Signs Your Cat Loves You

What are the signs your cat loves you? Unlike dogs, cats do not really like to smother their owners with their love. Cats love their owners, but they won’t lick their faces to death or jump in happiness when they arrive home.

Your Cat Loves You If You Have Cat Hair Everywhere

Cats love to mark what they “own”. While you aren’t technically anybody’s property, it is cats’ way of letting the world know he loves you and you belong to him. Being covered in cat hair may not be an ideal look for you, but hey, just think of it as a reminder of your cat’s love.

Your Cat Loves You If He Stalks You

Does your cat follow you everywhere –even in the bathroom? When your cat stalks you, it means he loves spending time with you. He may have even tried to walk and come with you as you leave for work and he’ll pop out on your doorstep as soon as you come home.

Your Cat Loves You If He Sleeps With You

Cats can sleep anywhere they like, but if yours choose to sleep with you, then it means he loves you, and he would rather sleep with you than nestle in a box. If your cat sleeps on top you, or kneads on you while you sleep, it means he’s feeling warm and contented when he’s with you.

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Your Cat Loves You If He Tries To Cheer You Up When You Are Feeling Bad

Studies have shown that cats can read their humans’ facial expressions. So, if you had a bad day, do not be surprised if your cat tries to cheer you up by coming to our side to rub himself on you and cheer you up.

Your Cat Loves You If He Gets Back To You After Meal Time

So, your cat keeps meowing on you when he’s hungry, but have you noticed your cat get really sweet right after his meal? Sometimes cats nuzzle on their owners, rub themselves on their owners’ legs, and even knead on them to show their gratitude.

So, do you think your cat loves you?

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