing the first canine distemper vaccine which was released in 1939 and the first bag of Fromm Complete Dog Meal was sold in 1949. Today, Fromm Family Foods, LLC continues to be a leader in the field of pet research and innovation, plus they are one of the first producers of premium-quality pet foods. Fromm also developed the cooking process that is still used for commercial dry pet food products to this day.

Fromm Cat Food Recalls 2023

The Fromm company produces and manufactures all of their pet food products in their own U.S.-based manufacturing facilities which gives them greater control over the quality and safety of their products. As careful as Fromm is about sourcing their ingredients and preparing their products, they have been affected by one product recall. In March 2016, the Fromm Family Foods Company recalled three of its Fromm Gold canned dog food products due to inadequate levels of Vitamin D. The recipes affected by this recall are as follows:

  • Fromm Gold Chicken Pate (12 oz.) Canned Dog Food
  • Fromm Gold Chicken & Duck (12 oz.) Canned Dog Food
  • Fromm Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate (12 oz.) Canned Dog Food

To this date, this is the only recall known to have affected Fromm Family Foods. There have been no recalls affecting Fromm’s cat food products.

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Overall Fromm Cat Food Review

The Fromm brand of cat food is an artisanal pet food company that has been family-owned and -operated for five generations. Not only did Fromm develop one of the first commercial dog foods but the company has become well-known in the pet industry for its research and innovation as well. When it comes to Fromm Family pet food products, quality and safety is of the utmost importance. All Fromm foods are produced in U.S.-based facilities and made with the highest quality ingredients available. Another factor that sets Fromm apart from other pet food manufacturers is the fact that they use unique protein and carbohydrate sources, making many of their recipes ideal for cats with food allergies or sensitivities. It is also important to note that each of Fromm’s pet foods is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

When it comes to pet food products, Fromm offers three different product lines. The Classic line of family recipes includes two formulas which are designed for dogs only – Adult dog food and Mature adult dog food. The other two lines of Fromm products, Gold and Four-Star, both offer recipes for cats. The Fromm Gold line of cat food products follows a holistic approach to complete and balanced nutrition for cats. These formulas are prepared in small batches using fresh ingredients that are delivered to the Fromm manufacturing facilities daily. Fromm Gold cat food formulas feature quality proteins like duck, chicken, and liver as well as whole eggs and Wisconsin cheddar. There are three different dry food products in this line – Kitten Gold, Adult Gold, and Mature Gold.

The Fromm Four-Star line of products is designed to be used in a rotational diet for cats. A rotational diet is one in which you feed your cat an assortment of different recipes, waiting at least four days before feeding the same recipe. This method of feeding is very helpful in controlling food allergies in cats because it prevents the cat from developing an allergy to a new food. The recipes included in the Four-Star line of products are all designed to complement one another and they too are made with fresh ingredients delivered daily. These recipes offer the highest inclusion levels of fish, meat, fresh fruits, and fresh veggies of any of Fromm’s products.

When it comes to the Fromm Four-Star line of products, there are eight different dry food recipes and four wet food options. The dry food formulas offer high levels of quality protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables in recipes featuring meats like salmon, duck, game bird, and chicken. For carbohydrates, these recipes rely on gluten-free and grain-free options like chickpeas, white rice, sweet potatoes and potatoes. Some recipes do use gluten-containing grains like barley but there are plenty of grain-free options. The four wet food recipes are Chicken & Salmon Pate; Chicken, Duck, & Salmon Pate; Chicken & Duck Pate; and Salmon & Tuna Pate. These canned food offerings are designed for use as a meal in and of themselves or they can be a complement to a Four-Star dry food recipe.

Individual Recipe Review (Dry) Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe

This Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe is described as “a grain-free entrée of duck, turkey, quail, pheasant, and real Wisconsin cheese with an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables”. A quick glimpse of the ingredients list for this recipe reveals that all of these proteins are, in fact, included and many of them appear close to the beginning of the ingredients list. As one of Fromm’s Four-Star recipes, this formula is designed to be used as part of a rotational diet for cats, though it is complete and balanced which means that you can use it as a staple diet if you choose to do so. This recipe offers high levels of animal protein and healthy fats with low levels of crude fiber – these are the ideal markers for a high-quality commercial cat food product.

