Victor Cat Food Review

Who makes Victor cat food?

Victor is made and sold by Mid-America Pet Food, a Texas-based company that started in 2007. The company manufactures all of their own products in a facility located in Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA.

Victor likes to keep things local. With certain exceptions based on ingredient availability, Victor sources all ingredients from within a 200 mile radius of their manufacturing facility.

In a promotional video, the company’s president, Antoine Albin, illustrates this point: “…chicken, for instance, is seven miles down the road from us. Freshest chicken meal you can possibly buy.”

What types of cat food does Victor offer?

Although Victor sells food for cats, dogs, and even horses, the brand’s primary focus is dog food. Victor is the official dog food of Duck Commander – that’s the company owned by the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty fame.

Spend a little time on the Victor website and this won’t come as a surprise. Their brand colors are black and gold like a Saints uniform and their marketing materials are packed with images of athletic dogs and their camo-clad humans on the hunt.

Victor is best known for their dog food formulas and they emphasize it in their product lineup. The selection for cats is relatively limited with just three recipes. One is a dry formula and the other two recipes are canned foods.

Although not all Victor foods are grain-free, all of their formulas are free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients. Instead of chemical preservatives, they’re preserved with mixed tocopherols.

Every formula is built around the Victor Core – four essential ingredients.

According to Victor, all four of these core ingredients are rigorously researched and provide superior nutrition. Which ingredients are included in the Victor Core?

1. Selenium Yeast

Victor uses an organic selenium yeast. This ingredient is used to support metabolism and cellular regeneration while encouraging a healthy immune system.

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2. Complex Minerals

Victor uses Zinpro Availa Pet complex trace minerals to support overall health. Most of these minerals are chelated, which means that they’re bound to proteins. This makes them more easily utilized by the body.

3. Prebiotics

Victor formulas include Actigen prebiotics, which promote probiotic activity.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics are good bacteria that promote healthy digestion and a robust immune system. Victor uses Diamond V probiotics, which are all-natural yeast culture probiotics.

Victor Cat Food Formulas

Victor Dry Cat Food

  • Mers Classic Feline

Victor Canned Cat Food

  • Shredded Chicken Dinner
  • Turkey and Salmon Dinner

Has Victor cat food ever been recalled?

There’s no indication that Victor Pet Food has ever issued a recall.

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Where can you buy Victor cat food?

Victor is available in feed stores, pet specialty retailers, and through some hardware stores. You can also shop for Victor online – the company recommends shopping on

Click here to find a Victor retailer near you.

What do customers think of Victor cat food?

To understand how customers feel about Victor cat food, let’s see what they have to say about a popular formula.

On Chewy, Victor’s Mers Classic Feline dry cat food formula has 63 reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. 90% of reviewers say they’d recommend the food.

Positive Reviews

“I got a few free sample bags at a Home and Garden show, and I tested it out with our fur babies. I started by just giving a few pieces as a treat to see if they’d eat them, and not throw them up. Needless to say they didn’t and loved the food. I decided to order 2 bags, placed some in a dish next to their regular food, and in a few days they were solely eating the Victor cat food. We have multiple picky eaters and they all were eating the Victor’s cat food so the old food got donated (Science Diet, Blue Buffalo). You’ll definitely notice a change in the litter box. Their feces is smaller, darker, and firm. There’s no filler in the food, and you can see it when it comes out. TMI, but that’s an easy way to know whats going on with your fur baby.” – CenCali

“Recently got a cat who was used to eating this food, so I thought I would see if its worth it. It definitely is! His coat is so soft and he hardly sheds. He looks so healthy, and has a crazy amount of energy. My neighbor has commented that his cats fur is more rough and they shed a lot just petting them. I highly recommend this food!” – lalalori

Negative Reviews

“Cat likes it but first time she ate it, she seemed to be struggling to chew it and it sounded like her teeth are about to crack. I figured I have to spray hot water and let it set for few minutes to get it soft enough for her to eat it. She waits for me to do that every time which tells me that she thinks the same.” – AGA100

“I looked all around for a food that did not have a round shape, and this food fit the bill. Our one cat had been having food (from another brand) that was round being stuck in his gums. This food never got stuck in his gums, but after 2 months of being on this food, he is vomiting the food up, not good, so we will be giving up on this food and trying something else that hopefully he will not vomit.I like the idea of this food being made in the states and not being a huge major brand,hopefully it will work for other kitties.” – Camperjo

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Victor Mers Classic Multi-Pro Dry Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Beef Meal, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Grain Sorghum

The “Mers” addition to the brand name is a tribute to the company owner’s grandmother, who was nicknamed “Mer”.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredient list.

It starts with chicken, which is a highly nourishing source of protein and other nutrients. It’s followed by chicken meal, which is just chicken in its dehydrated state. Without water, chicken is a concentrated source of nutrition. Not a bad addition to your cat’s food. Beef meal is the same – a dehydrated, concentrated protein source. These three nourishing meat ingredients are followed by whole grain brown rice. While it has more nutrient value than white rice, this grain is minimally nourishing for cats and high in carbohydrates.

It’s followed by grain sorghum. This cereal grain is nutrient-rich and relatively high in protein, making it a popular animal feed. It’s not an ideal ingredient in your carnivorous cat’s food.

Menhaden fish meal is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and a great source of animal protein. Unless your cat is sensitive to fish, this is an excellent inclusion in cat food. It’s followed by chicken fat, which is an ideal source of fatty acids.

After chicken fat is pork meal, which is another concentrated source of the animal protein your cat thrives on.

Dried egg product is the egg version of meat meals: it’s eggs that have been taken out of their shells and dehydrated. They’re an excellent source of protein for your cat. Dehydrated alfalfa meal is also high in protein, but not the highly digestible animal protein that’s ideal for your cat. It’s a protein-dense plant meal commonly fed to herbivorous animals like cattle.

Natural chicken flavor is a flavor additive made from hydrolyzed chicken tissue, including meat, fat, blood, and organs.

At this point, we enter into a long series of supplemental ingredients in trace quantities. In addition to standard vitamins, minerals, and added amino acids, the recipe features several notable inclusions.

Dried kelp rich in vitamins and minerals. The recipe includes dried chicory root as a prebiotic, along with several prebiotic strains. It also includes yucca schidigera extract as a joint health supplement and rosemary extract, a natural antioxidant.

The guaranteed analysis indicates that this food is 32% crude protein minimum, 16% crude fat minimum, and 32.68% carbohydrate as fed. In this meat-heavy formula, 85% of the protein in this recipe comes from animal sources, 6% comes from non-grain plant matter, and 9% is grain-based protein.

Compared to some other dry foods that rely heavily on plant protein and potentially indigestible animal proteins, this is a relatively high-quality food. It’s also much easier on the wallet than most other foods of similar quality.

Like all dry foods, however, it’s far from perfect. It’s always better to opt for a moisture-rich and low-carbohydrate diet for your cat.

The food is available in a 5-lb bag and a 15-lb bag.

According to Victor’s feeding guidelines for a 6-9 lb cat, the food costs between $.30 and $.36 each day.

This daily feeding cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

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