Nulo Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Nulo Cat Food Review

Nulo – Nutrition Meets Love?

During his years operating a California pet sitting and dog walking business, Nulo co-founder and CEO Michael Landa became painfully aware that too many pets were overweight and that an increasing number of them were receiving insulin injections at home.

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Alarmed by the increase of pets struggling with obesity and diabetes, he started searching for a cause. That search ended in the pet food aisle.

Landa explains in an interview with a local news station that “We discovered, essentially, that the food that’s being served to our cats and dogs is really the nutritional equivalent of fast food.”

This realization lead to the creation of a new pet food company – Nulo. The name is a portmanteau of “nutrition” and “love”.

You’re looking at a company with a distinct marketing angle. Nulo is the official pet food of Ironman. In 2017, 14 athletes endorsed it. A 2017 Nulo marketing campaign featured Michael Phelps and other high-profile athletes along with their pets. It’s made for people who believe that the right nutrition will fuel their pet’s active lifestyle.

What types of cat food does Nulo offer?

Nulo’s Zero Promise states that each formula contains zero corn, wheat gluten, soy, or any artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Nulo foods are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. At least 80% of the protein in every recipe comes from animal sources, meaning that they’re biologically appropriate and highly digestible for your carnivorous cat.

Nulo foods contain a patented BC30 probiotic. It’s the world’s first probiotic strain capable of surviving high-heat processing. This ensures that the food retains its probiotic power after cooking and extrusion.

The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and their foods are manufactured in Kansas and Nebraska. Both of these FDA-approved facilities are annually inspected by organizations including the American Institute of Baking and BRC Global Standard for Global Safety.

All ingredients are sourced from a network of suppliers who represent Nulo’s quality standards. Fish ingredients, for example, are sustainably-sourced and preserved without ethoxyquin. None of their ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, come from China.

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Nulo Cat Food Formulas

Freestyle Cat

The Freestyle line includes four dry cat food recipes and twelve canned formulas.

Freestyle Grain-Free Kibble

These grain-free kibble formulas are meat-based with at least 82% of the protein coming from animal sources.

  • Cat & Kitten Chicken & Cod Recipe
  • Cat & Kitten Turkey & Duck Recipe
  • Indoor Cat Duck & Lentils Recipe
  • Adult Trim Salmon & Lentils Recipe

Freestyle Pate Canned Recipes

These grain-free pate recipes are available in 5.5 oz and 12.5 oz cans.

  • Trout & Salmon Recipe
  • Salmon & Mackerel Recipe
  • Chicken & Herring Recipe
  • Duck & Tuna Recipe
  • Beef & Lamb Recipe
  • Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Freestyle Shredded & Minced Canned Recipes

These grain-free formulas feature shredded or minced meat in gravy. They’re available in 3 oz cans.

  • Minced Salmon & Turkey Recipe in Gravy
  • Shredded Beef & Rainbow Trout Recipe in Gravy
  • Minced Turkey & Duck Recipe in Gravy
  • Shredded Chicken & Duck Recipe in Gravy
  • Minced Beef & Mackerel Recipe in Gravy
  • Shredded Turkey & Halibut Recipe in Gravy

Medalseries Cat – exclusively at PetSmart

This PetSmart-exclusive line of cat food is marketed towards those who see their cats as sleek, whiskered athletes. Behind the boldly-colored packaging and high-contrast images of well-toned cats, each can, pouch, or bag of Medalseries contains grain-free, meat-based food with minimal carbohydrate content.

The line includes 12 wet cat food formulas and seven dry recipes.

Medalseries Grain-Free Kibble

  • Cat & Kitten Turkey & Cod Recipe
  • Cat & Kitten Cod & Duck Recipe
  • Adult Cat Chicken & Peas Recipe
  • Adult Cat Salmon & Lentils Recipe
  • Indoor Cat Trout & Duck Recipe
  • Indoor Cat Duck & Cod Recipe

Medalseries Pouches

These 2.8 oz pouches contain grain-free shredded and flaked meat in broth. That’s it. No additives, no supplements, and not nutritionally complete. Think of these pouches like canned tuna. It’s a great treat and can jazz up a meal, but should never be considered a complete diet for your cat.

  • Yellowfin Tuna & Shrimp Recipe
  • Chicken & Salmon Recipe
  • Chicken Recipe
  • Chicken, Yellowfin Tuna, & Duck Recipe
  • Sardine & Beef Recipe
  • Chicken & Mackerel Recipe

Medalseries Pate Canned Recipes

These canned pates are available in 5.5 oz and 12.5 oz cans.

  • Trout & Salmon Recipe
  • Salmon & Mackerel Recipe
  • Chicken & Herring Recipe
  • Duck & Tuna Recipe
  • Beef & Lamb Recipe
  • Turkey & Chicken Recipe

Medalseries Shredded & Minced Canned Recipes

These canned recipes feature shredded or minced meat in gravy. They’re available in 3 oz cans.

  • Minced Salmon & Turkey Recipe in Gravy
  • Shredded Beef & Rainbow Trout Recipe in Gravy
  • Minced Turkey & Duck Recipe in Gravy
  • Shredded Chicken & Duck Recipe in Gravy
  • Minced Beef & Mackerel Recipe in Gravy
  • Shredded Turkey & Halibut Recipe in Gravy
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Has Nulo cat food ever been recalled?

