Redbarn Cat Food Review

Redbarn was founded in 1996 by two childhood friends.

Redbarn founders Jeff Baikie and Howard Bloxam have been friends since they were both twelve-year-old Canadians playing hockey on an ice rink. In the 1990’s, Jeff and Howard decided to put their shared belief systems and entrepreneurial tendencies together to develop a pet food company.

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In 1998, they moved their operation from Canada to California, where they could more easily serve their United States customer base. The business continued to prosper and Redbarn finally introduced a line of grain-free cat food and treats in 2014.

The company is still family owned and privately held. It owns a bully stick manufacturing plant in Paraguay, but about 80% of their products are made in a manufacturing facility in Great Bend, Kansas.

All of the meat and poultry used in Redbarn cat food is sourced in the United States from USDA-inspected plants.

What types of cat food does Redbarn offer?

Redbarn makes grain-free canned food and a line of freeze-dried treats for cats.

The canned food is available in three stew formulas and six pate recipes.

Redbarn cat food is grain-free, so you won’t find any corn, wheat, rice, oats, or other cereal grains in any of the recipes. They’re free from carrageenan, along with any artificial colors, flavors, or chemical preservatives.

Redbarn Grain-Free Cat Food Canned Stew Recipes

  • Beef Recipe Stew
  • Chicken Recipe Stew
  • Salmon Recipe Stew
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Redbarn Grain-Free Cat Food Canned Pate Recipes

  • Chicken Recipe Pate
  • Ocean Fish Recipe Pate
  • Lamb Recipe Pate
  • Tuna Recipe Pate
  • Turkey Recipe Pate
  • Beef Recipe Pate

Redbarn Cat Treats

  • Chicken Freeze-Dried Cat Treats
  • Whitefish Freeze-Dried Cat Treats
  • Turkey Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

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Has Redbarn cat food ever been recalled?

Although Redbarn cat food has never been recalled, the brand’s dog chews were voluntarily recalled in February of 2021.

A single lot of Redbarn’s 7-inch Bully Stick dog chews were recalled on February 9th, 2021 due to potential salmonella contamination. The recall was initiated after the Colorado Department of Agriculture detected salmonella in a single product at retail.

In early March of 2021, the recall expanded to include a total of 24 SKU’s. The recall was limited to products distributed between March 2017 and February 2021.

Where can you buy Redbarn cat food?

Redbarn cat food is distributed across the United States. It’s also available online through various ecommerce sites.These online channels include Chewy and Amazon.

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What do customers think of Redbarn cat food?

The cat food line is generally well-received among customers. However, the stew formulas appear to have a quality control issue – these foods tend to contain excessive liquid. This issue alone earns the stew formulas the majority of their complaints.

To understand exactly how real customers feel about Redbarn cat food, let’s hear what they have to say about a popular recipe.

On Chewy, Redbarn Naturals Chicken Stew grain-free canned cat food has 83 reviews, earning it a 4.1 out of 5 star rating. 85% of reviewers say they’d recommend the food.

Positive Reviews

“I did my research, and RedBarn naturals met some pretty tough criteria – the highest points go to the Salmon Stew, but cats need variety. I appreciate that when I open the can, I don’t gag – it smells like real food and my cat absolutely loves it. A six-ounce can would be more convenient.” – Karma

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“This was a big hit with my 18 yo girl who is too skinny but has a lot of life still left in her. She’s always crying for food and I give her lots of choices but she eats only a little then walks away. I even give her smoked turkey breast from the deli and that is not always what she wants. Today though, she ate half of a can, which is more than what she has eaten in a long time. I hope she continues and I hope the other 4 like it as well. thanks chewy!” – JanetItn5

Negative Reviews

“This used to be a 5 star product, now its mostly broth as others have commented. Very disappointing that they are trying to sell mostly salted water for the same price. Whoever is doing the quality control at the company doesnt realize they are ruining their business thinking people will not know the difference. They should have increased price a little, instead they are providing a vastly inferior product.” – Dave

“I carefully chose this food for my cats and switched them over to it. Now, I find that every 2-3 cases or parts of cases are almost all liquid. What a mess! and I can’t believe that those cans are as nutritious. Very disappointing! I was told their machines get stuck and only liquid goes through until it gets fixed. I’m going to switch foods.” – Robbe

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Redbarn Naturals Chicken Stew Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Vegetable Broth, Chicken Liver, Dried Egg Product

This is a meat-based chicken stew with a hearty dose of water to keep your cat hydrated. To assess the quality of this product, let’s take a closer look at the ingredient list.

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Moisture-rich chicken leads the list, followed by both chicken broth and vegetable broth.

The broths are followed by chicken liver. This is a nourishing and highly palatable organ that fits into your cat’s biologically appropriate diet. When used in moderation, chicken liver is a good source of numerous vitamins and minerals, along with fatty acids and essential amino acids.

Dried egg product is made from dehydrated and de-shelled eggs. It’s a nutritious ingredient that’s rich in biologically available protein and antioxidants. It’s followed by an additive labeled as “natural flavors”. This ingredient is made from the tissue of unspecified animals and, as the name suggests, improves the flavor of the food.

Agar-agar is a natural substance derived from red algae. This ingredient is used to thicken the food. Though both are algae extracts and thickeners, agar-agar and carrageenan don’t share a reputation for negative health effects. Agar-agar is generally considered safe for both humans and cats.

Both cranberries and carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cranberries also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Parsley doesn’t contribute to the food nutritionally, but adds color and flavor.

Dried green lipped mussel is added as a natural source of lysine. It’s also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are beneficial for joint health.

The recipe concludes with a series of vitamins, minerals, and added amino acids. These ingredients make the product a nutritionally complete diet.

Overall, with a guaranteed analysis of 8% minimum crude protein, 5% minimum crude fat, and 4% carbohydrate, this is a protein-rich, meat-based food that aligns with your cat’s biological needs.

According to Redbarn’s recommended feeding guidelines of two cans per day for an average 10 lb cat, this food costs about $2.20 each day.

This daily feeding cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

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  • Really aggravated with the Ocean Fish pate. It is so watery and cats won’t eat it. I have had to go get one other brands of pate to try. Won’t buy it again.

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