Feline Pine Cat Litter Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Feline Pine Cat Litter Review

Let’s learn more about Feline Pine cat litter.

Ken Simard, president and CEO of Nature’s Earth Products, Inc. knew that people wanted biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cat litter. In 1992, he began developing a natural wood cat litter. After testing various materials from different types of trees, the budding company selected Southern Yellow Pine for its natural odor neutralizing ability and capacity for moisture absorption. The Feline Pine brand was launched in 1994.

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In 2010, Church & Dwight, the company behind Arm & Hammer, acquired Feline Pine. This move positioned Feline Pine as the #1 supplier of all-natural cat litter.

All Feline Pine litter is made from reclaimed lumber shavings and is completely biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. None of their products contain harsh chemicals or added fragrances that could irritate your cat.

What types of cat litter does Feline Pine offer?

There are two varieties of Feline Pine cat litter: non-clumping and clumping

Whether you choose the clumping formula or non-clumping, Feline Pine litter is feather-light. 40 lbs of the original pellet formula is equivalent to about 114 lbs of clay litter.

The litter comes in a variety of package sizes. You’ll find Feline Pine in bags ranging from 7 lbs to 40 lbs, making it easy to choose a size that’s right for your needs.

The non-clumping formula is notably cheaper than the average biodegradable cat litter, while the clumping formula is priced similarly to other premium eco-friendly products.

Feline Pine Cat Litter

  • Feline Pine Original Non-Clumping – The original non-clumping litter is made from wood shavings that have been compressed into pellets.
  • Feline Pine Clumping –  Their clumping litter is made with a combination of absorbent pine shavings, a natural plant-derived clumping agent, and mineral oil for dust control. It allows you to easily scoop out liquid waste just like you would with any clumping litter.
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Feline Pine Cat Litter Coupons 2021

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Where to Buy Feline Pine

This leading biodegradable litter is easy to find in stores – it’s available through chains like Target, Walmart, and pet retailers. You can also find it online.

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What do customers think about Feline Pine?

Feline Pine is regularly recommended by cat experts and guardians. It’s frequently lauded for its odor control ability, fresh pine scent, and low price.

What are real customers saying about Feline Pine? Let’s take a look at some real customer reviews of their popular original non-clumping formula.

On Chewy, the product has over 540 reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. 90% of reviewers say they’d recommend the product.

Positive Reviews

“Seems like I try everything, including light weight and clumping litters and always return to Feline Pine pellets. Why? Because they are the best for my multiple cat household. My big thing is odor control and these pellets work better than cheaper brands and better than more expensive brands. It is also easier to clean the box….every day I use a paper towel around the sides just to keep it clean. When I used the clumping litters and tried to do this, it would leave a film. So happy with this product. No more changing brands for me.” – Karen

“Tried several different litters including a walnut based litter and it molded . Yuck . Corn based molded as well. Disgusting . That was with the correct depth and scooping daily . Back to pellets and they’re the ..BOMB DIGGITY . Can’t smell the poop, can’t smell the pee (we have one cat) . When you walk into our house it smells like subtle FRESH pine but no cat urine or poo. It’s very CLEAN smelling and although it is not clumping it is WAY more absorbent then any clumping litter I’ve ever tried . Removed solid poo daily , and them mix well afterward and shake the litter box back and forth so the pellets that have turned to just sawdust fall to the bottom. With one cat , it’s a good 10 days before I have to replace the whole thing of litter . With pellets it’s little to no tracking whatsoever , and for those that have long-haired cats I’m sure less if any at all will get stuck in your cat’s hair. Excellent product and I’ll always use pine pellets!” – RachieBird

Critical Reviews

“Love that there are no perfumes and it handles the odors perfectly, but it’s entirely impractical for scooping. You have to completely empty it every time for it to not drive you crazy. The pellets are too large to fall through the slots in the scooper.” – NICOLE

“My cat’s hated this litter so much they were sneaking out to the garage and pooping in the cat litter my husband had used to soak up oil on the garage floor. It was terribly messy too, was all over the floor outside of the litter box and the vacuum had a hard time picking it up.” – YvetteB

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Original Feline Pine Cat Litter Review

Feline Pine Original is made of 100% Southern Yellow Pine.

After the reclaimed wood is finely ground, it passes through an extruder. During this process, the natural tree resin heats up and binds the wood fibers – no additives are necessary to create the compressed wood pellets.

The dehydration process leaves the pellets ultra-porous and absorbent. It’s also excellent at absorbing odors without the addition of added deodorizers or fragrances. The natural pine fragrance is usually well-received.

Although clumping litter usually makes litter box maintenance easier, Feline Pine’s non-clumping formula is well-liked and doesn’t receive as much criticism as most other non-clumping products.

The litter pellets break down on contact with moisture and return to a powdery consistency.

It’s recommended that you shake the litter box at least once a day to encourage the powder to settle and introduce more fresh pellets to the top. You’ll need to replace all of the litter box contents once the litter has completely reverted to dust. Others prefer to remove the used litter daily. This video shows how to efficiently separate clean pellets from soiled powder.

Some people pair Feline Pine litter with a self-cleaning box that continually filters out sawdust. This litter box is recommended by Feline Pine.

Regularly separating the pellets from the sawdust helps to extend the life of the litter by preventing pellets from going into the trash alongside used litter.

The pellet litter doesn’t create aggravating clouds of dust, but it does tend to track quite a bit. After the pellets break down, the sawdust can make a mess outside of the litter box. If the sawdust is overwhelmed by continued use, it can become tacky and difficult to remove from the litter box.

The pellets are about 3/16” in diameter and vary in length, reaching up to about 1/2”. Cats usually prefer fine litter substrates and many don’t like the feeling of pellets under their paws.

The litter is available in 7-lb bags, 20-lb bags, and 40-lb bags.

Not including shipping, the litter costs between $.40 and $.80/lb on Chewy.

The price will vary depending on which size bag you choose and where you purchase it.

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  • I bought this litter because one of my cats has severe asthma. I think that this helps her. I also feel this is better for the environment than the clay litter because it will dissolve eventually. The odor control is good and I like the smell of the fresh pellets. I scoop solids daily and then dump everything every 7-10 days and start over. I’ve been using about two months and am happy with this!

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  • The Feline Pine pellets are so large they won’t sift through my scoop. My cat didn’t like digging in the big pellets either! I’m supposed to mix this with my old kitty litter and train my cat to use her litter box. I can’t train my cat to recognize her name! She has now soiled my best chair and behind my stereo. The landfill will have a nice pine scent this week.

  • No problems from wood pellets as litter.I don’t know why some dislike.I scoop a small amount of the litter in the toilet if city sewer.Perfect no horrible smell like all other litters I have tried stink so bad.I buy wood pellets from Home Depot for pellet stove.Same thing and cheaper.Forget the pet store.

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