Hi-Tor Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Hi-Tor Cat Food Review

Hi-Tor cat food is marketed as an accessible alternative to prescription diets from brands such as Hill’s and Royal Canin.

This line of specially-formulated diets is sold by Triumph Pet Food, a brand owned by Sunshine Mills, Inc. Sunshine Mills was established as an animal feed company in 1949 and entered the pet food market in 1960. It’s a fourth-generation family owned company that currently operates out of Red Bay, Alabama.

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In addition to Triumph and the Hi-Tor brand, Sunshine Mills sells dog and cat food under multiple brands, including Evolve, Veterinary Select, and Nurture Farms.

What types of cat food does Hi-Tor offer?

All High-Tor foods are specially formulated for specific dietary needs. They don’t require a veterinarian’s prescription and cost less than some similar special diets, making them potentially a more convenient and affordable alternative to prescription food.

The Hi-Tor selection is limited. It includes a dry and wet version of a low magnesium, low phosphorus formula for urinary tract health, along with a single canned recipe designed for cats with kidney disease.

All Hi-Tor foods are manufactured in the United States from North American and European ingredients. The dry formulas are made in a Sunshine Mills facility, while canned foods are made by Simmons, a leading North American private-label and contract pet food manufacturer.

Hi-Tor Veterinary Select Cat Food Formulas

  • Felo Diet for Cats Canned – low magnesium and low phosphorus for urinary tract support
  • Felo Diet for Cats Dry – a dry food with low magnesium and low phosphorus for urinary tract support
  • Neo Diet for Cats – low protein and low phosphorus for cats with kidney disease
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Has Hi-Tor cat food ever been recalled?

Although the Hi-Tor line has never been recalled, Triumph foods have been recalled at least twice.

  • In February of 2017, Triumph Ocean Fish cat food was recalled due to the possibility of a “foreign material” contaminating the cans.
  • In 2007, Triumph recalled several lots of cat and dog food as part of the nationwide recall associated with melamine contamination.

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Where can you buy Hi-Tor cat food?

Hi-Tor is sold primarily through pet specialty retailers and family-owned stores. You can also purchase it through online retailers including Amazon and Chewy.

The Sunshine Mills website features a store locator to help you find a retailer in your area. Enter your zip code to find a retailer near you.

Click here to find a retailer near you.

What do customers think of Hi-Tor cat food?

To understand how customers feel about Hi-Tor cat food, let’s observe their reactions to a popular formula.

The Veterinary Select Neo Diet has 79 reviews on Chewy, earning it a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. 87% of those reviewers say they’d recommend the food.

Positive Reviews

“We bought this after our one kitty had a $1,600 urinary blockage and the Dr. advised Hills RX diet but that was so expensive and we wanted something that our other 6 could eat also. This is a definite pate and is rather dull and boring for the cat but if you can mix it with another wet food that your cat likes, it works out good. The ash is very low at 1.9% which is important. Basically with a urinary issue, it’s all about “wet food and water” which is important for all cats. He’s had no other blockage since and it’s been a month.” – crazycatlady

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“My 19 yo manx with diabetes, hyperthyroid, heart disease and stage 1-2 kd with tooth issues likes this food. I do mix in some pure pumpkin but it is a softer pate consistency that is easy for him to lick rather than chew. His blood sugar never spiked with the lower protein and he is actually on a honeymoon from insulin now after I started giving him a b complex vitamin supplement.” – Seamaster

Negative Reviews

“Tried this for a 17-year cat who doesn’t need a RX diet, but lower protein is always a good idea. She didn’t like it at all and I can’t say that it was appealing (color and smell). I would stay to RX kidney diet if needed or a somewhat lower protein offered by Fromm and others (such as 8-9%).” – Sergei

“I have a cat that’s now on a renal diet. She doesn’t like the Royal Canin food and so I went looking for alternatives. She’s also tried Dave’s Pork low phosphorus and isn’t a fan of that either. She doesn’t gobble the Neo up, but if I warm it up and mix it with water (after refrigeration), she will eat it if there’s nothing that she likes more in the offing. If you’re thinking of trying it, buy a can or two before committing to an entire case to make sure that your target audience like it.” – evegowa

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

HI-TOR Veterinary Select Neo Diet Canned Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Sufficient Water for Processing, Meat By-Products, Chicken, Animal Liver, Beef

Like many other wet cat foods, the recipe starts with water. Remember that ingredients are listed in descending order of weight pre-cooking.

Following the water is “meat by-products”. This ingredient consists of unspecified animal tissues left over after human food processing. Because it’s almost impossible to know exactly what types of animals contributed to the by-product soup and difficult to assess the quality of the protein it offers, this ingredient should be regarded with some caution. Its presence is usually indicative of a lower-quality food.

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After meat by-products is chicken, which is a healthy source of protein for cats. It’s followed by animal liver, another vaguely-specified ingredient that may have come from numerous animal sources.

After animal liver is beef, a high-quality source of animal protein for your cat. Beef is followed by poultry fat, which may be made from unspecified types of poultry.

Ocean fish is the next ingredient. Again, this is a non-specific ingredient that’s typically made from small, oily, and bone-dense marine fish that aren’t marketable for human consumption.

Next on the list is rice flour. This ingredient doesn’t make any positive nutritional contribution to the food.

Guar gum is used as a thickener and binder, along with carrageenan, a natural seaweed-derived binder with a bad reputation. Carrageenan is associated with inflammation and may exacerbate cancer growth, making it a risky inclusion in your cat’s food. Brewers dried yeast is added as a natural source of B-complex minerals and other vitamins.

The ingredient list concludes with the necessary vitamins and minerals, along with a trace of vegetable oil.

The guaranteed analysis indicates that this food consists of 8% minimum crude protein, 10% crude fat, and approximately 1.1% carbohydrate.

According to the ingredient list, this recipe doesn’t contain any significant sources of plant protein. However, it does rely heavily on animal by-products, which are often less digestible than other meats.

Remember that this food is designed for cats who require a low phosphorus diet. This type of diet is sometimes recommended to senior cats and those suffering from chronic renal failure.

The label guarantees that the formula consists of .10% minimum phosphorus.

Determining whether or not this food is appropriate for your cat is a matter of watching their behavior and consulting a trusted veterinarian.

The food costs about $1.17 per day, which isn’t particularly cheap. Combined with the use of vague animal ingredients and the questionable inclusion of carrageenan, this food may not be an ideal first choice.

This cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

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