Cat’s Pride Cat Litter Review

Cat’s Pride litter is made by one of the world’s leading sorbent companies.

Since the company’s founding in 1941, businesses and consumers around the globe have relied on Oil-Dri sorbent products. They’re used in a variety of applications, including farming, automotive and industrial use, fluid purification, and animal health.

The company has also made one of the best-known and most popular cat litter brands on the market – Cat’s Pride.

In 1948, when Ed Lowe – the creator of the first commercial cat litter – dominated the budding cat litter industry, Oil-Dri recognized the opportunity to repackage absorbent clay as cat litter.

In 1960, they created the Cat’s Pride brand of cat litter.

What types of cat litter does Cat’s Pride offer?

Cat's Pride Logo

As a leader in the industry, Oil-Dri has a reputation for innovative and effective absorbent mineral products. This tradition is obvious in the Cat’s Pride brand. While the company doesn’t venture outside of their clay territory, it continues to innovate within the space by using different minerals and formulations.

Cat’s Pride focuses on “Changing Litter for Good®” by constantly innovating to create a better litter box experience. They employ a team of experts who continually develop solutions to common litter box problems.

A patented lightweight litter technology stands behind the brand’s latest development: Fresh & Light litter, which is 25 – 50% lighter than other products and, according to the company, highly effective.

Including the Fresh & Light line, the brand offers eleven clumping products and three non-clumping litters.

To help you sort through their selection, the Cat’s Pride website includes a litter selection tool. The selector asks you to enter information about your cat litter preferences and finds a Cat’s Pride product that aligns with your input.

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All Cat’s Pride cat litter is sourced, processed, and produced in North America in company-owned facilities. They are available at a variety of price points ranging from budget to premium.

Fresh & Light

  • Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Scented – A scented clumping clay litter that’s 50% lighter than other leading brands.
  • Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Unscented Hypoallergenic – Clumping clay litter that’s 50% lighter than other leading brands and made without any perfumes or dyes.
    • Fresh & Light Quick Action – Fast-clumping clay litter that provides instant odor control and is up to 25% lighter than other leading brands.
  • Fresh & Light Fragrance Free – Clumping clay litter that’s free from perfumes or dyes and is up to 25% lighter than other leading brands.
  • Fresh & Light All Day Odor Control – Clumping clay litter that offers up to 3X longer odor control and is up to 40% lighter than other leading brands.

Clumping Clay Litter

  • Cat’s Pride Scoopable Scented – This clumping cat litter is flushable and offers up to 50% more litter per pound than other leading brands.
    • Cat’s Pride Scoopable Unscented – This clumping litter is flushable and made without any perfumes or dyes. It offers up to 50% more litter per pound than leading brands.
  • Cat’s Pride Lightweight Scoopable Scented – A scented clumping flushable litter. It offers up to 50% more litter per pound than leading brands.
    • Cat’s Pride Lightweight Scoopable Unscented – An unscented, dye-free clumping flushable litter. It offers up to 50% more litter per pound than leading brands.
  • Cat’s Pride Complete Multi-Cat Scoop – This clumping litter offers long-lasting triple action odor control for multiple cat homes.
  • Cat’s Pride Natural Scoop – This clumping litter offers 100% natural odor elimination with no dyes or perfumes.

Non-Clumping Clay Litter

  • Cat’s Pride Fresh & Clean – This non-clumping clay litter offers superior odor control and absorption.
  • Cat’s Pride Natural – 100% natural non-clumping litter with no dyes or perfumes.
  • Cat’s Pride Complete Multi-Cat  – A concentrated non-clumping litter designed for multi-cat homes.
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Where to Buy Cat’s Pride

As a leading cat litter brand, Cat’s Pride is easy to find both in brick-and-mortar retailers and online. It’s stocked in stores across America and is available online through Walmart, Amazon, and Chewy.

Click here to find a store near you.

What do customers think about Cat’s Pride cat litter?

To get an idea of what customers think about Cat’s Pride cat litter, let’s see what they say about one of the brand’s most popular products: Fresh & Light Quick Action Scented.

On Chewy, this formula has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on 120 reviews. 91% of those reviewers say they’d recommend this product.

Here’s what customers have to say about this popular cat litter formula:

Positive Reviews

“This is 50% lighter than standard litter and makes a world of difference. It clumps perfectly, easy to pour, easy to clean, what more could you want? This is the best of the lightweight litter, and we have tried them all. We accidentally got one batch that is 25% lighter, from another source. That was not really helpful — might as well have been full weight. Be sure you get the 50% lighter kind because it makes a huge difference.” – MaryAnnJ

“I was never a cat’s pride fan. I read the reviews on this litter and am very pleased with it and I’m glad that I bought four of them. Will be purchasing again!” – Punkin

Critical Reviews

“This litter worked fine, but it was not much lighter, more absorbent or more odor fighting than most other litters on the market. I was not impressed. I have 3 male cats and I am religious about cleaning their boxes several times each day and I did not notice anything special about this litter.” – katy

“This cat litter is by far the worst cat litter I have tried, way too much tracking and dust and the clumps stick to the side of the litter box and bottom of box making it difficult to scoop I had to scrape so hard to get it off the sides of the box it was like cement, washing and scrubbing out the litter box was even harder, I cannot understand all the good reviews…never again.” – Catladynj

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, Quick Action, Scented Review

Like all Fresh & Light litters, this formula uses patented technology to offer a litter that’s both lightweight and effective. It’s made from a combination of calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite clay, making it up to 25% lighter than leading scoopable clay brands.

Here’s a quick video about how scientists at the Oil-Dri Innovation Center developed Fresh and Light litter.

This makes it a good choice for those who are tired of lifting and hauling heavy bags of traditional clay litter.

The quick-action formula promises to both instantly absorb and eliminate odors and clump hard almost on contact. The solid clumping of this litter makes it easy to scoop and helps to minimize odors. When the clumps don’t crumble, less smelly residue remains in the box.

The litter is scented, but reviews don’t indicate that the fragrance is overpowering. It’s not recommended for particularly fragrance-sensitive cats or those with perfume allergies.

Although the litter claims to be 99% dust-free, negative customer reviews repeatedly talk about problematic dustiness and tracking.

The litter is available in three package sizes: a 15-lb jug, a 21-lb box, and a 28-lb box.

Excluding shipping, the litter costs between $.56/lb and $.66/lb on Chewy.

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  1. your litter made with clay, my cat chewed on some and digested it, passed thru the stomach and urine and blocked the passage in the urethra tube, and in his kidneys, died vet found in urethra tube a blockage, he died. I wont recommend this to be sold on the market. I will continue to spread the word to others. My vet bill with hospitalization was almost a thousand dollars. Wal-Mart was out of the kind I use, so I bought this kind and in 4 days my cat was dead. clumpy clay, whats next?

  2. I have been using Cat’s Pride litter for some time and had no complaints with it. Over the past month though, I found that the urine no longer clumps but instead breaks up almost completely when I scoop it out and ends up remaining in the litter box as a result. I have been forced to purchase other litter brands and completely empty your product from the indoor litter boxes. As far as usage for my porch litter box for my feral and outdoor cat that someone abandoned, I am recently mixing another litter in with the Cat’s Pride to see if that helps with the clumping issue. I don’t know why your product is no longer effective for scooping urine out. I’ve used both the Fresh & Light Quick Action and the Ultimate Care products.

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