Hound & Gatos Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Hound & Gatos Cat Food Review

Hound & Gatos is self-described as “The Original Paleolithic Pet Food Company™”.

Hound & Gatos creates simple, straightforward cat food made with cooked meat, water, thickening agents, and enough vitamins and minerals to make each meal nutritionally complete. It’s described as a “carnivore’s diet in a can”.

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In an interview published on Business Superstar, Hound & Gatos CEO and founder Will Post explains that Hound & Gatos was borne of frustration “when my beloved dogs and cats were dying so young in life and leading a life on drugs.”

This frustration lead Post to enter the pet food industry with LIFE4K9 Pet Foods, which was founded in 2003 and acquired by Hi-Tek in 2010. Hound & Gatos began that year.

Each formula is made without soy, grains, by-products, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. The ingredients are always sourced in the United States, with the exception of lamb from New Zealand.

All Hound & Gatos formulas are manufactured by Performance Pet Products in South Dakota.

What types of cat food does Hound & Gatos offer?

Hound & Gatos foods are straightforward. All formulas follow the same key principles. They’re meat-based, moisture-rich, and they’re packed in cans.

This company doesn’t offer any dry, freeze dried, or raw products.

Hound & Gatos Cat Food Formulas

  • Beef Recipe for Cats
  • Homestyle Chicken for Cats
  • Pacific Northwest Salmon for Cats
  • American Rabbit for Cats
  • Rabbit Recipe for Cats 13oz
  • Duck Recipe for Cats
  • Gamebird Recipe for Cats
  • Lamb Recipe for Cats
  • Lamb, Chicken, Salmon Recipe for Cats
  • Original Paleolithic Diet for Cats
  • Pork Recipe for Cats
  • Trout Recipe for Cats
  • Salmon, Mackerel & Sardine Recipe for Cats
  • Turkey Recipe for Cats
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Has Hound & Gatos cat food ever been recalled?

No. Hound & Gatos currently hasn’t been recalled.

Hound & Gatos Cat Food Coupons 2021

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Where can you buy Hound & Gatos cat food?

The company recommends that you contact your local pet specialty store in advance and request that they order Hound & Gatos from one of their distributors. You can also find Hound & Gatos products online through retailers including Amazon and Chewy.

Click here to learn more about Hound & Gatos distribution.

What do customers think of Hound & Gatos cat food?

The brand is generally well-respected among consumers. Hound & Gatos was selected as one of TruthAboutPetFood.com’s Most Trusted Pet Foods in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Most customer complaints revolve around the price of the food – Hound & Gatos is one of the most expensive canned foods on the market.

To understand how customers feel about the brand, let’s see how they react to a popular product.

Hound & Gatos Chicken & Chicken Liver has 73 reviews on Chewy, earning it a 4 out of 5 star rating. 84% of customers say they’d recommend the product.

Here’s what four real customers have to say:

Positive Reviews

“At $33 for 24 cans (about 1 can a day for my cat), it’s at the upper edge of my starving-college-student price range, but its a food that I don’t feel guilty about feeding my senior kitty. I was worried initially that she wouldn’t like it (being very used to the Fancy Feast Classics) but this has a similar texture and she seemed to take to it well enough. It seems she’s actually grown to like it more as time goes on. Since feeding it to her she seems more active and more playful, not sure if that’s the food or not. The food smells like chicken, which I like, not some unidentifiable stench of meat like some other cat foods. I also really like that it doesn’t have ANY veggies or fruits or grains unlike so many “high grade” cat foods. They also use human grade meat in their food, so I know I’m not feeding my kitty anything suspect :)” – Renee

“This is a very moist, almost fluffy, pate which my kitties love! The ingredient list is stellar for cats as obligate carnivores! It is low in carbohydrates and grain free. I am so relieved to find a company that doesn’t pad their grain free cat food with species inappropriate carbs like legumes, starchy vegetables and fruit. Thank you Hound & Gatos!” – 3kts

Negative Reviews

“I have been feeding Hound & Gatos chicken cat food for quite awhile. I feed it not only to my cats at home but also to a colony of strays and they all used to love this food; but now some won’t eat it at all and some eat it reluctantly. I have been buying cases of this food at a time so this review is based on an above average quantity of their food. It is very sad to have had such a good product and have the quality decline so drastically. I am hesitant to recommend this product but am recommending in hopes they can resolve their quality issue soon; in my opinion there are few foods that are of the quality that H&G used to be.” – Sammy1 (December 14, 2016)

“This has limited, good ingredients and no carrageenan. Instead, they use agar. Most of the 19 cats at our sanctuary will eat it, but only three with vigor. Some turn their heads away completely. Overall, it’s not that well received and because of that, I can’t buy it twice. However, because it’s such a well made food and I’ve have very positive conversations with the company who makes it, I would recommend trying it. The texture is a very thick pate. There is no gravy but it is a “moist” pate nonetheless. We add distilled water to all canned food regardless.” – lbkinflorida

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Hound & Gatos Chicken & Chicken Liver Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Calcium Carbonate, Agar-Agar

The first ingredient is chicken, and that meat is accompanied by chicken broth and chicken liver.  Meat represents virtually 100% of the recipe.

The meat is combined with agar-agar (also referred to as agar), a gelatinous substance derived from algae. It’s used to thicken and bind the food.

Because both additives are derived from red seaweed, agar-agar tends to absorb some of carrageenan’s bad reputation for creating inflammation and exacerbating cancer growth. Fortunately, agar appears to be completely safe for both human and animal consumption.

The recipe concludes with synthetic vitamins and minerals. These are added to ensure that the food is nutritionally complete and balanced.

That’s it – this food is extraordinarily simple.

Those who know cats are obligate carnivores and don’t want to feed their carnivorous pets a high-carbohydrate diet will appreciate the absence of high-carbohydrate ingredients and the exclusive reliance on biologically-appropriate animal protein. Because it features a single animal protein source, this formula is a good choice for cats with allergies and food sensitivities. It’s particularly popular among cats with IBD, who benefit from a low-residue, low-carbohydrate diet.

With up to 78% moisture content, it provides hydration to support kidney and lower urinary tract health.

This food’s biggest problem is its price. Hound & Gatos is one of the highest-priced canned foods on the market. According to Hound & Gatos’ feeding guidelines, this food costs about $1.77 per day.

This cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

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