Are Your Cat’s Paws Clean?

Ever wondered how dirty your cat’s paws are? You love your cat, but grooming is a crucial part of all that love and care, isn’t it? Keeping those tiny paws clean is quite important. Every day, your playful feline friend goes to the litter box and walk into it or she may enter a puddle of mud. From there, she may jump straight into your cozy lap or kitchen counters or onto the dining room table. How can you be sure that she has cleaned her paws after using the litter box or jumping into the muddy waters? Perhaps it is hard to tell.

Clean Paws, Stronger Bond

Although cats are naturally particular about grooming, you need to step in most of the times to help keep bacterial away while ensuring utmost hygiene for your furry friend and family.

Cleaning cat’s paws is a crucial part of the grooming process and ensuring a healthier, happier feline family member. Your kitty needs her paws clean and healthy so she can do all that she loves doing. This includes scratching, jumping, and climbing.

Cat Grooming Tip: Massage Your Cat’s Paws

Cat paw care is critical to your kitty’s health and hygiene. Start cat paw care early, examining pads and toes. This will help her become used to paw care and develop a routine that is safe for both of you. Not only this, it will strengthen the bond between you both.

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Make your kitty feel comfortable with your hand touching her paws. Paws are a sensitive area for cats, and they may not appreciate anybody touching them at first. She may try to object. But since cat paw cleaning is an essential part of her grooming routine, try to make her feel comfortable, holding her paw gently while scratching behind her ear. You may even want to give her a treat to make her more comfortable with the session.

Gently massaging her paws will make her feel comfortable and relaxed.You may want to pick that time for massage when she will be the most relaxed. Usually cats feel relaxed after a yummy meal. The best approach to starting the therapy is to position her in your lap. She will love her massage session even more while she enjoys being in your comfortable lap.

Trim Nails for Cleaning Cat’s Paws

Wondering how clean are cat’s paws? Well, a look at your furry friend’s nails can give you an idea in this regard.

Trim your kitty’s nails once every 2 weeks. If she is comfortable with you touching her paws, nail trimming should be easy.

But if she is hesitant, a cat restraint bag is what you need to avoid your feline from attacking, scratching, or biting.

It is a good idea to start with massaging her paws before trimming. You may still not be able to trim all of her nails in one go. But that’s okay. The idea is to get her used to the trimming session, including the sound of clippers, and things should get easier thereafter.

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It may help to give her a treat after the session.

She may not needing nail trimming if she frequently uses a scratching post, as it will help keep her nails naturally trimmed or worn down.

Wipe Cleaning Cat Paws

Use a damp cloth for wiping clean the cat’s paws at least once a day. Use tweezers to gently remove debris and foreign objects from the pads and toes. Wash the paw thoroughly and use an antiseptic to ward off infection. Be careful while cleaning paws, as you don’t want to hurt your tabby in any way.

While the cat paw cleaning routine will prevent your feline from ingesting dirt and debris, it will also help maintain hygiene in your abode, keeping your furniture, kitchen counters, dining table, and floors free from dirty paw prints.

While examining cat’s paws, look out for any injuries, cuts, scratches, or even torn nails. Are there any signs of torn or ingrown nails? Are there any injuries or deep cuts that require a trip to the vet? If so, do not delay and take your feline to the vet immediately.

Moisturizing, Cleaning Cat’s Paws

Just like in humans, cats too can become victims of chilling winters, when their pads become dry, and need a moisturizer to prevent cuts and scratches from dryness. Ask your vet to recommend a feline-friendly moisturizing product that can offer full protection to your kitty’s paws during winters and summers, preventing them from injury, scratches, or rupturing.

Hair Trimming is a Way to Keep Cat’s Paws Clean

Can you see long hair in between your cat’s toes? If so, this could become bothersome for her. Long hair could compromise with your cat’s normal walking ability. A small pair of scissors is all you need to trim the hair short.

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It’s a good idea to learn how to keep your cat’s paws clean during winters and summers.

Additionally, look for medical reasons if your kitty’s paw pads are overly dry and cracking, as this could indicate deficiency of fatty acids or protein.Take her to the vet to look for signs of certain diseases with similar symptoms. A medical diagnosis can help accelerate treatment process to keep your kitty healthy and happy.

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