Almo Nature Cat Food Review

Pier Giovanni Capellino credits his pets with inspiring Almo Nature.

Almo Nature founder Pier Giovanni Capellino describes his dog’s involvement in the company’s creation: “…he is the one who first inspired our philosophy, and then the products, with his attitude and gestures. He was the mind… I just gave his ideas a voice.”

Capellino founded the company in 2000 in Genoa, Italy, where Almo Nature is still based today.

Inspired by the founder’s connection to animals, Almo Nature’s slogan is “Owned by the Animals”. It’s described as a natural pet food formulated from cats’ and dogs’ point of view. Their focus is on providing minimalist foods made from high quality ingredients. In addition to dog and cat food, the company sells natural cat litter made from vegetable fibers.

They also contribute to multiple charities geared towards protecting animals, nature, and biodiversity.

  • Almo Nature is involved in A Pet is for Life, an initiative that aims to encourage responsible pet ownership and discourage pet abandonment. They support this project by giving a million meals to Italian and French pets in crisis each year. Almo Nature partners with animal shelters to provide a free month of food whenever someone adopts a pet.
  • The company works with an initiative called Farmers and Predators, which focuses on non-violently healing the relationship between farmers and predators, specifically wolves.
  • Almo Nature’s third charity project is Dog Blood Donor, a database of blood-donating dogs.

What types of cat food does Almo Nature offer?

Almo Nature sells moisture-rich meals made from straightforward recipes without fillers or byproducts.

It’s important to recognize that most of Almo Nature’s meals for cats aren’t nutritionally complete.

The company promotes rotational diets that provide a diverse range of natural protein sources. Instead of offering single products that you can feed your cat for every meal, these foods work as part of a varied nutritional system.

Excluding the products in their Complete and La Cucina lines, Almo Nature food is only for supplemental feeding.

Almo Nature cat food is made with 100% HQS (human quality sourced) ingredients, meaning that they were originally intended for human consumption. Because the food is not manufactured in a human food production facility, it’s not classified as human-grade.

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The company’s cat and dog foods are manufactured in Uruguay, Thailand, the United Kingdom, France, and Austria.

HQS Natural

It’s important to note that the meals in this line are not nutritionally complete; they’re made from meat cooked in water and little else. Almo Nature recommends that you feed them as part of a rotational diet, offering multiple protein sources and supplementing with their Complete food and dry kibble.

  • Chicken Drumstick in Broth
  • Chicken with Pumpkin in Broth
  • Chicken Breast in Broth
  • Salmon and Chicken in Broth
  • Tuna and Whitebait Smelt in Broth
  • Tuna with Cheese in Broth
  • Tuna in Broth Atlantic Style
  • Tuna with Shrimp in Broth
  • Tuna and Chicken in Broth
  • Trout and Tuna in Broth
  • Chicken and Shrimp in Broth
  • Chicken with Cheese in Broth
  • Mackerel in Broth
  • Tuna in Broth Pacific Style
  • Tuna with Corn in Broth
  • Tuna with Clams in Broth
  • Ocean Fish in Broth
  • Chicken and Liver in Broth

HQS Complete

The Complete line presents a selection of nutritionally complete and balanced meals, and each recipe is 60% meat or fish.

  • Chicken Recipe with Carrots in Gravy
  • Chicken Recipe with Cheese in Gravy
  • Chicken Recipe with Green Beans in Gravy
  • Tuna Recipe with Pumpkin in Gravy
  • Salmon Recipe with Apple in Gravy
  • Mackerel Recipe with Sweet Potatoes in Gravy

HQS Green

The two meals in this line are simply chicken meat that was steam-cooked in the same pouch you buy it in. These products are not nutritionally complete, so Almo Nature recommends that you serve them in rotation with their Complete line and dry food.

  • Chicken Breast
  • Chicken Drumstick

HQS La Cucina

Each pouch contains 55% meat or fish, shredded and preserved in its own cooking broth. Unlike the Green line of pouched cat food, La Cucina meals contain added vitamins and minerals, making them a nutritionally complete choice.