No. There’s no evidence that Nulo has ever been recalled.

Nulo Cat Food Coupons 2021

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Where can you buy Nulo cat food?

Nulo Freestyle food is available through pet product retailers in the United States and Canada. You can also find it online through numerous online retailers, including Chewy and sellers on Amazon. The Medalseries line is sold exclusively in brick-and-mortar PetSmart stores and on the PetSmart site.

Click here to find a retailer near you.

What do customers think of Nulo cat food?

Let’s look at a few real customer reviews of a popular recipe.

Nulo’s Freestyle Chicken & Cod recipe has 75 reviews on Chewy and 4.5 out of 5 star rating. 91% of those reviewers said they would recommend the product.

Here’s what they have to say:

Positive Reviews

“List of nutritious ingredients. I am pleased that the protein comes from de-boned meat, so there’s one less worry about excess phosphorous. I consider this product to be a high end item, so the price is reasonable. Finally, the cat enjoyed it. Difference between consuming a meal and enjoying a meal is that the cat promptly begins to eat when the kibble hits the bowl and she stays with it, rather than nibbling and then coming back later to finish the meal.” – LovablePetParent

“This is our new “go to” dry kibble to leave out for our two sphynx cats. We were looking for a nutritious, well balanced food they both liked and something to feed even with a nine year age difference in the cats. We use nulo and LOVE IT!!” – Karen

Negative Reviews

“I mix 5 different dry foods for my cats so they have a variety of flavors in their dry food dispensers. When I added this to the mix, I started seeing this food on the floor near the dispensers. My barn cats exhibited the same behavior. At first I thought it was because of the small kibble size, but that didn’t make sense because other foods in the mix had the same size (but different color). I then saw them eat from the dispenser, then drop this-actually spitting it out! So although it seems to be a good food nutritionally, if the cats do not like it and won’t eat it, it is not worth the expense.” – jancat

“The ingredients and formulas are good quality but the actual kibble size is quite small. My adult cats had trouble eating it due to the size of the kibble. They had it everywhere! This would be a great food for young cats and kittens who could benefit from the smaller sized kibble.” – Kemmy

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Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Nulo Freestyle Chicken & Cod Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat & Kitten Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Deboned Cod, Whole Peas

This grain-free kibble is labeled as “premium cat & kitten food”, but is it really a nourishing choice for your whiskered friend?

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredient list and find out.

The first four spots on the ingredient list are occupied by animal ingredients. Deboned chicken is the first ingredient, followed by chicken meal. The latter is dehydrated, making it a concentrated source of animal protein. Turkey meal and deboned cod are the third and fourth ingredients.

Whole peas and lentils help to bind the kibble and contribute to the food’s 17% plant protein content. They’re followed by chicken fat, a nourishing source of fatty acids.

An additive called “natural flavor” is included to increase the palatability of the food. It’s a concentrated flavoring made from the hydrolyzed tissue of unspecified animals.

The recipe includes pea fiber, which may help to alleviate constipation, but otherwise not nutritive for your cat. It also contains ground flaxseed, which is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Ideally, your cat should get these from fish oil or other animal sources.

Dried chicory root is a prebiotic, which is a non-digestible carbohydrate that helps good bacteria to thrive in your cat’s body.

It’s followed by plant ingredients chosen for their high vitamin and mineral content. These are dried kelp, dried sweet potato, and dried cranberries.

In addition to standard supplementation for nutritional completeness, this recipe is made with probiotics to support digestive health.

Overall, the guaranteed analysis ensures that this food is 40% crude protein minimum, 20% crude fat minimum, and approximately 19.51% carbohydrate.

With 83% of the protein coming from animal sources, the formula strives to match the natural feline requirement for meat. Your cat thrives on highly-digestible and biologically available animal protein. Essentially all dry foods contain excessive carbohydrates – high-carbohydrate ingredients are physically necessary to bind the kibble – but the plants used here are superior to those in other formulas. Instead of high-glycemic potatoes and grains, the kibble contains low-glycemic vegetables.

This recipe is nutritionally superior to most dry cat food formulas, but it’s crucial to realize that no degree of nutritional excellence can make dry food a hydrating choice. Considering cats’ naturally low thirst drives, it’s always important to feed a high-moisture food.

The food is available in a 5-lb bag and a 12-lb bag.

According to Nulo’s feeding instructions for an average 10-lb adult cat, this food costs about $.47 each day.

This cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

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  • Love this. Great info. Even better food. My cats coats shine and people comment on how soft they are. Thanks kittycatter

  • I didn’t see the brand weruva on your list for top rated wet food. My cat mainly eats wet food, I was giving him Proplan can and he get’s Orijens dry.

    weruva is grain free, gluten free, and carrageenan free, he is very fussy and only weighs 9 pounds and does not like water so I add a tablespoon of water to his can. With weruva they have a decent amount of broth.
    Could you please let me know your thoughts on that food. Thank You,Annette

  • The pouches are hard to get the tuna out of half stays in the folds at the bottom and it is messy to cut the pouch open I will not be buying this anymore!

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