Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Is your cat becoming rounder? Obesity in cats is becoming quite common, which may trigger all sorts of health issues for your feline friends. Overweight cats tend to have a shorter lifespan. They tend to become less playful and energetic. You must address this weighty issue to keep your feline friend healthy. Unlike dogs, you can’t take your cat for walks! Then what is the way out to help cat lose weight and stay fit?

How To Help Cat Lose Weight

Do you know even an increase in your cat’s weight by 0.5-1 kg can cause health problems, from type 2 diabetes to kidney disease? Perhaps you do not want your kitty to go on dieting for weight loss. A hungry cat can be quite bothersome. Get your cat checked by your vet.

Though you may be tempted to switch your cat’s diet without consulting the vet, it is always better to consult the vet before starting on any dietary regimen for your kitty and putting her on a cat weight loss plan. Make sure you understand what foods to avoid when feeding your cat.

Count Calories: What’s in the Numbers?

You need to work out how many calories your tabby needs on a daily basis. Simply multiply his weight by 30. Add 70 to the figure you will get after multiplication of the kitty’s weight with 30. Then multiply the figure by 0.8. You will get the daily recommended calorie intake for your tabby.

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If your kitty eats less than this amount, then she is more likely to lose weight. So it is a good idea to reduce the amount of calories by 15% to help your feline friend lose weight slowly yet steadily.

Contrarily, eating more than this amount will result in weight gain.

Another idea to get your kitty do some workout is by putting her dry food in a treat ball. This will not only help her work out for food but also slow down her eating speed.

Control Fat Intake to Reduce Obesity in Cats

A low-cost pet food is more likely to have more fat for palatability, which can make your cat gain weight. Additionally, it may not contain the right amount of nutrients. High-quality cat food is one that has good quality nutrients and proteins that are readily digested.

Quality Meals Matter for Overweight Cats

Take your cat to the vet to know what cat food is the right choice. It’s the quality of cat food that matters than the quantity. Higher-quality cat food contains better protein, and nutrients that are more readily digested. Feed your furry feline specifically formulated dry food for weight loss. These foods are enriched with nutrients that your kitty needs to stay healthy, though the amount of calories and fat is limited.

Quantity of Food is Important to Control Obesity in Fat Cats

Just like in humans, cats, too, should be on smaller yet frequent meals. Measure food and cut portion size. Divide food into smaller meals. Use a measuring cup to cut down on the risk of overfeeding.

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Target Slow, Steady Weight Loss for Obese Cats

While eyeing feline weight loss, remember that it should not occur at greater than 1-2% of her overall weight. An overweight cat is at a high risk of fatty liver disease, which is a condition in which there is fat tissue accumulation in the liver. The condition can be reversed when detected early. So, help cat lose weight as a priority.

Make her Workout To Help Cat Lose Weight

One of the best ways to help cat lose weight is to let her ‘hunt’ her food hidden in toys. Scatter dry food on the floor to make her work out for her meals. However, it is a good idea to reduce the intake of dry food for cats, because this is where the calories are. Additionally, the calorie dense dehydrated food has less than 5% water. If your kitty is a dry food lover, choose those rich in fiber and protein. Add some meat and water to increase protein and water intake.

Or you may prefer to choose canned food for cats, which is usually 80% water.

Cat Weight Loss Plan: Play Play Play

Playful activity is a way to lose weight not only for humans, but also for cats. It is a good idea to play with your furry friend for at least 10 minutes every day to help her lose weight. A fishing-line toy or even a laser pointer can come in handy to encourage your tabby to stay playful.

An automatic feeder is the right choice for a cat that constantly asks for food. This is one way to help a cat lose weight by spreading meals throughout the day and giving him affection when she seeks food.

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A pure meat diet is not part of a balanced diet on its own. But it is a handy addition to your cat food and is equally great for her teeth.

Remember, a healthy weight for cats is around:

  • 9–12 pounds for Males
  • 7–10 pounds for Females

A kitty is considered obese if she weighs 20% more than the normal weight for cats. Get your cat’s weight checked and determine her ideal weight with the help of the vet, ideal calorie intake, quantity, and quality of cat food, and transition her slowly into her new diet plan.

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