Best Duck Cat Food 

When your cat is a duck lover, you’ll need to find them the best duck cat food to satisfy their cravings. Not all duck cat foods are created equal, however, and many may contain harmful additives like grains and bad chemicals.

Before choosing a duck cat food, you want to make sure to do your research – which we’ve done for you here! – to ensure that you are not only feeding your cat something they love but something that is healthy and safe, as well.

In this article, we’ll review the top 7 best duck cat foods so that you’ll know which will lead to a happy and healthy feline and which will leave your kitty with a catty attitude. We’ve also answered some important questions that you might have about duck cat food before you make your choice!

Top 7 Best Duck Cat Food

Check out our favorite cat food with duck as a featured ingredient:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness’ Duck Cat Food offering is high in protein, grain-free, and great for cats who enjoy the fatty flavor of a real duck. Overall, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe is our pick for the best duck cat food.

Unlike other cat foods, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food has an abundance of fiber, plenty of probiotics, and a sufficient balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and essential minerals.

The presence of probiotics can be either a plus or a minus for your cat, however. While most cats will tolerate probiotics, there are some cats with sensitive stomachs or disturbed gut microbiomes who may find the presence of probiotics uncomfortable.

Cat stomach discomfort associated with consuming probiotics will likely reside in a few weeks, but you shouldn’t be too surprised if your sensitive-stomach cat is uninterested in consuming this cat food if it makes them feel icky the first few times.

Life Source Bits Nutritional Facts

One particular ingredient in this cat food is the Life Source Bits. The Life Source Bits are tiny pellets of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that cats need to flourish.

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Specifically, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness recipe has plenty of taurine, which helps felines to maintain a healthy heart, keen eyes, and strong bones.

Nutro Max Adult Cat Food With Savory Duck Chunks in Sauce

Like all wet cat food, Nutro Max’ Savory Duck Chunks can is remarkably smelly and packed with the oily chunks of bulk duck protein that your cat craves.

The Nutro Max can also is extremely versatile because of its nutrient-complete vitamin profile. If you want, you can feed your cat a tin of this cat food without worrying that they’re becoming deficient in an obscure nutrient.

Or, if you prefer to supplement the creamy and saucy duck chunks with dried food, which may not be nutrient complete, you can do that too.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Nutritional Facts

The omega-3 fatty acids included in the Nutro Max tin are among the most versatile benefactors of your cat’s health. When your cat consumes omega-3 fatty acids, their coat becomes more lustrous.

Likewise, omega-3s help your cat’s brain to function better. You’ll notice your cat’s levels of anxiety dropping rapidly.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea and Duck Formula Dry Cat Food

For cats with especially sensitive dietary needs, the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient product with duck can be a great way to give your cat the flavors it loves without irritating its stomach.

Complete with duck kibble, green peas, and a handful of vitamins and minerals, this cat food is delectable and safe for your cat.

The limited number of ingredients in this cat food ensures that it’ll be difficult for your cat to have an upset stomach after lunch, but it might make it more difficult to appease picky eaters who want a specific profile of flavor diversity.

Green Pea Nutritional Facts

Green peas are a favorable source of carbohydrates for your cat because they’re easy to digest and have a savory flavor that will appeal to poultry lovers.

Green peas also have essential nutrients like magnesium, which helps your cat to maintain its bone density as well as a stable mood.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Duck Canned Cat Food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pate Duck cat food is a delicious predator-inspired wet food that will delight your feline’s palate. Because the cat food is formulated as a pate, your cat will relish the texture of real meat while still getting the fiber that they need in their diet.

For active cats who need food with high energy density, this duck pate is a great choice. For older cats who may gain weight when they run a calorie balance from day to day, however, this cat food is probably going to cause them to become a fat feline.

If there are humans in your household who have sensitive noses, this cat food may also pose a problem. While wet cat foods are traditionally quite smelly, this cat food takes the cake in a way that may make experienced cat caretakers gag.

You can cut down on the smell of the pate by lighting a candle, but it might be better to find another option for your own sanity.

Niacin Nutritional Facts

This pate for cats is packed with niacin, an essential B vitamin. When your cat has a diet rich in niacin, they’ll have the energy they need to pursue rodents around the home or yard. Likewise, cats with sufficient niacin intake will age more gracefully and avoid dangerous malnutrition.

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American Journey Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

American Journey’s Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food has fatty bits of deboned duck as well as small chunks of fruits and vegetables, which are sure to keep your cat’s digestive tract in peak condition.

While the fruits and vegetables included in this cat food won’t match the palate of cats who prefer savory flavors to sweet flavors, it will definitely appeal to cats who enjoy eating a mixture of different flavors and textures in their kibble.

Calcium Nutritional Facts

Thanks to the high calcium content in this cat food, your cat will have healthy bones and responsive muscles that it deserves. When your cat has enough calcium in its diet, it can continually restructure its bone tissue to be robust and efficient.

