Canada Fresh Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls 2021

Canada Fresh Cat Food Review

Introducing Canada Fresh cat food.

In 2001, Matthew, Andrew, and James Wasmuth launched PetKind Pet Products, the company behind Canada Fresh.

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Their mother had been breeding and raising champion show dogs for years, giving the brothers an appreciation of the importance of canine nutrition.

According to the company, this background gave the trio a unique perspective on the importance of keeping dogs happy and healthy. When the family created a pet food company, their goal was to set new and uncompromising standards for nutrition. This motivates the company’s use of original and innovative ingredients. PetKind is known for their innovative use of green tripe, a natural source of digestive enzymes and probiotics.

The company is based outside of Vancouver, British Columbia and primarily uses ingredients from Canada. Their latest line, Canada Fresh, is reliant on Canadian ingredients.

The Canada Fresh line is a newcomer to the industry; it hit the Canadian market in September of 2017 and has yet to enter stores in the United States.

Canada Fresh offers meat-based food for both dogs and cats. The brand focuses on providing foods made from high-quality Canadian ingredients has a commitment to giving back to the land.

Twenty-five cents from each case of Canada Fresh food is donated to Nature Conservancy Canada. This organization is Canada’s leading land conservation group and is dedicated to protecting ecologically significant land across the country.

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What types of cat food does Canada Fresh offer?

Their limited selection includes 13 ounce and 5.5 ounce cans of meat-based moist food. Canada Fresh doesn’t offer any dry kibble for cats. You also won’t find any Canada Fresh raw or dehydrated foods.

Canada Fresh foods rely heavily on animal ingredients for carnivore-appropriate nutrition. Each formula is 95% fresh meat. The brand offers food-derived nutrition with natural sources of glucosamine, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.

The recipes are always grain-free and made without corn, soy, or wheat.

Because the formulas are all made from limited ingredient recipes, they’re a good choice for cats with food sensitivities and allergies.

Every product is sourced and manufactured in Canada through a CFIA-certified pet food manufacturing facility.

Canada Fresh Cat Food Formulas

  • Canada Fresh Nutrition for Cats Beef Formula
  • Canada Fresh Nutrition for Cats Lamb Formula
  • Canada Fresh Nutrition for Cats Salmon Formula
  • Canada Fresh Nutrition for Cats Duck Formula
  • Canada Fresh Nutrition for Cats Chicken Formula
  • Canada Fresh Nutrition for Cats Red Meat Formula

Has Canada Fresh ever been recalled?

Canada Fresh has currently never been recalled. PetKind also hasn’t had any recalls.

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Where can you buy Canada Fresh cat food?

Canada Fresh is available through partnering stores throughout Canada, but United States customers will only find it available online. You can purchase it through Chewy.

The brand is scheduled to enter United States brick-and-mortar stores in February of 2021.

What do customers think of Canada Fresh cat food?

Because Canada Fresh is a newcomer to the cat food market, it’s difficult to assess customer opinions of it. The cat guardian community has yet to reach a consensus on their products. After a few months on the market, the brand’s reviews are few and diverse.

Here are a few customer reviews from various Canada Fresh formulas:

Positive Reviews

Canada Fresh Red Meat Cat Food:

“I thought I’d try this because one of my four cats cannot eat food with guar gum (results in diarrhea) and good luck finding foods that don’t contain it. This Canada Fresh only contains agar-agar so I thought I give it a try. The food texture is that of a creamy pate having the consistency of thick paste. My cats all ate it on day one. I’ll update as time progresses.” – Tuffy

Canada Fresh Red Meat Cat Food:

“I bought this to try because I’m particularly impressed with this formulation (vs other flavors that contain peas). My cats seem to like it, especially my Savannah cat. I supplement this food with TripeCat Salmon from the same manufacturer (although not available on Chewy at the time of this review).” – Doug

Negative Reviews

Canada Fresh Lamb Cat Food:

“Its a smooth pate, not juicy, and doesnt smell at all. So our cat doesnt eat it at all… Glad bought only 2 cans… If they made it juicy and shredded meat instead of this stuff, they might have more success..” – Denis

Canada Fresh Chicken Cat Food:

“While I think this is a good product – five out of five cats left it on their plates.” – Bernice G.

Read customer reviews on Chewy.

Canada Fresh Red Meat Canned Cat Food Review

First 5 Ingredients: Beef, Beef Liver, Beef Broth, Lamb, Tri-Calcium Phosphate

Made exclusively from Canadian resources and manufactured outside of Montreal, this product is 100% Canadian-made. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase is donated to Nature Conservancy Canada, helping to protect Canada’s natural ecosystems.

The recipe is 95% meat, using a combination of fresh beef, beef liver, and lamb. Unlike other brands that use rendered meals and byproducts, Canada Fresh uses only fresh meat. This concentration of meat is a rich source of optimally digestible protein.

The meat is supplemented with added vitamins and minerals to make it nutritionally complete. It contains salmon oil for Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy.  Glucosamine encourages continued joint health.

The food has a soft pate texture that’s easy for cats to eat. Its limited ingredient list makes it a good choice for food-sensitive cats and those with allergies. It’s also free from grains, corn, soy, or wheat, with virtually no plant ingredients. Unlike other pet foods that incorporate potatoes and other high-carb plant ingredients, this food respects your cat’s carnivorous nature.

It’s also free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that could make your cat sick.

The meal is available in two sizes – a 13 ounce can and a 5.5 ounce can.

On Chewy, this formula costs between 32¢ and 40¢ per ounce. This means that it will cost about $2.88 per day to feed an average-sized adult cat.

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  • I bought Canada Fresh Salmon for my 5 cats to try and am happy to say all 5 scarfed it down. We will see what happens with repeat feedings but so far, I’d say it’s a win.

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