  • Chicken Dinner with Pineapple in Gravy
  • Chicken Dinner with Whitefish in Gravy
  • Tuna Dinner with Papaya in Gravy
  • Chicken Dinner with Apples in Jelly
  • Tuna Dinner with Lobster in Jelly
  • Tuna Dinner with Sole in Jelly

HQS Daily

These meals are built around red tuna meat, shredded and served in its own broth. This isn’t a nutritionally complete food and should be served as part of a rotational diet.

  • Tuna
  • Tuna with Shrimp
  • Tuna with Chicken
  • Tuna with Salmon
  • Tuna with Mackerel

Has Almo Nature ever been recalled?

At this time, Almo Nature has no recalls on record.

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Where can you buy Almo Nature cat food?

This Italian company has subsidiaries throughout Europe and in the United States, Canada, and China. It’s available in 38 other countries through exclusive distributors.

Almo Nature is also available online through Chewy and Amazon.

Click here to find a retailer near you.

What do customers think of Almo Nature cat food?

Let’s see what real customers say about one of the brand’s most popular recipes – Natural Chicken Breast in Broth. On Chewy, this recipe has earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on 63 reviews. 89% of these reviewers say they’d recommend the product.


“My cats are very picky with wet food, i struggle to get them to eat it. They have free access to Dr. Elsey’s dry food, and i feed wet twice a day. This is not a complete food so i only feed it a few times a week, but they all enjoy it, one of the few foods they will lick the bowl clean, and i think its a good addition to a healthy dry food. smells and looks like fresh chicken breast.” – duckpond

“I was searching for a shredded meat in broth type food to replace another brand which had been reformulated and had began causing digestive issues with my youngest cat. After trying several different products, I found Almo and it has been exactly what I was looking for. I use the meat as a topper on other canned food to increase protein and encourage healthy chewing for my two ragdolls, and use some of the broth to mix in with my 17 year old’s renal support food to increase it’s appeal for her. No digestive issues, fair price, variety of flavors, three happy cats. If you choose this product, be aware that it is not recommended as an only source of food as it is NOT nutritionally complete.” – KarenP


“My cat laps up the sauce and walks away. He will not eat the chicken. Not even one bite! Then he meows at me to give him something else. The can contains a teaspoon or two of clear broth or sauce. The chicken is shredded, and the pieces are dry and tough. This food contains no vitamins and no minerals. It says on the can, “This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.” If this is the only thing you feed your cat, they will get sick, because this is not a nutritionally complete food.

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The box said “Product of Thailand, distributed by Almo Nature.” This is made in Thailand. Even if your cat likes this food and eats it, they are not getting the nourishment that they need by eating this. If your cat mostly enjoys pate style or finely ground up food, they will not eat this.


Now my cat won’t even drink the sauce. He just sniffs this food and walks away. It is always best to get a single can at a pet store before buying a case on here to see if your cat will like it. But I could not find this cat food anywhere, so I took a chance on it.” – Happy Cat Street

“I purchased this under the pretense that this was a balanced meal for cats. Upon receiving, this was not the case, which was a bit disappointing. However, my cats all LOVE it, I serve it as an “appetizer” or a topper on other wet foods to make them more enticing. They go absolutely wild over this stuff! And the ingredient list (or lack thereof) keeps mama happy!” – Laura

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Almo Nature 100% Natural Chicken Cat Food Review

Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Water Sufficient for Cooking

The name of this formula describes what’s inside the can: natural chicken cooked in water. Compared to heavily-processed foods made with rendered meals and byproducts, this lightly processed meal contains a healthy concentration of the natural vitamins and minerals found in meat.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives.

Like all Almo Nature chicken and fish recipes, this formula is manufactured in Thailand. It’s important here to address concerns about pet food manufactured in Thailand. There’s a pervasive notion among pet parents that food manufactured in Thailand is inferior to that made in the United States.

In reality, Thailand has some of the highest pet food production standards in the world. Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development enforces equally strict processing regulations for both human and pet food.

With an economy dependent on defending the country’s status as the “Kitchen of the World”, Thailand knows how important it is to maintain a shining reputation for food safety.

Cats are obligate carnivores who can live on raw meat, organs, and bone, but they can’t subsist on cooked meat alone. Because this food is made from nothing but chicken breast and water, it’s important to use it only as a supplement to your cat’s normal diet. It also makes a good food topper that may encourage your cat to eat.

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