Evangers Cat Food Review

The Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company was founded in 1935 by Fred Evanger who set out to create his own line of pure meat canned foods for use in his own kennels. Evanger bred champion Great Danes and he believed that the breed needed superior nutrition to minimize dietary deficiencies. When he saw how well his product did for his own dogs, he decided to share it with the world. According to the company’s website, Evanger’s is a family-owned and –operated company that makes it their mission to have a positive impact on the health and quality of pets in all life stages. Today the brand claims to be the top choice of handlers, breeders, and dog enthusiasts as well as the preferred choice for natural pet food products among conscientious pet owners. What began as a pure meat canned food has blossomed into a larger brand with a variety of pet food offerings. Evanger’s currently offers an assortment of dry foods, grain-free canned foods, organic foods, classic meals, and super-premium products for dogs and cats.

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Who Manufactures Evanger’s Cat Food?

The Evanger’s pet food brand is produced by the Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc. This company has been producing natural pet foods since 1935 and they have become known as a national pet food brand. According to the brand website, Evanger’s pet food products are still manufactured on the original site, following the very same traditional of quality as they did in the early years. In 2003 Evanger’s became known for being the first pet food company to offer a product that was hand-packed instead of being packed by a machine. The creation of this product led to a new trend in natural pet food products known as, “People food for pets”.

Evanger’s Cat Food Recalls 2021

The Evanger’s pet food brand has not been affected by any FDA recalls, however the company has a long history of trouble with the FDA. In 2008, the FDA ordered Evanger’s to stop operations after sending them multiple warning letters. During testing, the FDA found that Evanger’s pet food did not contain the advertised ingredients – meat that was listed as lamb tested as beef and duck did not test as duck. After things were resolved, Evanger’s sent out a press release stating that they had been cleared of wrongdoing. According to the FDA, however, this was not exactly true – the company addressed the violations and made the necessary changes to comply with the FDA’s regulations.

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In 2009, Evanger’s issued a silent recall for some of their canned chicken formulas because small metal parts were found in numerous cans. The company contacted its distributors and requested that they pull products from the shelves in the hopes that there wouldn’t be any more problems. However, in 2012, the problem resurfaced.

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Overall Evanger’s Cat Food Review

The Evanger’s website claims that the brand is the “preferred choice of champions” and it has been named an Editor’s Choice Award winner by Pet Product News International two years in a row. One of the first things you will notice about the Evanger’s brand is that they produce a wide variety of pet food products. The brand is described as Evanger’s Food for Dogs & Cats Since 1935, but the brand also offers food for small animals as well as an assortment of treats. The Evanger’s website states that the brand continues to be a choice of top handlers, breeders, and dog enthusiasts – it also claims that the brand uses the highest quality wholesome ingredients to make products that are preferred by conscientious pet owners.

If you explore the Evanger’s website you will find a good bit of information not only about their products, but about their manufacturing process as well. The website states that all of Evanger’s products are made with human-grade, highly palatable and nutritious foods that not only meet the nutritional needs of pets, but satisfy their taste buds as well. All of the brand’s products are free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients and they do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives, or by-products. Not only does Evanger’s offer a variety of dry food and wet food formulas, but they are also one of the only brands to offer hand-packed pet foods. This type of manufacturing allows consumers to see the quality ingredients in their original form – this includes whole meats and fresh vegetables.

When it comes to their cat food products, Evanger’s offers a wide variety of options. The Classic Dinners line of products includes three canned food recipes – Beef It Up, Goin’ Fishin’, and Chicken Lickin’. These recipes are loaded with fresh meats and cooked in their own juices for maximum flavor. For dry food options, Evanger’s offers two formulas – Pheasant & Whitefish and Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit. The Evanger’s Organics product line includes two canned food options and the Nothing But Natural series offers a selection of single-ingredient dried foods. Evanger’s offers a wide variety of Super Premium canned foods as well as cans of 100% wild game meat including options like rabbit, beef, buffalo, duck, chicken, and pork.

Individual Recipe Review (Dry) Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Formula

This Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Food formula consists of a unique combination of three meats – rabbit, beef, and pork – which makes it the ideal dinner for the obligate carnivore. This recipe is not only meat-rich, but it uses nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables instead of grains to provide dietary fiber as well as nutritional balance. This grain-free dry food is complete and balanced for cats in all life stages and it contains a minimum of 33% crude protein. In addition to its protein content and the fresh fruits and vegetables, this recipe is supplemented with probiotics for digestive and immune health as well as a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy joints, skin, and coat. This recipe is great for finicky eaters and for cats with sensitivity stomachs because it is made with novel protein sources and it is grain-free.

The first ingredient listed for this recipe is beef meal. This is a little strange because rabbit is the protein that is featured in the name of the recipe, though there is nothing wrong with beef meal. In fact, beef meal is preferable to a fresh meat (even fresh rabbit) in terms of protein content because it has already been cooked to remove moisture. Fresh meats contain up to 80% moisture by volume which means that the actual volume of the ingredient will be lower after the product has been cooked – meat meals contain up to 300% more protein than fresh meats. Additional sources of protein like rabbit, beef, and pork meal appear further down the list after the main carbohydrate sources.

The second and third ingredients in this Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Food formula are peas and sweet potato. Sweet potato is a high-quality source of digestible complex carbohydrates for cats so it is a valuable addition to this recipe. Peas are also a gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrate, though they also contain a significant amount of protein. Some pet food manufacturers use peas in their recipes to add protein without using more meat – it is unclear whether or not this is the case with this particular recipe. Dehydrated alfalfa meal is also very high in plant protein – the combination of these two ingredients is a little bit concerning.

After the primary protein and carbohydrate sources comes the main source of fat – beef fat. This may sound like an unappetizing ingredient to you but animal-based fats are better for cats because they are easier to digest and absorb. This recipe also includes pumpkin seed which contains both dietary fat and fiber. The website description for this product also says that flaxseed is used, though this ingredient does not actually appear on the list of ingredients.

The remaining ingredients on the list for this Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Food formula include blueberries, cranberries, vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, and dried fermentation products. The blueberries and cranberries are rich in antioxidants and they provide some dietary fiber as well as other essential nutrients. The vitamin and mineral supplements help to ensure nutritional balance and some of the minerals are chelated. Chelated minerals have been chemically bonded to protein molecules which makes them easier for your cat’s body to digest and absorb. Dried fermentation products act as probiotics, helping to support your cat’s healthy digestion.

Overall, this Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Food formula has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 33%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 14%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 3.8%
  • Moisture (Max) – 9%
  • Calorie Content – 405 kcal/cup

This formula meets the AAFCO nutritional requirements for cats in all life stages. The crude protein content for this Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Food formula seems to be within the right range, though the fat content could be a little higher. It is also strange to see a dry cat food with less than 10% moisture – you may need to mix the food with canned food to ensure that your cat gets enough moisture in his diet. According to the feeding instructions, adult cats weighing 5 to 10 pounds should be fed about ¼ cup twice daily. As is true for any product, you should monitor your cat’s weight and condition when feeding him this recipe. If your cat loses weight or appears lethargic you may need to increase his ration – if he gains too much weight, cut back a little.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Evanger’s Grain-Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit Dry Food formula seems to provide quality nutrition for adult cats. This recipe seems to live up to its grain-free claims though it does include a few too many plant-based proteins. The overall moisture content of this product is strangely low, though the crude fiber content falls within the ideal range for cats. It is also worth noting that this recipe is marketed as a good option for finicky cats, probably because it contains several protein sources which are full of natural flavor. This recipe is free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients which is definitely a good thing, and the nutritional supplements seem to provide good nutritional balance.

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