The first ingredient in this Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe is duck which is a high-quality source of animal protein. It is important to note, however, that fresh meats like duck contain up to 80% moisture by volume. Once the total product is cooked, the moisture level is reduced to 10% which means that the volume of this ingredient is likely to be much lower after cooking than before. This is not a problem for this recipe because duck meal is the second ingredient. Duck meal has already been cooked down to a moisture level around 10%, making it a much more highly concentrated source of animal protein than fresh meat. The fact that both of these ingredients top the list speaks to the high protein content of this cat food recipe – this is confirmed by the guaranteed analysis.

The third ingredient on the list is pea protein which is generally used as a supplementary source of protein in pet foods. It is a little strange to see this ingredient here because there are so many other sources of animal-based proteins listed. Plant-based proteins are less biologically valuable for cats than animal-based proteins and it leads the consumer to wonder whether this ingredient is included to increase the protein content of the product without adding more meat. According to the Fromm website, however, pea protein is included for its high levels of L-arginine, an essential amino acid – it is also listed as a hypoallergenic source of protein for cats.

Within the next five ingredients there are three more sources of protein listed – turkey, dried whole egg and chicken meal – as well as peas and pea flour. Peas are included as a source of insoluble fiber and for their vitamins content – they also provide some plant protein. Pea flour is used as an additional source of protein and carbohydrates as well as antioxidants without causing allergies or intolerances related to grain-based flours. The dried tomato pomace is another source of fiber and it can help to reduce hairballs in indoor cats. Potatoes are a supplementary source of gluten-free, grain-free carbohydrates as well as a beneficial source of flavonoids.

When it comes to dietary fat, this Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe relies on salmon oil, chicken fat, and flaxseed. While chicken fat may not sound like an appetizing ingredient to you, it is actually a valuable addition to cat foods because it is loaded with essential fatty acids and animal-based fats are more biologically valuable than plant-based fats. The salmon oil provides plenty of omega fatty acids which are balanced out with the omega fatty acids in the flaxseed. Flaxseed also provides both soluble and insoluble fiber for cats. Other ingredients worth noting include turkey liver, quail, chicken, pheasant, cheese, and an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies.

In terms of supplementation, this Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe includes the fruits and vegetables already mentioned as natural sources of key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You will also note, however, that vitamins, minerals, and probiotics are at the bottom of the ingredients list. According to the Fromm website, the vitamins used in their products are carefully selected and biologically valuable for cats. The mineral mix used in Fromm cat food products includes a number of chelated minerals – these are minerals that have been chemically bound to protein molecules which makes them easier for your cat’s body to digest and absorb. For probiotics, Fromm cat food products include four strains of beneficial microorganisms designed to promote healthy digestion.

Overall, this Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 35%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 18%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 3.5%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Calorie Content – 447 kcal/cup

This formula meets the AAFCO nutritional requirements for cats in all life stages. According to the feeding recommendations on the Fromm website, adult cats weighing 10 to 12 pounds should be fed ½ to 5/8 cups of this food daily. It is important to note that this food contains 447 calories per cup which is a little more than the average kibble – this is likely due to the high fat content of this recipe. Given these facts, you should be careful about following the feeding recommendations for several weeks while keeping a close eye on your cat’s weight and condition. If your cat gains too much weight you should scale back on his daily portion – if he loses weight or becomes lethargic, you may need to increase his portion a little bit. You should also keep in mind that kittens may require two to four times the recommended feeding amount and spayed or neutered cats may require up to 25% less food. Consult your veterinarian if you have concerns about how much to feed your cat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe seems to provide plenty of high-quality nutrition for adult cats. Compared to many commercial dry food recipes, this formula is rich in protein and fat with low carbohydrate content – all of these things are very good for a commercial cat food product. It is also highly beneficial that there are two protein sources at the beginning of the ingredients list (one fresh and one meat meal) with six additional sources of supplementary animal protein scattered throughout. In terms of healthy fats, this recipe includes both salmon oil and chicken fat for animal-based fats as well as flaxseed to help balance out the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid ratio. This recipe is naturally gluten-free and grain-free, made with peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes as the primary sources of carbohydrate with fresh fruits and veggies for nutritional balance. Probiotics are also included and all of Fromm’s recipes include their proprietary mineral mix which includes several chelated minerals. All in all, this Fromm Four-Star Game Bird Recipe would make a valuable addition to your cat’s rotational diet.

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