Crave Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Crave Cat Food Review

Mars launched Crave in 2017.

With an annual revenue of over $17 billion, Mars Petcare is the biggest company in the pet food industry. It and Nestle Purina control about half of all global pet food sales. Mars’ pet care division has headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and employs over 33,000 associates in 50 countries.This corporate giant owns 42 pet care brands, including ubiquitous names such as Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Cesar, Nutro, and Sheba.

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Crave diets cater to pets’ instinctual needs for fresh meat-based nutrition. The brand’s tagline is Satisfy Their Nature™, and their formulas and marketing emphasize the importance of honoring dogs’ and cats’ ancestral dietary needs.

What types of cat food does Crave offer?

The brand offers a slim selection of dry and moist food.

All Crave recipes feature real meat as the first ingredient and are grain-free with no corn, soy, or wheat. The brand emphasizes that they don’t use chicken by-product meal, but, according to a customer support representative, some of their recipes use other types of animal by-products.

Their recipes include “natural flavor”, a common pet food ingredient made from animal tissue. These materials are treated with heat, enzymes or acids to create a concentrated flavor. Because this vague label could refer to any type of animal tissue, it’s not a good inclusion when feeding cats with allergies.

Despite offering 40% protein and using recipes that begin with biologically appropriate, ultra-digestible animal proteins, Crave dry food isn’t an obligate carnivore’s dream.

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All three dry formulas contain numerous plant ingredients such as pea protein, potato protein, dried beet pulp, and lentils. None of these ingredients are a natural part of the feline diet, nor are they a reflection of your cat’s dietary needs. Particularly because the formulas include multiple sources of plant protein, it’s obvious that these foods aren’t nutritionally pristine.

The brand’s selection of moist foods appears to provide superior nutrition, relying on animal protein sources and using minimal plant ingredients. Concerningly, Crave moist foods contain carrageenan. This additive is extracted from red seaweed and is used as a thickener and emulsifier. For years, it’s been a controversial ingredient. Studies have shown that it can cause inflammation and ulceration in the body.

The brand claims that its foods are made with the finest ingredients worldwide, but doesn’t provide specific sourcing information.

All of the recipes are cooked in Crave’s US facilities.

Crave Dry Cat Food Formulas

  • Crave™ Indoor with Protein from Chicken + Salmon
  • Crave™ with Protein from Chicken
  • Crave™ with Protein from Salmon + Ocean Fish

Crave Wet Cat Food Formulas

  • Crave™ Salmon Pate
  • Crave™ Chicken Pate
  • Crave™ Salmon + Trout Pate
  • Crave™ Turkey Pate
  • Crave™ Chicken + Beef Pate
  • Crave™ Turkey + Duck Pate

Has Crave ever been recalled?

Crave pet food has never been recalled.

Crave Cat Food Coupons 2021

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Where can you buy Crave cat food?

You can find it through major retail chains including Walmart, Target, Petsmart, Kroger, and online through Amazon and Chewy.

Independent pet speciality stores may also carry Crave, and it’s a good idea to check with your retailer before going into the store.

What do customers think of Crave cat food?

To understand how customers perceive this brand, take a look at a few real customer reviews on a popular product.

Crave’s Chicken Pate formula is a popular choice. The recipe has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Chewy. 82% of the 38 reviewers say they’d recommend the product.

Positive Reviews

“I have two senior male cats who’ve been with me since they were tiny kittens. Normally, foods that come in “trays” are overnight foods, which they will peck at all night long while mommy sleeps. But mommy learned pretty quickly that Crave is not a good overnight food, because the boys eat it so fast! My eldest prefers kibble, but he makes an exception for Crave, especially the Chicken Pate. I love the fact that it looks like good cat food, has great consistency and color, good ingredients (I read every word in ingredient lists), and it never looks like its gone bad. As they’ve aged, I’ve put them on a grain-free, higher protein diet, and this fits nicely in with their goals. An empty food bowl is the best review a cat can give of their food.” – ker33

“Henry the barn cat gets a variety of food daily. Including wet food, dry food and whatever he catches in the barn and fields. This is by far his favorite. In fact, he usually convinces us to give him seconds. The only critique is the size of the servings. He gets two at dinner and usually convinces us to give him a third. This can get a little spendy.” – Diamond1h

Negative Reviews

“May have been my fault for quick switch. Cats won’t touch crave when friskies and crave are both out. Had to really get my cats through some troubles after the switch. Juice easily splatters on you when opening most times.” – pukingcats

“I received this product from Crave in return for an honest review. I rarely feed my cats wet food, so when I do, they always come running. They did the same when I presented them with the Crave Chicken Pate (very conveniently packaged with 2 servings individually sealed which could be separated with a perforation). They eagerly licked up the gravy, but my male only took a few nibbles before walking away. My picky female didn’t take any bites at all. So Crave isn’t the right food for us, but if your cat isn’t picky, the packaging was convenient and it smelled pretty good!” – 2CatMomma

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Crave Chicken Pate High-Protein Grain-Free Cat Food Trays Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Pork Broth, Chicken Broth, Chicken Heart

Like all Crave moist foods, this formula is 12% protein. Because that protein comes from animal sources, it’s highly metabolizable and nourishing for your cat.

The recipe begins with real chicken and chicken liver, followed by pork and chicken broth for moisture. After broth, the fifth ingredient is chicken heart. Following the chicken heart is natural flavor, an ingredient made from hydrolyzed animal tissue.

Guar gum, carrageenan, and tapioca starch are all used as thickeners. Carrageenan’s potential to cause inflammation may make it an unsafe ingredient.

The recipe includes fish oil, which provides nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids promote a healthy skin and coat and help to reduce inflammation.

This meat based recipe also includes a small amount of dried tomatoes, adding fiber to the meal.

Overall, this moist cat food offers above-average nutrition. It has a healthy concentration of nourishing animal protein. It’s based around real meat and is free from byproducts and rendered meals. The recipe is made without fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives. Each easy-to-open tray provides two servings of chicken pate.

If you follow Crave’s feeding guidelines, feeding an average cat will cost between $1.82 and $2.18 per day.

This cost per day is based on Chewy prices with shipping costs not included.

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  • So my kitty has to eat pate cause he has lost two teeth an just can’t crunch any more. So after trying several kinds of pates I have settled on Sheba and Crave pâtés. But I seem to have an issue with the crave salmon. When I open it and it is dark my kitty throws it up less than two minutes after eating it. But not when it is the light pinker color. I have to keep throwing it away. Dose this mean something is wrong with this product when it’s dark??

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