Against the Grain Cat Food Review

Let’s get to know Against the Grain Cat Food.

Against the Grain founders Chelsea and Brett Sher’s parents have been operating Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food since 2003. After nine years of observing the pet food industry at close range, the twins launched their own line of grain-free, meat-based pet food.

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Against the Grain is based in Illinois, and all of their cat foods are manufactured in Thailand.

The company highlights their mission to “make food that is second to none, and completely unique, revolutionary, evolutionary, nutritious, and wholesome”.

What types of cat food does Against the Grain offer?

While Against the Grain offers a variety of pet food types, their cat food selection is limited to moisture-rich canned products.

All Against the Grain foods are meat-based with at least 85% real meat in each recipe. Compared to most other cat foods, this is a hearty percentage and reflects the natural feline need for rich concentrations of meat. All of the meat used in Against the Grain cat food is free from antibiotics and artificial growth hormones.

Unlike some other companies that use heavily processed meat ingredients, Against the Grain never uses meat meals or rendered ingredients. This helps to preserve the nutrients naturally found in fresh meat.

The whole meats, fruits, and vegetables are slowly cooked and retain their natural appearance in the finished product.

Farmers Market Cat Food

  • Chicken Mayflower
  • Chicken & Polyhau’i Berry
  • Tuna & Acacia Pennata
  • Tuna & Cucurbita
  • Tuna Mango Tango
  • Tuna Toscano
  • Farmer’s Market Tuna Toscano
  • Farmer’s Market Tuna Mango
  • Farmer’s Market Chicken Aubergine
  • Farmer’s Market Chicken Mayflower
  • Farmer’s Market Chicken & Polyhuai’i
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Original Cat Food

  • Big Kahuna
  • Aloha Tuna
  • Bimini Brunch
  • Shrimp Daddy
  • Captain’s Catch
  • Caribbean Club
  • Chicken & Pumpkin Samba

Has Against the Grain ever been recalled?

Against the Grain cat food has never been recalled, but its parent company has a problematic history.

Evanger’s issued a voluntary recall in 2017, when four dogs became seriously ill minutes after consuming Evanger’s Hunk of Beef canned dog food. When one of those dogs was euthanized, an investigation began.

Pentobarbital, a chemical used for animal euthanasia, was found in “large quantity” in both the stomach contents of the euthanized pug and remnants of the dogs’ food. Further inspection of the food also found trace amounts of pork and equine meat.

There were no complaints directly associated with Against the Grain formulas, but because the company’s dog food products are manufactured in the same facility as Evanger’s, one lot was recalled due to potential pentobarbital content.

The incident prompted an FDA investigation of the Evanger’s manufacturing facilities. Investigators “noted numerous significant concerns with conditions” in two US plants.

Following the FDA investigation and consumer outrage, Evangers released a statement that included the following message:

“…We’re angry not only because we let you down; but we’re furious that we allowed ourselves to be lied to and deceived by the supplier responsible for introducing pentobarbital into our meat supply. Sadly, this company was once one of our most trusted meat suppliers. But they are solely responsible for the pentobarbital-tainted meat found in some cans of Evanger’s Hunk of Beef and Against the Grain Pulled Beef. We of course immediately fired this unscrupulous supplier, and have undertaken steps to address this matter in a lawsuit on behalf of our customers and retailers.”

The company owners also released this video explaining what happened.

As important as it is to be aware of the company’s recall history, it’s critical to note that all Against the Grain cat food is manufactured in Thailand. It’s not made in the same facility as Against the Grain or Evanger’s dog food and has no connection to the problem meat supplier.

But while the 2017 incident is currently the only public recall in Evanger’s history, it wasn’t the first time the company has come under scrutiny for poor quality control and a tendency to cut corners.

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In 2009, metal tags were found in their canned chicken food, leading to a silent recall.

In 2010, the FDA discovered that samples of Evanger’s duck food didn’t contain any duck. Their lamb food didn’t contain any lamb meat. Both were made from beef. Despite this mislabeling, the food was never recalled. Previously, the company placed misleading labeling on cans of private labeled KosherPets food.

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Where can you buy Against the Grain cat food?

Against the Grain partners exclusively with independent pet retailers.

They don’t provide specific availability information on their site, so it’s a good idea to check with local stores before shopping. You can also contact Against the Grain to find a retailer near you. It’s available online through independent retailers, including those selling on Chewy and Amazon.

What do customers think of Against the Grain cat food?

Against the Grain cat food is generally well-received among customers and their cats.

Let’s see what real customers say about one of the brand’s most popular recipes – Chicken & Pumpkin Samba. On Chewy, this recipe has earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on 63 reviews. 89% of these reviewers say they’d recommend the product.


“Our cats really enjoyed the chicken and pumpkin Samba food. The aroma is heavenly and the can is full of chicken, rich broth and pumpkin pieces. It was a real hit at our house. Our cats also love the chicken and cheese food by Against the Grain. This brand of food is not cheap but it is certainly excellent quality. I will continue to purchase these products for our cats as I believe the quality of food is important to their health.” – janie333

“My two male cats, one of whom is quite fussy, both love this food. Grain free, no carrageenan, quality ingredients, nothing sourced from China, excellent caring company. For those that are concerned that it is made in Thailand, research and you will find that Thailand has eve stricter regulations than USA. So does Canada and New Zealand. I too, like to buy USA products. However, when you are trying to feed a fussy cat quality food I think buying from countries that are friendly to us is a good thing.” – Judith42


“I love this company’s cheese pizza so I thought I’d try their cat food line for my cats. Well, my cats only lick up the liquid and leave all the rest behind, so it was a waste of money for me. I think the pumpkin was a turn off but they still wouldn’t eat the chicken.” – Bean

“This is what could be a very good cat food. Unfortunately, it is shredded. My cats make a mess with shredded food and more got swept up off the floor than in their mouths. I have 6 cats. 3 liked it but due to the mess, I will not reorder.” – Lonn

Read more customer reviews on Chewy.

Against The Grain Chicken & Pumpkin Samba Dinner Review

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Water Sufficient for Processing, Pumpkin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Palm Oil

Like all Against the Grain cat food, this chicken-centric formula is made with at least 85% meat.

It’s a shredded food with plenty of gravy, making it a good choice for cats who like to lap up their meals. Customers regularly remark on the fact that unlike most products marketed for feline consumption, this food looks real enough to eat.

The recipe starts with minimally processed chicken. After water, the second ingredient is pumpkin, which isn’t a necessary or particularly nourishing addition to your cat’s diet. That said, pumpkin is a low-carb squash that offers some beneficial fiber.

Following the pumpkin, this recipe uses palm oil, which is a vegetable oil extracted from the pulp of oil palm fruit. This ubiquitous ingredient offers virtually no nutritional value.

The simple recipe wraps concludes with tapioca as a gravy thickener and added vitamins and minerals.

Unlike other cat foods that are packed with soy, corn, and wheat gluten, this product keeps plant ingredients minimal. Cats are obligate carnivores, and they shouldn’t consume high carbohydrate, high glycemic diets.

It’s gluten-free and made without GMOs, artificial growth hormones, preservatives, or antibiotics.

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