Addiction Cat Food Review

The Addiction pet food company set out with a mission to “be the world’s leading premium pet food company” and they are committed to formulating new, innovative products that meet the unique nutritional needs of cats and dogs all around the world. Addiction follows a new approach to pet nutrition, formulating their recipes with inspiration taken from the natural diets of wild cats and dogs. Their recipes are focused around premium-quality proteins and wild game meats sourced from beautiful New Zealand in combinations that are not only nutrient-rich, but also hypoallergenic and easy for your cat to digest. Addiction also uses fresh fruits and vegetables plus herbs, nuts and seeds to add natural flavor and enhanced nutrition to their formulas. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and their manufacturing practices are both eco-friendly and eco-sustainable.

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Who Manufactures Addiction Cat Food?

Addiction cat food is produced and manufactured by the Addiction Foods Company which is based in New Zealand. This company is still fairly new, having only been founded in 2002. The founders of Addiction Foods are a holistic veterinary surgeon and a clinical nutritionist who have a combined total of more than 20 years’ experience in caring for pets. The Addiction Foods Company was started with the intention of creating wholesome, natural diets for cats and dogs that are inspired by their natural diets. By formulating their recipes around high-quality game meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, the founders of Addiction Foods have created a high-quality brand that nourishes the body of cats from the inside out.

Addiction Cat Food Recalls 2021

All of Addiction’s cat food products are manufactured in their own manufacturing plant located in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. In addition to manufacturing all of their own products, Addiction also sources their ingredients locally. According to Addiction’s website, New Zealand is the cleanest place in the world to manufacture pet food because it is free from most diseases. To this day, Addiction has never issued a recall on any of their products.

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Overall Addiction Cat Food Review

AmyG @ says “All three of my cats will eat this food (2 of which are picky eaters). It is a high quality food that I feel good about them eating.”

In the early years of the brand, Addiction pet foods were developed to help relieve painful skin and gastrointestinal problems in pets by way of hypoallergenic nutrition. After discovering that most commercial pet foods on the market failed to provide the level of nutrition pets need to stay healthy and active, the founders of the brand set out to create natural diets that were rich in nutrients, hypoallergenic, and easy to digest. All of Addiction’s pet foods are made with premium proteins including quality game meats like free-range venison, salmon, kangaroo and brushtail. These proteins are not only high in quality, but they are hypoallergenic to cats who have not been exposed to them before, making them a natural solution to food allergies.

In addition to premium proteins, Addiction pet foods are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. These products contain no artificial additives including preservatives, colors, and flavors, plus they are free from low-quality fillers and by-products. Not only does Addiction use high-quality ingredients, but they follow the strictest standards for quality and safety in the production of their formulas. They own and operate their own manufacturing facility and source most of their ingredients from local eco-friendly and eco-sustainable farms. It is also important to note that their cooking process uses low temperature to retain more of the natural nutrients, co-factors, and enzymes found in the raw ingredients for their recipes.

When it comes to quality cat food products, Addiction offers three types of products and an assortment of treats. There are two holistic dry food recipes featuring either Pacific salmon or free-range New Zealand venison. For canned food, there are nine different flavor options, all of which are grain-free and made with premium quality proteins. These recipes feature unique proteins like buffalo, king salmon, duck confit, and black forest rabbit paired with fresh fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, apples, and blueberries. In addition to their traditional dry and wet foods, Addiction also offers one raw dehydrated recipe – Wild Brushtail & Berries Entrée. This recipe offers exceptional nutritional balance and quality in a formula that has been dehydrated, not cooked, to preserve its nutritional integrity.

Individual Recipe Review (Dry) Addiction Salmon Bleu Formula

The Addiction Salmon Bleu formula is one of just two dry cat food formulas that this company has to offer. This recipe features fresh Pacific salmon caught from the bluest oceans in the world and it is paired with sun-kissed cranberries and blueberries. According to the Addiction website, this recipe uses “only the finest quality salmon packed with healthy omega 3 fatty acids” to keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy and beautiful. This formula is loaded with mouth-watering natural flavors, not to mention plenty of healthy antioxidants, phytochemicals, and flavonoids, all of which support your cat’s whole body healthy and wellness.

