Feline Natural Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Feline Natural Cat Food Review

Feline Natural is a New Zealand brand offering meat-based freeze dried and canned food for cats.

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The brand represents the cat food side of a company called K9 Natural, which was founded in 2006 by Geoff Bowers.

Bowers, a UK police dog handler and instructor, knew that keeping dogs in peak condition was key to their performance. In order to better understand canine nutrition and psychology, he took a sabbatical to study wolves in Alaska. Three months spent researching these animals taught him an important lesson – that nature provides the best diet. Following the study, Bowers switched his working dogs to a raw diet. The improvements were drastic. The dogs showed significant improvements in their conditioning, longevity, and stamina.

The transformation inspired Mr. Bowers to create K9 Natural, a company focused on raw food for dogs. About five years later, K9 Natural was New Zealand’s 5th-fastest-growing company. In September of the same year, they added a cat food line called Feline Natural.

What types of cat food does Feline Natural offer?

Feline Natural foods are made in New Zealand, which is known for its stringent regulations and reputation for clean, safe food. All of the whole food ingredients are human grade products from New Zealand suppliers and, according to the company, are traceable “from the farm gate, to your pet’s plate.”

They offer a modest selection of freeze dried, canned, and supplemental food for cats.

Each recipe demonstrates a dedication to biologically-correct formulas that honor your cat’s carnivorous nature. None of the seven formulas contain meat by-products, fillers, or artificial ingredients. They’re gluten-free and grain-free, with no corn, soy, or wheat.

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Company founder Geoff Bowers emphasizes his belief that nature provides a model for the ideal food, stating that “Nature provides perfection, not humans. If our food was warm, covered in fur/feathers and running/flying past your cat or dog’s nose, then K9 Natural would have produced the perfect food for cats and dogs.”

Freeze Dried Cat Food

Feline Natural freeze dried cat food presents a hygienic, convenient alternative to raw feeding.

  • Freeze Dried Beef and Hoki Feast
  • Freeze Dried Chicken and Lamb Feast
  • Freeze Dried Lamb and King Salmon Feast

Canned Cat Food

Feline Natural canned foods are made from straightforward, meat-centric recipes.

  • Beef and Hoki Feast Can
  • Chicken and Lamb Feast Can
  • Chicken and Venison Feast Can
  • Lamb and King Salmon Feast Can


Currently, Feline Natural offers one supplemental food product. It’s a can of green tripe from New Zealand lamb. This water-rich supplement delivers about 25% of your cat’s daily moisture requirement. The Feline Natural site promises that more supplements are coming soon.

  • Lamb Green Tripe Hydration Booster

Has Feline Natural ever been recalled?

Currently, Feline Natural and K9 Natural foods have never been recalled.

Feline Natural Cat Food Coupons 2021

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Where can you buy Feline Natural cat food?

This New Zealand brand is available in over 20 countries worldwide. It’s primarily sold through independent pet specialty stores. You can also purchase it online through various online retailers, including Amazon and Chewy.

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What do customers think of Feline Natural cat food?

Let’s take a look at what customers think of one of the brand’s most popular products.

Feline Natural Freeze Dried Chicken and Lamb Feast has 62 reviews on Chewy, earning it a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. Out of these 62 reviewers, 84% say that they’d recommend the food.

The following is what they have to say about it.

Positive Reviews

“My guy had gained some weight and wasn’t moving around the way he used to and it was sad to watch. He always ate high quality food but I wanted to incorporate raw into his diet. I read online that New Zealand green mussels are a great source of natural glucosamine and chondroitin. I was happy to see that this high quality raw food contained green mussels as one of the first ingredients. Both my cats instantly loved it and their litter boxes no longer have that strong ammonia smell after they use it. The only thing I don’t love, is that the bag says they will substitute lamb meat with sheep meat depending on season and availability, which I would think should effect the price or nutrition info a bit. And who’s to say it’s not always sheep? But overall very pleased and will buy again.” – Holly

“First brand of freeze-dried food we tried for our cat, and she loves it. We switched from canned food for better nutritional value, and this brand contains no grains. We feed her both the chicken & venison and the chicken & lamb feast, and the cat endorses both. She seems to enjoy the higher water content, often slurping up the juices first, then eating the morsels. It is very simple to prepare, just mix, soak and serve, and the cat licks her bowl clean, no leftovers to deal with.” – Cirmi

Negative Reviews

“None of my cats would even try this food. They put their nose up at it. Even the stray would not eat it! Can’t give it any stars ( had to to post this). I would like to know what others were feeding their cats before they tried this food.” – Elle

“Please review the ingredient list for it has changed and may affect cats differently. Very disappointed in the addition of canola oil.” – Lilabeth

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb Feast Raw Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Blood

This is a raw food that has been freeze-dried, a process that eliminates pathogens and preserves the food without destroying the enzymes and nutrients naturally found in raw meat.

It’s recommended that you always reconstitute the food with warm water prior to serving. This gives the food a softer texture and ensures that your cat gets the hydration they need.

Meat ingredients account for the bulk of this recipe. Like all Feline Natural formulas, the food is 99% cage-free chicken and grass-fed, free-range lamb. You’ll see that the first five ingredients are chicken, lamb heart, lamb kidney, lamb liver, lamb blood.

Following these meat ingredients are flaxseed flakes, which are a plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Ideally, these fatty acids should come from animal sources. It also contains canola oil. The company explains that this ingredient is used as a binder and constitutes .001% of the total recipe. Dried kelp is rich in vitamins and minerals that would otherwise come from synthetic supplements.

Because the food is minimally processed and made with whole food ingredients, little supplementation is necessary. This food contains additional vitamin E, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3, and folic acid.

In total, this food is 36% protein, 23% fat, and virtually carbohydrate-free. It’s compliant with AAFCO requirements for all life stages.

Based on the average 10-lb cat, this food costs about $2.86 per day – an extraordinarily high price that exceeds the cost of homemade raw food and most other premium freeze-dried or canned products.

This cost estimate is based on Chewy prices and excludes shipping costs.

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