On the other hand, without enough calcium, your cat can’t make its muscles relax after contracting, so maintaining a high amount of calcium in your cat’s diet by using this food will ensure that they can move around without suffering from cramps.

Hill’s Prescription Diet d/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Duck Formula

While this can of Hill’s cat food may not actually require a prescription to feed to your cat, you’ll find that it has a powerful blend of nutrients that can help your cat to address problems with their skin, coat, and intestines.

For cats with difficulty digesting carbohydrate food sources, the Hill’s can is especially useful because it only has a single carbohydrate ingredient, meaning that it will be easier to avoid potential triggers.

If your cat loves complex blends of flavors, this cat food will probably taste a bit boring to them even though it contains the duck that they crave. If your cat is satisfied with a few primary flavors which they have an endless appetite for, they won’t have any problems.

Soybean Oil Nutritional Facts

Soybean-based products get a bad rap within the pet food market because soybeans are viewed as secondary sources of fat and carbohydrates. However, soybean oil is an excellent addition to this cat food because it provides a source of calories, which are stomach-safe.

This means that cats who normally struggle when eating fatty foods will have an easier time digesting Hill’s cat food than they might with other cat foods.

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Classic Duck Grain-Free Entree Canned Cat Food

While Purina may not be the most reputable name in the cat food market, their offerings for cats with sensitive skin and an affinity for duck is a high-quality investment in your cat’s coat. When your cat eats this cat food, their skin will have the nutrients that it needs to make additional keratin, which will help to fortify their outer layer of skin cells.

This cat food also has the benefit of two separate duck ingredients: duck liver and bulk duck meat. In other words, it has multiple ways of generating the perfect duck flavor for your cat.

For cats who are sticklers for flavor-packed cat foods, the Purina food is difficult to beat. On the other hand, cats that dislike a plurality of different flavors will probably not be comfortable eating this food thanks to its inclusion of ingredients like whitefish meal.

Duck Liver Nutritional Facts

Purina’s wet cat food offering features duck liver as its centerpiece ingredient. Duck liver is rich in A and B vitamins as well as trace minerals like manganese. Furthermore, it also imparts a delicious meaty duck flavor to the rest of the food. Cats love duck liver because of how savory its flavor is.

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Duck liver isn’t always the best for your cat to have in high volumes, however. In fact, if your cat ate a diet of only duck livers, they might suffer from vitamin A toxicity. This isn’t a problem for healthy cats, but if your cat has impaired kidney function, you may want to be careful with this food.

Best Duck Cat Food FAQ

Now that you’re up to speed regarding the top 7 best duck cat foods on the market, it’s time to answer your questions about duck cat food so that you’ll know how to pick the option that’s best for your kitty.

Is it safe to feed my cat only duck-sourced foods?

Yes, it is safe for your cat to eat a diet that is comprised entirely of duck-sourced foods, so long as these foods have the necessary vitamins and nutrients that your cat needs added in after manufacturing.

Duck protein is amino-complete, but that doesn’t mean your cat can subsist on something like duck breast meat alone. When feeding your cat with duck-sourced foods, you will need to ensure that your cat is getting enough fiber and enough carbohydrates to remain healthy.

Likewise, taurine is an ever-present concern with animal-sourced dried foods, as manufacturing processes can easily destroy the fragile taurine molecules and deny their nutritional benefit to your cat.

What’s the problem with duck-liver-only cat food formulations?

Cats love duck livers because of their rich and savory flavor. Duck livers are healthy for your cat in moderation thanks to their rich collection of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B, manganese, iron, copper, and sodium.

Cats, like humans, can only tolerate so much of certain vitamins and minerals, however. When consumed in excess, beneficial minerals like copper can become poisonous to your cat’s liver and kidneys. Thankfully, most of the time, you don’t need to worry about minerals like copper, causing a problem for your cat.

Likewise, an excess of vitamin A can cause kidney and urinary toxicity, especially in older cats. If your cat has been eating duck-based food their entire life, they’re probably going to be fine when they eat duck livers in their old age.

For cats that have impaired renal function and who may not be used to the high levels of vitamin A in duck liver, however, feeding them canned foods dense in duck liver can be a recipe for disaster or discomfort.

Is the fat content in duck-based cat foods a problem for my cat?

Your cat needs to get its daily allowance of calories from a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Most of the time, your cat will be the healthiest when they have a diet that has more protein and fats than carbohydrates.

Similarly, proteins should usually be a larger portion of your cat’s caloric intake than fats. As a protein source, duck matter is higher in fats than others like beef or chicken. This means that while it still has more protein than fats, cats who are sensitive eaters may notice the difference.

In general, the fat content of duck-based cat foods shouldn’t be a problem for young and healthy cats. Keep in mind that as cats age, their preference for the macronutrient mixtures in their diet may shift substantially.

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