A review of the ingredients list for this Addiction Salmon Bleu formula reveals a number of high-quality ingredients and a dearth of fillers and potential food allergens. As promised, the first ingredient on the list is salmon meal. The important thing to note about salmon meal is that it has already been cooked down to a moisture content around 10%. Fresh meats contain up to 80% moisture so, once they are cooked into kibble, the actual volume of protein is much less. The fact that this recipe is made with salmon meal rather than fresh salmon speaks to the high protein content of this recipe. This is especially important considering the fact that salmon meal is the only source of protein.

After salmon meal, potatoes and tapioca are the next two ingredients – these are both gluten-free and grain-free carbohydrates which provide your cat with dietary fiber as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Both of these ingredients are considered highly digestible for cats and they are also low- to moderate-glycemic foods so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s blood sugar spiking if he eats this food. This Addiction Salmon Bleu formula is marketed as a hypoallergenic formula, so it is important to note that there are no corn, wheat, or soy ingredients included on the list. In fact, there are no grains at all, which is a very good thing for a high-quality cat food formula like this.

The fourth ingredient on the list is chicken fat. While this ingredient may not sound appetizing to you, it is actually a high-quality addition to dry cat food. Fats provide a highly concentrated source of energy for cats, especially considering their limited ability to digest plant materials. Fats also contain essential fatty acids that help to support your cat’s healthy skin and coat. It is important to see animal-based fats like chicken fat in high-quality cat foods because they are much more biologically valuable to your cat than plant-based fats like canola oil or flaxseed.

The remaining ingredients in the list for this Addiction Salmon Bleu formula include whole peas, dried kelp, dried cranberries and blueberries, brewers dried yeast, and an assortment of supplements and extracts. It has already been noted that the dried cranberries and blueberries provide your cat with valuable antioxidants and phytochemicals but these foods (with the addition of the whole peas and dried spinach) also provide some dietary fiber and natural nutrients. The dried kelp is likely included as a thickening agent and the brewers dried yeast is a nutritional supplement that may help to support your cat’s immune health. There are also an abundance of nutritional supplements for essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, niacin, sodium, zinc, and vitamins A, D, C and various B vitamins.

Overall, this Addiction Salmon Bleu formula has a guaranteed analysis as follows:

  • Crude Protein (Min) – 30%
  • Crude Fat (Min) – 15%
  • Crude Fiber (Max) – 4%
  • Moisture (Max) – 10%
  • Calcium (Min) – 1.4%
  • Calcium (Max) – 2.6%
  • Phosphorus (Min) – 0.9%
  • Phosphorus (Max) – 1.7%
  • Calorie Content – 3,700 kcal/kg

This formula meets the AAFCO nutritional requirements for cats in all life stages. With a minimum of 30% protein, you can rest assured that this Addiction Salmon Bleu formula will meet your cat’s needs for protein. The calorie content for this product is measured in calories per kilogram, not per cup, so you might have to do some math to determine the proper feeding portion for your cat. According to the feeding instructions on the label, cats weighing 6 to 10 pounds should be fed between ¼ and ½ cup daily. Remember, kittens may need to be fed more than adult cats until their reach their full size and you should always monitor your cat’s weight to determine whether you are feeding him too much, too little, or just the right amount.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Addiction cat food brand belongs on the list of high-quality commercial cat food manufacturers. This Addiction Salmon Bleu formula is just one example of their many quality products that provide high-quality and balanced nutrition for cats in all life stages. Not only is this formula rich in protein and healthy fats but it is low in carbohydrate and it is made with a limited number of ingredients to help reduce the risk for food allergies. Just as important as the ingredients that are included in this recipe, however, is the list of ingredients that are not. This recipe is free from corn, wheat, and soy ingredients as well as artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Overall, this formula provides quality, balanced nutrition for cats and it is full of natural, delicious flavor as well.

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