Catswell Nutrisca Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Catswell Nutrisca Cat Food Review

Nutrisca is one of several brands marketed and sold by Dogswell.

Marco Giannini founded this Los Angeles – based company in 2004.

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Knowing that medicating dogs is often a struggle, Dogswell entered the pet food market with supplement-infused dog treats. Their Happy Hips Jerky was the first chicken breast jerky treat fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin. Today, the company has expanded into a complete pet nutrition company. They sell food and treats for dogs and cats under the Dogswell, Happy Hips, Vitality, Nutrisca, and LiveFree brand names.

All of the company’s food for cats is sold under the Nutrisca label.

In 2017, the company was sold to Whitebridge Pet Brands, LLC, a Missouri-based company founded in 2015 as the merger of Cloud Star and Petropics.

This acquisition added Dogswell and Nutrisca to Whitebridge’s portfolio of natural and minimally-processed pet food brands including Tiki Cat®, Tiki Dog™, Cloud Star®,  Petite Cuisine®, and Buddy Biscuits®.

What types of cat food does Nutrisca offer?

While acknowledging that their ingredients are sourced globally, the company flatly refuses to disclose any of the ingredients’ countries of origin.

According to the company, their ingredients are sourced “based upon where we find top quality ingredients and a high quality supplier whose facilities and practices meet our safety testing standards.”

These standards include a rigorous testing program for both raw materials and final products and the employment of third party auditors to ensure that all safety procedures are followed. The facilities are designed to prevent cross-contamination. All of their co-packers operate under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system for food safety management.

Nutrisca dry cat food is manufactured in Canada, while the brand’s canned cat food is made in Thailand.

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The brand offers two dry food recipes and twelve wet foods.

Nutrisca Dry Cat Food

  • Chicken Recipe
  • Salmon Recipe

Nutrisca Wet Cat Food

  • Truly Shredded® Chicken & Chicken Liver Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Shredded® Chicken & Shrimp Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Salmon Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Tuna & Crab Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Tuna & Salmon Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Tuna & Salmon Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Shredded® Chicken Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Shredded® Chicken & Tuna Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Mackerel & Shrimp Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Sardine & Seabream Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Tuna Entrée In Savory Broth
  • Truly Flaked® Tuna & Seaweed Entrée In Savory Broth

Has Nutrisca ever been recalled?

In 2015, Nutrisca dog food was recalled due to concerns about salmonella contamination.

At the time, Nutrisca dog food was manufactured by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. During routine testing, the Ohio Department of Agriculture detected Salmonella in a bag of Nutrisca dry dog food. Following the identification of the bacteria, the company issued a voluntary recall limited to 4lb bags of Nutrisca Chicken & Chickpea dog food.

The manufacturer concluded that the food was exposed to salmonella while a blockage on the production line was being removed.

There were no reports of pets or people getting sick from eating the products.

Nutrisca Cat Food Coupons 2021

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Where can you buy Nutrisca cat food?

Nutrisca cat food is widely distributed in the United States and Canada and is available through grocery stores, big box stores, and pet specialty retailers. It’s also sold through online retailers including Petco, Wag, Chewy, Pet360, and Amazon.

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What do customers think of Catswell Nutrisca?

To understand how customers feel about this brand, let’s take a look at a few reviews of one of their most popular products.

Catswell Grain-Free Chicken Recipe dry cat food has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Chewy. 91% of 80 reviewers say they’d recommend this product.

Positive Reviews

“While I have had experiences with other grain-free foods not being very attractive to my cats palates, but this one does the trick. Cats are eating regularly. Has not affected their digestive system negatively.” – AV75

“After the kitties have their lysine in wet food and before I leave for work they want a snack/treat and they ALL agree on liking this grain-free chicken. It’s tough to find food they all agree on and I am very happy with this product. The size of the pieces is small enough that my girl kitty can easily eat it and the boys like it equally.” – photokat

Negative Reviews

“All 5 of my cats like the food, but the kibble is so small that they can’t chew it so they swallow it whole. Sometimes they vomit and you can see the whole, unchewed kibble in the vomit. I will not be buying this product again.” – Frappe

“I was so anxious to get this product, since our cat has evidently been having allergy problems with itchy bumps on her neck. We thought her allergy was to grains, and I had been having a problem finding a grain-free food she likes. Our vet told me about Nutrisca and said he had never heard of cats having any problems with it, so I ordered it with high hopes. It might be the answer to our cat’s allergy problems, but she will not eat it. I am so disappointed!” – Linda123

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Catswell Nutrisca Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, Chicken Recipe Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Turkey Meal, Chickpeas

Of course dry cat food is inherently less than optimal. Cats have naturally low thirst drives, or in other words, they don’t like to drink water from a bowl. In keeping with their ancestral diet, they prefer to get moisture from their prey, which is about 70% water.

Therefore, cats who subsist on dry food usually don’t drink enough extra water to compensate for their water-depleted food. The consequences are serious. Cats living on dry food alone may become chronically dehydrated, which doesn’t cause immediate symptoms but leads to urinary tract disease and kidney disease later down the road.

In that sense, the food is intrinsically flawed.

The ingredient list has a few good things going for it. It’s free from meat by-products, doesn’t contain any corn, wheat, soy, or other grains, and it’s made without artificial colors.

Let’s look deeper into the ingredient list.

The recipe begins with chicken and chicken meal, both sources of nourishing animal protein.

But the third ingredient is peas. These are a common sight in grain-free pet foods, which often use peas in lieu of grains as a binder.

This food contains two notable sources of plant protein: pea protein and chickpeas.  Plant protein looks good on the guaranteed analysis, but it’s less biologically available than the animal protein cats thrive on.

After peas, the recipe contains turkey meal, another source of concentrated animal protein. Following turkey meal is chicken fat, a nourishing animal fat source.

Natural flavor is made from hydrolyzed animal tissue. This additive is sprayed onto the food to increase its palatability. While this ingredient is natural and made from biologically-appropriate ingredients, it’s important to note that we don’t know exactly which animals it’s sourced from.

Tomato pomace is a byproduct of tomato processing. When used in pet food, it typically makes up about 3-7% of the total recipe. The pomace is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a source of dietary fiber.

Traces of produce are also included in the mix. The recipe is made with cranberries, blueberries, apples, carrots, celery, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach, and beets. Rosemary extract is added as a natural antioxidant. Added vitamins and minerals make the food nutritionally complete.

The food is 38% protein, 16% fat, and 31% carbohydrates.

Although the recipe begins with good sources of animal protein, the prominence of plant protein sources early in the recipe calls the digestibility of that 38% protein into question.

The food is available in 4-lb bags and 13-lb bags.

According to Nutrisca’s feeding guidelines, it will cost between $.33 and $.51 each day to feed a 10-lb cat.

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